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Exterior of light yellow house.

Is your home exterior dated? How to modernize it with traditional paint colors

When it comes to the outside of your house, timeless colors always work. We love these.
Living room in boho colors.

Go bold with boho colors in your home: How to add saturated hues to your design

Boho design can look fantastic. This is the color scheme that will set your space apart.
blue bathroom ideas classic white

How a blue bathroom can actually be stylish — and raise the value of your home

Blue is a great color for your bathroom. Here's why.
Living room with gray walls and couch

These 4 paint colors will increase the value of your house

This is what you should paint every room of your house to maximize its value.
House with vinyl siding and brick in winter

How to paint vinyl siding and give your home some much-needed curb appeal

Want to give your home a little more curb appeal? This is how to paint vinyl siding.
new homepod mini colors are ugly

Fine, we’ll say it: The new HomePod mini colors are absolutely hideous

Apple announced new colors for its popular HomePod mini, but two of them are terrible.
evergreen fog color of the year by Sherwin-Williams

It’s official: This is the trendiest color to paint your home interiors in 2022

The experts say this is the best color to decorate your home with.
kitchen with dark cabinets and wooden countertop

Bored of your kitchen countertops? Change the color and refresh the whole room

Not sure how to choose your kitchen countertop color? Read this guide.
bohemian styled room with warm wall paint color

The hottest home design colors this year are all about comfort

The trendy color palette for your home is all about soothing comfort. Here’s how to refresh your home.
Black front door

How to choose the right paint color for your front door

Painting your front door adds value to your home, curb appeal, and is a fun project. Here's how to choose the right color.
Painting with classic neutral colors

Experts say these classic interior paint colors never go out of style

Some paint colors will never go out of style. Here are some experts are in love with.
basement paint color scheme 3 resized

Try these 4 basement color schemes the next time you plan to paint

Stuck with a dingy basement? These color schemes will brighten it up in no time. Check out our favorites.
flashy door colors gray tan home grey house red resized

4 flashy door colors for tan or grey homes

If your house needs an exterior refresher, a flashy front door color will add curb appeal and show off your personality.
Living Room Walls With Taupe Colors

4 under-$70 taupe paint colors for any room of your home

Taupe wall colors are a great way to create a neutral backdrop for your home décor. These are our favorite brands.
paint store fan deck

How to choose paint colors that flow beautifully from room to room

This is how to choose the right paint color for a cohesive and beautiful design every time
Living room with gray walls and couch

How to make a cohesive home color scheme: Advice from the pros

There are ways to make your decor cohesive without turning to only one store. These are our pro tips.
white bathroom

Remodeling your half-bath? Here’s some project inspiration

Get inspired for your half-bath reno! Bring your half bath from so-so to sensational.
orange living room

What’s the difference between warm and cool paint colors?

This is how to pick the best paint colors for your space
Blue wall paint with blue couch in modern traditional room

Family and friends will rave about these 3 paint colors

While there have always been "rules" about colors that brighten and enlarge a space, the good news is pretty much anything goes in 2021.
Modern black furnishings against cranberry red wall

Back to black: How to find paint that looks great with dark furniture

Black furniture gives a room simple elegance. Here are the paint colors that match

Love the look of a modern nursery? Here’s how to bring that inspiration to life

Can a sleek, modern nursery be inviting? Absolutely -- and we show you how
burgundy living room

Best warm paint colors for a fall living room makeover

These warm paint colors are perfect for a fall living room makeover.
two people with paint on clothing

3 easy DIY painting projects for a weekend at home

If you want a simple weekend DIY project to revamp your home, try these three ideas.
A light green rug sits in a room with dark colored chairs and plants.

What you need to know about decorating your living room with colorful rugs

Want to add color to your home? A colorful woven or synthetic rug could be the perfect solution.
Dining room with red and pink walls with a wooden table

Will a bright dining room liven up your whole home?

Brightening up your dining room can help liven up your entire home. We have several effective ways to improve your space.
A living room with couch and artwork on the wall

Contemporary remodeling tips that won’t break your budget

Giving your home a remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. Our contemporary remodeling tips will make the most of your budget.
A clean and tidy garage

Modern garage decor ideas everyone will love

You can make your garage just as stylish as the rest of your home. Our list of garage-decor ideas will help guide your way.
Three paint trayswith paint colors of red, green, and burgundy in them

The best types of house paint and primer for your new-look home

It's important to know the types of house paint and primers for a successful home makeover. We've got a few tips to get you started
Fancy bed with many pillows and hanging lights

How to style a bed for Instagram-worthy photos

Rack up the likes with our guide on how to style your bed for an Instagram-worthy photo. Our how-to guidebook is essential.
Kitchen with brown cabinets

Will dark cabinets make your whole kitchen feel dreary?

