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Will Blesch

Will Blesch

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Will Blesch is a copywriter, content writer, and someone passionate about anything that lets him discover more about this amazing world we live in. Most work has been done with private, B2B companies, but he's also been featured in, mentioned on, or has written for PBS, MSN, the Motley Fool, The Jerusalem Post, Arutz 7, Termsfeed, and many others. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Will’s work.

Workers installing solar panels

How much a solar roof really costs

How much does a solar roof cost? Solar roofing seems like an excellent idea — but is it? We dig into the 'real' cost of ownership.
Female hand painting wall

5 interior paint colors that never seem to go out of style

Curious about which classic interior paint colors work well on any wall in your home? Check these out.
Blue house in autumn

Should you power wash your house in the fall? Here are 6 things to wash at the end of the season

Before winter hits, power wash your house in fall and focus on specific items to preserve them. It's less work than you think and totally worth it.
Italian kitchen with white cabinets

How to distress white kitchen cabinets for a perfect vintage look

Clunky old white kitchen cabinets driving you nuts? Here's how to distress them for that vintage feel.
Primitive Kitchen Cabinets

How to ‘antique’ kitchen cabinets for a gorgeous vintage look

Giving your kitchen a chic, antique feeling is easier than you might think. Here's how to antique cabinets the right way.
Zombies at window behind mom and son

Should you expect a lot of trick-or-treaters this year?

As COVID restrictions ease, Halloween looms. Should you expect trick-or-treaters this year? How should you deal with that? We help you decide.
Young Woman Sleeping On Silk Sheets

What you need to know before buying real silk sheets

Real silk sheets are an investment -- buy wisely and read this guide first.
Minimalist interior space

How to make your home a modern, minimalist dream come true

Do you wish your home was more stylish? We'll show you how your house can be the modern, minimalist dream home you've always wanted.
Tiny blue home in the country

6 tiny house accessories you can find for under $50

Have a small home, but want all the fun gadgets bigger houses have? We've found some you may love.
Jack-o-lantern on table

Where to find the hottest Halloween decorations right now

Halloween decorations may be difficult to come by this year. Here's where you can shop early and get the best decorations.
Sports car in garage

How to remodel your garage on a tight budget

Remodeling the garage can make it a useful room rather than a storage dumping ground. Here's how it's done.
Southern California city

The top suburbs in Southern California to move to this fall

Looking to move to Southern California? We've got some suburbs you need to check out.
Asian woman sorting vegetables

Reddit swears by these 4 hacks to keep food fresh longer

Want to keep food fresh longer? Reddit users say these lifehacks are worth putting into practice.
Black front door

How to choose the right paint color for your front door

Painting your front door adds value to your home, curb appeal, and is a fun project. Here's how to choose the right color.
Woman stretching in front of window

How to properly stock a guest room and bathroom

Be a great host and stock guest bedrooms and bathrooms with these items.
Woman looking in antique mirror

DIY 101: How to make a new mirror look old

Antiquing a mirror isn't difficult, and adds a bit of flair. Here's how to do it.
People purchasing a house

How to avoid buyer’s remorse in a competitive housing market

Competitive housing markets increase impulse buying. Here's how to avoid buyer's remorse this year.
Brown and beige cabin and path

4 modern cabin decorating ideas you can recreate at home

Fall makes you want to cozy up in a cabin and relax. Here's how to recreate that feeling at home.
Woman frustrated by bathroom mold

3 green ways to remove mold in your home

Getting rid of mold around the home is vital. Instead of harsh chemicals, try these eco-friendly methods.
Staining a wooden chair

How to antique furniture with paint and stain

We've got some tips and tricks to antique furniture on your own time — on any budget.
Wall art in a living room

3 websites for stylish, affordable wall art for every room in your home

This is where to buy wall art that won't break your budget.
Woman decluttering her house

How to get rid of clutter quickly (even if you hate decluttering)

Decluttering is difficult for some, but we've got some great tips and tricks to make it easier.
Painting with classic neutral colors

Experts say these classic interior paint colors never go out of style

Some paint colors will never go out of style. Here are some experts are in love with.
Beans and grains in containers

Update your pantry for fall cooking with these 5 steps

Fall and winter cooking may require a pantry update. Here's what you should do for fall and winter cooking projects.
Modern bathroom vanity

5 classic bathroom vanities to add to your next remodel

Classic bathroom vanities that stand the test of time and make your bathroom pop.
Young woman going to workout

Compact gym equipment that’ll keep you working out at home

Forget the gym; compact home gym equipment is your new best friend.
Home gym room

The best small home gym equipment for your best post-pandemic life

As the pandemic ends, people are thinking about returning to the gym, but we still think working out at home is best.
Rustic dining room with modern accents

Rustic home decor ideas that still look modern

Rustic and modern may not seem like they go together, but they can. Here's how to make it work.
Old wooden antique chest

How to artificially antique wood for instant charm

Here's how to distress your wood furniture to make it look like you spent a ton of cash.
Rustic coffee table in living room with leather couch

Rustic decorating ideas perfect for a summer home makeover

Looking to give your home a rustic makeover? We've got some incredible ideas you've got to try.
Hands framing custom bedroom

Remodeled bedrooms to inspire your next DIY project

Check out these incredible remodeled bedrooms before starting your next project.
Sleek modern vanity

Traditional vs. Modern: Which is the best bathroom vanity for you?

Should you choose a traditional or modern bathroom vanity? We help you make the right choice.
Hands holding phone with TikTok logo

These 10 Tik Tok trends may shape home design in 2021

TikTok is shaping home design trends in many ways. These elements might work well in your home too!
Flowering Plants In A Rock Garden

You can install this adorable small rock garden in a weekend

Get outside this weekend and put together this great rock garden.
Man Holding Tablet With Home Design App

These are the best home design apps we’ve seen yet

Whether shopping for décor or planning a room, these seven apps are great to have in your back pocket.
Living Room With Modern Interior Style

Staging your home for sale? Get these 5 accent pieces under $150

Your home will look like a million bucks with these amazing pieces for sale.
View Of Buildings From A Window

The 4 best traditional curtains we’ve found for your living room

Give your living room an instant facelift with these curtains.
Living Room Walls With Taupe Colors

4 under-$70 taupe paint colors for any room of your home

Taupe wall colors are a great way to create a neutral backdrop for your home décor. These are our favorite brands.
White Ceramic Bathtub

5 simple bathroom remodels you can tackle in under 3 days

Get inspired to change up your bathroom with these five ideas.
how often to replace pillows man asleep in bed

How often should you replace your pillows? Experts weigh in

If you've had the same pillow for a decade, it's probably time to replace it. Here's how to know for sure.
pillow cube side sleepers sleeping on

Is the Pillow Cube good for side sleepers — or just another money-sucking trend?

The Pillow Cube claims to be the next big sleep innovation -- but are they just a fad?
linen vs cotton sheets woman sleeping in bed

Linen vs. cotton sheets: What’s the difference?

Linen or cotton? This is how to pick the best sheets for your bed.
Quarterback Holding Nike Football

Make Super Bowl LV your excuse to buy a big TV

Give yourself the gift of a great Super Bowl experience with a TV upgrade