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Person getting ice and water from fridge ice maker

Disconnect your fridge ice maker in 10 simple steps

Need to repair your fridge or install a new ice maker? Here's how to disconnect the ice maker before you begin.
Red light in bedroom

What color light helps you sleep? Here’s why you should invest in some red lights for your bedroom

Orange and wood kitchen cabinets in brightly colored kitchen

Upgrade your home with these captivating kitchen cabinet colors for a timeless look

The most effective ways to finally fix that annoyingly squeaky door

How to kill pesky weeds from between patio pavers

These are the colors that go with green: Design your home around this year’s ‘it’ hue

3 affordable home dry-cleaning kits that actually work

Textured walls are back: Here’s how to texture a wall in your home

What colors go with brown? How to make this seemingly drab hue look glam in your home

An entryway mirror can enhance your space: When you should (and absolutely shouldn’t) have one

Woman folding laundry in living room

Wondering how to make laundry smell good? This is what you need to do to get that fresh scent every time

Person holding two Styrofoam carry-out containers

Can you heat up Styrofoam? What you need to know to keep yourself safe

Sliding barn doors in a modern home

Thinking about installing sliding barn doors? 4 essential questions to ask yourself

Are sliding barn doors right for your home? Here's what an expert says any homeowner should know before installing sliding barn doors.
hygge cozy space

This cozy living room proves hygge can be gorgeous and affordable

Check out this cozy living room in a Copenhagen dwelling, which proves you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to capture that hygge feeling in your home.
Painting with classic neutral colors

6 times you should absolutely choose an eggshell paint finish

Not sure what paint finish is right for your project? These are all the times you should use that eggshell paint.
Group of white mushroom caps in green grass

How to finally rid your yard of that obnoxious mushroom invasion

Are mushrooms ruining your perfect lawn? Here's what you need to do to get rid of them.
Custard creme caramel flan dessert

The best flan pans to ensure sweet custard perfection every time

If you want to enjoy a rich and creamy flan dessert in the comforts of your home kitchen, you need the right recipe and the right pan.
Pool vacuum sticking out of an outdoor pool

The best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning to save you time so you can relax

Using one of the best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning can make your pool maintenance frustrations a thing of the past.
Person taking clothes out of the dryer

The best laundry bags for your delicates to save you time and money

Take good care of your pricey garments with these laundry bags -- simply toss in your delicates before throwing them in the washer.
Deep blue house with two floors

Find the best exterior house color for your home’s architectural style

Whether you have a cottage, Victorian, or ranch, these are the best exterior paint colors for your home.
15521 the best modern floor lamps lamp

Lighting is essential to incredible home design — try these 4 amazing ideas

Finding the right lighting for your home goes beyond different types of light fixtures. Try these ideas.
Green grass

The quintessential guide to lawn fertilization for thick, healthy grass

Want to have a pristine yard with lush, green grass? This is everything you need to know about lawn fertilization for the best possible curb appeal.
Woman putting dirty clothes in washing machine

How to remove detergent stains from clothes: This is the no-fail way

Don't ruin your wardrobe. Follow these tips to remove those pesky detergent stains from your clothes so you can keep them fresh and clean.
Folded and organized blankets

Convection vs. radiant heaters: What’s the difference?

There are some key differences between convection and radiant heaters, including cost and energy efficiency. Here's how to know which one you should buy.
Man cleaning home with a spray bottle

Does vinegar repel ants and other pests around the home?

If your home is being invaded by ants, there's a nontoxic solution. We discuss why a vinegar and water work as an ant repellant.
vegetable garden ideas for apartment balcony strawberry plants resized

This cheap, easy hack for fruit and vegetable gardens will save your harvest

If you’ve ever tended to your garden to discover your newly ripened strawberry bush had been ravaged by an invading flock of birds, this garden hack is for you.
Front door view

Keys vs. keyless: Which front door entry system is safer?

You want to keep your family safe while they're at home and keep your home safe when you're away. Here's how to tell which type of door lock will do that best.
Woman loading dryer in the utility in the room

Gas dryers vs. electric dryers: Everything you need to know before you buy

Before buying a dryer, consider the pros and cons of gas dryers vs. electric dryers. Here's what you need to know.
Weeds between pavers

How to kill pesky weeds from between patio pavers

Make sure those weeds don't poke through the pavers with these great tips.
French baguette on linen bread bag on wooden counter top

The best bread bags to combat stale, chewy loaves

Delight in the comfort of fresh loaves, sweet rolls, and moist pastries longer with bread bags that keep your baked goods soft and fresh.
Tall grass

Manage your overgrown lawn in 8 easy steps

These are the best ways to cut long grass and ensure your lawn never looks bad again.
Alarm clock on a table with flowers

The best outdoor clocks for keeping tabs on the time

Make it easier to tell the time outdoors with one of these decorative options.
Person wearing foot aerators

How to aerate a lawn without a ton of expensive equipment

Lawn aeration doesn't have to be a big production. Here's how to aerate your lawn without breaking the bank.
Two wooden chairs next to each other: one is painted red and one is natural wood

Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to remove old paint from wood furniture safely and efficiently

Reviving wood furniture is DIY-friendly. Follow these steps to give an old piece a fresh coat and a new life in no time.