Dark-colored kitchen cabinets will be far from sad and boring. We've listed seven stunning ideas for updating your kitchen cabinets
A paint holder with roller and can

How to paint wooden floors white

A newly painted wood floor in white looks sleek, clean, and modern. We offer a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen.
Green chair in room with green walls and lamp

Green living — literally. Here are the freshest shades of green to paint your walls

When it comes to the walls in your home, freshest shades of green will liven them up. No matter which shade you choose, it will look great.
wall painting trends wall3

10 wall painting trends to make any home stand out

Want to make your interior pop? We've got ideas! Here are just a few of our favorite looks among today's hottest wall painting trends.
Gray vertical wallpaper in room

Is wallpaper trendy again, or should you stick with painting your walls?

Wallpaper is gaining popularity once again. You can utilize it in a variety of rooms to make your home feel updated, trendy, and modern
room with yellow painting on wall

The best paintings for bedrooms to add a wall accent

The artwork you choose for your bedroom should have calming designs to soothing colors. We have chosen the best paintings for your bedroom in this curated list.
the best movie posters for horror and star wars poster

The best movie posters to decorate a film buff’s home

If you want to decorate your wall but you're not into paintings, a movie poster is another fun option. Here is a list of the best ones you can choose from.
aop version 412 best banners

The best banners for simple wall decor in any space

Don’t let your walls be plain or your celebrations fall flat. With a banner, you can add some fun to your everyday home decor or creatively enhance any event.
the best paintings on canvas

The best paintings to spice up your decor on a budget

Paintings transform a plain wall into a work of art. Check out our list of the top-rated paintings that will help elevate your space at an affordable price.
unique ceiling paint colors painting the peach

The most unique ceiling paint colors to offset your white walls

Do you need a new color change in your home, but can't decide on exactly what? Come check out the most unique ceiling paint colors to offset your white walls
A living room with orange wall and yellow sofa

DIY remodeling on a budget: Your living room

Remodeling your living room might be necessary when moving into a new space. Our affordable DIY tips will make it look great.
the best miniature paint brushes close up of female hands making painting

The best miniature paint brushes for perfecting your artwork

Miniature paint brushes help you complete intricate projects. No matter your work or hobby, here is a list of the best miniature paint brushes.
the best paint pens for wood crafts

The best paint pens for wood that will brighten up your crafts

Paint pens for wood are great for designing and DIY projects. Here is a list of our favorites to add a splash of color or an interesting pattern to your crafts.
the best diamond painting kits for full art hobby embroidery craft  crafting tools acrylic rhinestones closeup selective focu

The best diamond painting kits for glamorous handcrafts

If you like to bedazzle through handcrafts, diamond painting kits are perfect for you. We curated the best diamond painting kits to help you choose.
the best acrylic paint pens for your canvas

The best acrylic paint pens for your artistic DIY projects

Personalize wood crafts, glass bottles, or ceramics to add a signature style to your concepts with high-quality acrylic paint pens.
kids art

The best art sets to unleash your artistic prowess

With our favorite art sets, you can have fun and practice self-expression, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced virtuoso.
A dark-tiled bathroom

14 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Want to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is? We've got 14 tips that will help make the space seem bigger.
country kitchen ideas

Country kitchen ideas to inspire the heart of your home

Want a cozy country-inspired kitchen to be the focal point of your home? These ideas will get you started on the right path.
bedside table decoration

How to furnish a guest bedroom your friends and family will rave about

Looking to wow guests when they stay the night? These handy tips will make sure everyone loves your guest space.
best bedroom rugs ideas size fluffy black and white rug

The best bedroom rugs for tasteful accents and cohesive decor

More than any other room, your bedroom should feel comfortable and intimate. A bedroom rug is the perfect accent piece to add a sense of relaxation to your mornings and a layer of warmth to your evenings.
Living room with furniture and crown molding

6 affordable ways to make your home look more expensive

If you're looking to improve the overall look of your home, we offer six affordable ways to make it look more expensive.