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Woman using a smart home device in the kitchen with a toaster

New research says your smart home devices are teeming with bacteria

A new study proves our smart home devices may be teeming with bacteria. Here’s what you need to know.
Level Lock front door

Level Lock review: The smart home is finally classy again

Wooden door with silver handle and multiple dead bolt locks

How to build your own home security system without breaking the bank

Front door view

Keys vs. keyless: Which front door entry system is safer?

best yellow jacket traps to the rescue garage door opener

The best garage door openers

how to install security lights shutterstock 1340722961

How to install a security light with a motion sensor in 3 easy steps

house with exterior lighting at dusk

How to install a security light from scratch in a day

how to install window alarm sensors shutterstock 2081054593

How to install window sensors (and why you need them to keep your home safe)

Using smart home device

Need a reason to get that smart device? It could help you save on insurance

should you get a video doorbell shutterstock 1415149067

Should you invest in a video doorbell to keep packages safe?

house with exterior lighting at dusk

These are the home automation features the experts say keep your house secure

Sliding glass patio door with white trim, walls, and floor

How to secure a sliding glass door (and why they’re so flimsy)

SimpliSafe home security components

Good, better, best: DIY home security systems worth your money

These DIY home security systems can help give you peace of mind.
person holding phone and viewing home security footage

What Amazon’s latest offerings tell us about the future of home security

Amazon just made some major announcements about its fall devices. Here’s what it means for home security and automation.
iphone home security tool smartphone monitoring

How does home automation work? Everything you need to know to get started

Home automation can make life simpler, but how do you get started? What can it do? Here's what you need to know.
person installing wired home security camera

Should you buy your own home security system or lease a service? How to decide

Is DIY home security worth it, or should you lease a service fro your cable provider or another company? We help you decide.
outdoor surveillance laws backyard security camera

4 DIY home security systems you can put together today

You don't need to hire pros to have a workable home security system
Home security camera

Rest easy on vacation with these 5 home security solutions

Make sure your vacation is all about being away from home by ensuring it's safe with these 5 products
the best deadbolt lock set

These 5 safety door locks will ensure you sleep well at night

Rest well and keep your home safe with these 5 door locks
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

How many motion sensors do you need for your home? What you need to know

There's such a thing as overkill, but you have to take care of your family too. Here's how to strike a balance
the best deadbolt lock set

Sleep soundly after installing these high-security door locks

These door locks will keep you and your family safe, guaranteed
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

Install these 3 great motion sensors at home for peace of mind

These motion sensors are simple to install and will ensure you sleep soundly at night
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

How many home security motion sensors is too many?

There is such a thing as overkill, even when it comes to home security.
outdoor surveillance laws backyard security camera

Why you can’t trust just any home security system

Not all home security companies are the same. Here's why you should be wary
Woman using home security system

Motion detectors vs window sensors: Which is best for your home?

What security system is ideal for your home? The answer might surprise you
logi circle view doorbell review logitech feature image

An honest review of the Logi Circle View Wired Doorbell

All-in on Apple's HomeKit, Logitech's Logi Circle View Doorbell is a clever smart-home device – but should you buy it?
lorex 2kuhd video doorbell review 2k qhd wired

An honest review of the Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell

There are plenty of connected doorbells on the market, but which is right for you? We tested an underdog, the Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell.
Home security camera system with phone footage

What you need to know about wired vs. wireless home security cameras

There are so many home security cameras out there - this is how to choose the right one for you
person installing wired home security camera

Home security camera laws you need to know

It's not always legal to have a security system outside your home, so make sure you check these laws first
outdoor home security camera in backyard

Outdoor surveillance laws you need to know

Make sure your new outdoor home security system doesn't break the law. Here's what to know before you install.
working in garage

This is the best LED garage lighting for all your at-home projects

LED lighting is among the best for safe workplaces. Here's why you need it in your garage
Cherry-colored double garage doors with ivy above

Garage door safety tips every family should know

Even the most secure garage door can’t do its job well unless you follow safety practices. We show you how to keep your family safe.
Man setting a smart thermostat in his home

6 amazing smart home buys this Christmas

Upgrading your home with smart items will allow for a convenient and balanced life. We list six top smart-home buys for the holidays.
home holiday purchases splurge ideas

Treat yourself: The 3 best big-purchase items for your home

When it comes to your home, you deserve to splurge and upgrade it. We list the three best big-purchase items for your home.
Man monitoring home security on smartphone

DIY smart home-security basics

Are you wondering what DIY home-security system is right for you? Our guide will help you determine which one is a fit for your home.
Home security keypad

Do home security signs really work?

Home security signs are very popular - but are they effective? Here's out guide to security signs, and how to secure your home.
man installing home security system

DIY home security 101: 8 things you need to know

To help you navigate the world of home security, from old fashioned door locks to smart home video systems, check out this guide of must-know information.
Residential home with security cameras

Need an affordable security system for your home? Here’s what to look for

Home-security cameras help prevent burglaries and other crimes. We review what's affordable and works best for protecting your home
the best looking stylish security doors you can buy door

These are the most stylish security doors for your home

Are you interested in security doors? Turns out there are a lot of great-looking options available these days, and they won't cost your whole paycheck either!
Woman using home security system

The 5 most affordable DIY home security systems

Install any of these five DIY home-security systems yourself and you will enjoy peace of mind while saving some money, too. 

The best fireproof bags to keep your valuable items safe

Fires are one of those unexpected, unfortunate events. Protect your important documents and cash with the best fireproof bags we rounded up for you.
the best door security bars for your home cross bar lock at of an apartment

The best door security bars to beef up your home protection

Door security bars are a heavy-duty solution to protect your home and family, so you can sleep soundly at night. Prevent housebreaks with the items on our list.
best predator lights

The best predator lights

Predator lights are an effective way to ward off unwanted nighttime predators such as coyotes, foxes, or hogs. Protect your property at night with these lights.
the best garage door handles close up of

The best garage door handles

Bring a touch of elegance and protection to your garage with a brand-new and stylish door handle with this exclusive selection of options we have put together.
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

The best flood lights for home safety and security

Either for safety or aesthetic reasons, setting up your house with the proper floodlight is a must. These lighting solutions create a pool of bright light thanks to a very wide beam coming off the lamp. A basic element of landscaping, they bring inviting warmth with a sense of active surveillance to deter intruders.