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Green Living

Modern and minimal Japandi styled room

What is Japandi style? The minimalist design you didn’t know you wanted

Japandi design mixes functionality, minimalism, and natural elements in a way everyone will love.
Woman in a tub next to a plant

These are the best shower plants for your bathroom (and why you really need one)

Workers installing solar panels

How much a solar roof really costs

EV car charging

The hidden costs of charging an electric vehicle nobody is talking about

Woman sitting at home surrounded by plants

6 incredible reasons you should add plants to your home right now

Top view of a polka dot plant

A polka dot plant adds color and life to your home – here’s how to care for it

Decorative areca palm

Why your home should have an areca palm (and how to care for it)

Eucalyptus plant in shower

Eucalyptus in the shower? Here’s how to grow this fragrant plant for your spa-themed bathroom

Living room with plants

The best tall indoor plants to liven up your living room

Hanging indoor plant

The best hanging indoor plants for your living room to give you a relaxing vibe

Woman shopping for live Christmas trees

5 ingenious hacks for beautiful and sustainable Christmas decorations

Man cleaning home with a spray bottle

Does vinegar repel ants and other pests around the home?

Blue oat grass

This low-maintenance, attractive ornamental grass adds instant curb appeal

Blue oat grass is the easy, beautiful ornamental grass your landscaping needs.
modern neutral patterned living room by FLOR

The stunning summer design trends the experts say will be everywhere

From vibrant color-blocking to glamourous metallics, we absolutely adore these designer-approved summer design trends.
Basement home office.

7 best basement office ideas so you don’t feel like you’re working in a dungeon

Need to set up a home office? Check out these basement office ideas, and you'll forget you're in a basement while increasing productivity.
how to grow parlor palm indoors in a pot

The absolute best parlor palm care tips for a healthy, thriving plant

Parlor palms are beautiful and resilient plants. This is your guide for growing a thriving parlor palm inside.
Woman painting wooden cabinet in her home

Before and after: A cool idea to upcycle a boring old entertainment unit

Repurposed furniture is good for the environment and your wallet. This upcycling project will inspire you to find a spot for your old entertainment unit.
Evening outdoor backyard patio setup

These are the best outdoor furniture stores for every style and budget

Want to upgrade your outdoor furniture? Check out this list of amazing outdoor furniture stores.
how to plant flowers shutterstock 57091351

How to plant flowers in 6 simple steps for a vibrant, colorful garden

If you're new to gardening, this is the only guide you'll ever need for how to plant flowers.
electric vehicle connected to charger on brick wall

We know how much EVs will raise your electricity bill

Wondering how much an EV charger will raise your electricity bill? This is what you can expect when charging an electric car at home.
Cream-colored suburban home with for sale sign

You’ll sell your house fast if it has one of these 10 design features

Want to sell your house fast? These home design features have been proven to help sales go more quickly.
Living room with design inspired by nature

These are interior designers’ favorite green design trends for your home

Green design is mega popular, but experts say these are the styles they're absolutely loving.
river table design ideas with water feature

This table has a river running through it, and the internet has questions

Check out this amazing, unique river table that brings green interior design to a whole new level. It’s taken the internet by storm and people have thoughts.

10 easy ways to lower your electric bill (because it’s way too high right now)

Green living isn't just good for the environment. It saves you money, too. Here are the investments you should be making in your home.
Young woman walking to EV with charging cord

EV charging’s coming to your town: you still need it at home

The U.S. government is investing a lot in EV charging in every state. But you still need EV charging in your garage. Here's why.
are electric cars better for the environment volvo c40 recharge  fjord blue

Are electric cars better for the environment? The real truth

There are a lot of myths out there about electric cars. Here's what you need to know about their effect on the environment.
how many solar panels do i need for my home shutterstock 1561073777

5 important questions to ask before buying solar panels for your home

Solar panels are a worthy investment for your home. This is how many you'll need — and all the right questions to ask before you install.
what to consider when buying an electric car high angle view of saleswoman showing customers at showroom

