Kelly Kaliszewski

Kelly Kaliszewski

I’m an experienced professional based in Michigan. Writing is the way I’m able to best express my thoughts. I’ve been fortunate to work as a freelance copywriter and my work has been featured in blogs and on websites.

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Storage 101: How to keep everything in your kitchen organized

Check out the kitchen organization ideas below, and you’ll be able to see your kitchen table again in no time.
Hacks & How-to's

What you need to know before painting your kitchen cabinets

Learn the essentials before you paint your kitchen cabinets so you can do the project right the first time.
Hacks & How-to's

How to safely store all your foods at home

Food is bought, stored, and served in homes every day. But what you do to ensure that your food is stored safely? Different types of foods require different types of storage but keeping it all straight isn’t always simple.  Proper food…
Hacks & How-to's

6 exotic spices every kitchen should have and how to use them

Cooking is something that we all have to do sooner or later. It can be easy to get into a rut and cook the same dishes over and over again. Using the same spices and ingredients time after time can making mundane and tedious rather than the…
Hacks & How-to's

The right kinds of vegetables to grow on your apartment balcony

There are many benefits to planting your own vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables can improve your health. For obvious reasons, consuming more fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do to . Additionally…
Home Maintenance

How to have a low-maintenance front yard that increases curb appeal immediately

The front yard of your house is the first impression of your home and first impressions matter. Like putting a bow on a wrapped gift, giving your home is like a finishing touch and should make people want to see more. Curb appeal is…