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Should you invest in a video doorbell to keep packages safe?

Online shopping has been steadily rising over the past several years, a trend that was accelerated by the pandemic. This means that package delivery, particularly during holiday seasons, is an everyday occurrence for many consumers. Since package deliveries increased by 37% in 2020 compared to 2019, it was inevitable that instances of package theft would also increase. To combat theft, many shoppers have invested in porch security measures, and we’re going to discuss whether a video doorbell is a good investment for you.

The risks of online shopping

While it’s convenient, online shopping involves a good amount of risk on the buyer’s part. Not only does any online purchase risk higher levels of dissatisfaction with the product, but there are also security risks. Aside from the risk of your credit card information being stolen, hacked, or misused, package theft is the most common risk associated with online shopping.

According to a 2020 C+R Research survey, 43% of people who had packages delivered experienced at least one instance of theft. Even worse, two out of three of those people had packages stolen multiple times. To reduce the risk of package theft, online shoppers are investing in video doorbells.

How video doorbells combat package theft

You may be wondering how a video doorbell can reduce risk when it comes to package theft. Here are the ways this front porch technology can keep your packages safe.

Allows you to see when your package is delivered

In its simplest form, a video doorbell lets you see when your package is delivered, even if you’re not home. Most brands activate video when the delivery service rings the doorbell so you can see exactly when your package is delivered. That means you can reduce the time your packages sit on your porch in view of the public.

Deters would-be thieves

A video doorbell has an obvious camera pointed at anyone who steps near your front door. This means they’ll see that their face is being recorded. Most burglars and package pirates will move on from your house if they see evidence of video surveillance.

Footage can be used in theft investigations

Many video doorbells record the video feed of your front porch that’s produced on the device’s app. In instances of package theft or burglary, authorities can use information from the video recordings, like facial recognition, time stamps, and visible vehicle information, to investigate the theft and bring perpetrators to justice.

Features of the best video doorbells

Video doorbells benefit online shoppers by combatting package theft, but all video doorbells are not created equal. Most brands offer the basic function of activating a video feed when the doorbell is rung, which allows you to see who is at your door. Some brands, however, offer other functionality that increases front door security even further.

Motion detection

Since burglars and package thieves don’t typically ring the doorbell to announce their presence, this function is especially beneficial. Many video doorbells activate their video feed when motion is detected at or around the front door area. This means that even if the thief doesn’t see the doorbell until they’re at your door, their face will still be recorded.

Night vision

Many entryway security cameras have night vision, and it’s the same with video doorbells. Since a good amount of porch thefts take place at night due to the added cover of darkness, this feature is especially convenient. It allows owners to see the thief’s face, clothing attributes, and possibly their vehicle information, even in the middle of the night.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio is a feature on many video doorbells, which aids in deterring would-be thieves. When the video feed is triggered, whether by the doorbell or motion detection, users are notified via a smartphone app, enabling them to communicate to the person at the door. You can speak directly to the person and hear their responses. This means you can tell a would-be thief that they’re being recorded and that police are on the way. Only a very brave thief would follow through with their illegal activities after that conversation.

180-degree video coverage

One particularly beneficial feature of some video doorbells is a wide, 180-degree coverage for video surveillance. Instead of only recording the small area around your front door, a wider view can record activity on your front lawn or even on the street in front of your house. This means that authorities may have a better chance of catching thieves or their vehicle information from the more extensive video coverage area.

With online shopping playing a major part in our everyday lives, instances of porch theft are steadily rising. Make sure your front door is equipped with security measures like a video doorbell so that your valuable items are delivered safely and kept out of the hands of porch pirates.

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