5 important things to consider before buying an electric car

Thinking about buying an electric car? These are the factors to consider before bringing one home.
Modern Scandinavian living room style

This is the best kept secret for designing a phenomenal room

Want a well-decorated room? This is how to achieve it.
modern muted green bedroom wall color

8 phenomenal green bedroom design ideas (from nature-inspired to bold)

Green is a trendy home color choice this year, and these are the best green bedroom design ideas for your home.
free home design changes a light living room with yellow details  sweden

10 phenomenal ways to change up your home design for free

You can change up your home with these 10 free home design tips.
how long does it take to charge an electric car 0x0 homecharging 1

How long does it really take to charge an electric car? What you need to know

Wondering how long it will take your new EV to charge? We've got all the details you need in this handy guide.
Woman holding Monstera plant against wall at home

7 amazing feng shui plants that are super easy to keep alive

Want to feng shui your home? These are the best plants you can get.
Three quarters front view of a white Lucid Air parked in a modern house's driveway.

What homeowners really think about having EVs in their driveways

There's a lot of buzz about electric vehicles. Here's what your friends and neighbors really think about them.
linen vs cotton sheets white and book on bed 1024x1024

Try this ingenious hack for upcycling your disgusting old sheets

Are your old sheets too awful to donate? Try this amazing upcycling hack instead.
Red Ford Mustang Mach-E EV with its front trunk, or 'frunk' opened, full of ice and shrimp while young people eat and chat.

4 secret ways owning an EV will make your daily life easier

We all know EVs are better for the environment, but there are plenty of ways they're better for you, too. Here's how owning an EV will make daily tasks simpler.
ev car myths 21 frd mch 48118

6 myths about owning an EV you probably believe

There's a lot of misinformation out there about owning EV cars and trucks. We dispel some common myths.
lg smart gardening appliance tiiun lifestyle 01

LG thinks it made an indoor smart garden you’ll actually care about

LG's newest entry into the green living category is an indoor smart garden that can fit in even the smallest homes. Read all about it.
do ev chargers add value to homes close up of woman charging electric vehicle with cable in

Do these 3 important things to get your garage ready for your new EV

If you're purchasing a new electric vehicle, there are a few things you must do to your garage to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.
best electric cars and evs for 2022 ford f 150 lightning platinum

These are the 10 best EVs launching in 2022

Shopping for a new electric vehicle? Try these standout options.
Gray modern designed home office

Interior designers are totally loving these home office ideas

This is how interior designers are decorating home offices in 2022.
what bidens build back better plan means for evs vehicle to charging 01

The government just made buying an EV much less exciting

Have you been thinking of getting an EV? Read the latest on the proposed federal tax credits before you do.
Living room sofa with green and white pillows with a wood coffee table

Why green home design is the 2022 trend we all need right now

Green design is all about sustainability, biophilic schemes, and natural elements. Here's how to incorporate the green design trend into your home.
EV car charging

What real estate agents really think about EV chargers in the home

This is what real estate agents really think about installing EV chargers in your home.
toyota electric pickup 42726070 4137 4e32 b1fb 8cc34f0a226d 1 105 c

Toyota is finally making an EV truck you’ll actually want to buy

This is everything you need to know about the upcoming Toyota electric pickup.
Cube Two X's tiny home living space

Here’s the proof you need that tiny homes can be modern

This tiny home just might be the home of the future.
Welcoming living room interior, dining area and kitchen view

2022 home design trends our experts say will be really hot

Get ready for these ultra-cool home design trends that the experts are raving about.
pool house with solar panels on the roof

If you’re looking for a good reason to go solar at home, we’ve got 7

Been wondering if you should invest in solar for your home? Here are the reasons you should.
Person holding gifts wrapped in brown paper.

Wrapping paper is terrible for the planet — this is what you should use instead

Here's how you can wrap your gifts without destroying the planet.
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

Trendy indoor plants can make a design statement — here’s how

Incorporating trendy plants into your design can look amazing. We love these ideas.