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Family grilling out in the backyard

Pros and cons of gas and electric BBQ grills

Ready to get your barbeque on but unsure which type of grill is best for you? We discuss electric grills vs. gas grills so you can make an informed decision.
All blue room with monochromatic color pallet

7 surprising home color palette ideas on Instagram that actually work

For sale home sign in front of house that says "sold"

These home remodeling projects have the highest ROI, new study finds

Water heater in kitchen with brick wall and baskets

How to replace a water heater in under an hour: A simple DIY guide

Kitchen with navy blue cabinets and bold lighting

Cabinet refacing: Your complete DIY guide

Backyard patio with pavers, plants, and furniture

10 incredible backyard privacy ideas that don’t require a lot of work

Close-up of crabgrass weed

Use these natural, chemical-free crabgrass killers to take back your overgrown lawn

Person spackling yellow wall

Joint compound vs. spackle: The differences explained

Small red barn in the countryside

Board and batten: Your essential guide

Guy on ladder painting exterior of house

Can you paint vinyl siding? Yes – here’s your how-to guide

Woman posing by a house stud frame being constructed

How to find studs in walls if you don’t have a stud finder

Chair beside blooming flower garden

6 kinds of perennials that bloom in the summer for a gorgeous garden all season

Laundry room next to mudroom

Get rid of gross washing machine smells with these simple tips

Does your washing machine smell and you can't figure out why? Use these tricks to have your laundry smelling fresh again.
Gloved hand cleaning crayon off wall with a Magic Eraser

Do you need to wash walls before painting? The honest truth

Do you need to wash walls before painting? It's a cumbersome task, but it's necessary, so we dive into the whys and the hows to ensuring excellent results.
White electric vehicle charging port with charger connected

How much does it cost to install an EV adapter in your garage?

Part of owning an electric vehicle is charging at home, and a dedicated EV charger is the best way. Should you install one, though? We'll help you decide.
Backyard cement paver patio with bench

Tired of your ugly concrete patio? Check out these phenomenal DIY improvement ideas

There are many easy and affordable DIY projects you can do to improve your cement patio. Use our simple tips to create the space of your dreams.
Shower with a glass door

How to clean glass shower doors the right way (say goodbye to streaks)

It's tough to get your shower door sparkling without leaving behind the dreaded streaks. Here's how to clean glass shower doors the streak-free way!
Modern living room with leather sofa and large red rug

7 simple safety tips to stop a rug from sliding (and you from tripping)

Does your new area rug keep slipping around? Here are some easy solutions for how to stop a rug from sliding so you can keep your rugs where you want them.
Polished concrete floor with leather furniture and animal skin rug

The pros and cons of polished concrete floors you should know

Polished concrete floors come along with a ton of benefits, but also some drawbacks. We discuss the pros and cons of this sleek and trendy flooring material.
Water stain on the ceiling

How to get rid of that hideous water stain on the ceiling and beautify your home

Tired of that ugly water stain on your ceiling? This is an easy way to get rid of it for good without a full drywall renovation.
Young woman on stairs in a loft caring for potted plants.

25 stellar staircase ideas to freshen up the look of your home

Changing up your staircase can be one way to upgrade the look of your home. We’ve got 25 ideas ranging from subtle to dramatic to help you figure it out.
Single-family home with curved walkway and large tree in front yard

10 simple yard cleanup tips that will make your life easier

Discover 10 simple and effective yard cleanup tips to revive your overgrown outdoor space. Learn how to create a beautiful oasis for your family to enjoy.
best padlocks 2024

The best padlocks of 2024

Whether it's your home, your luggage, or your bike, securing your things with the a padlock is the right way to keep your stuff safe.
Living room with purple couch and walls

What colors go with purple? 9 captivating shades for your home

Need to know which colors go with purple in your space? These colors will match your purple palette.
Small bathroom with blue tiles and floating sink

Is regrouting your bathroom a wise choice? Here’s what to consider

Are you thinking about regrouting your shower tile, but unsure if regrouting is worth it? Here's what you need to know before you start any project.
Pink and blue color blocking wall paint design

Satin vs. eggshell paint: How to choose the right finish for every room

Before you start painting your home, use these expert-approved tips to decide whether satin vs. eggshell paint is a better option.
Close-up of sprinkler spraying water on grass

How often should you water new sod? What you need to know

You want to protect your investment, so how often should you water new sod? We'll walk you through proper sod installation and watering practices.
the best car lifts for your garage air compressor in working position at snow  self inflating

The best air compressors for your personal projects

Air compressors are very useful for all kinds of home or workshop projects. Check out the selection we did with only the best air compressors in the market.
best garage door sensors for safety portable power bank and vehicle jump starter

The best jump-starters

If you’ve ever sat in your car to listen to music or take a Bluetooth call and run out of battery, you know the necessity of having a jump-starter in the trunk.
led bathroom mirror review

S’bagno LED bathroom mirror review

Upgrade your bathroom with the SBAGNO LED Bathroom Mirror, an advanced vanity mirror with anti-fog technology.
best bathroom mirrors 2024

6 of the best bathroom mirrors to open up small spaces

Want the best bathroom mirror for your space? Here is a list of some of the best options on the market that combine style with functionality.
Person using drywall tape to repair drywall

Sheetrock vs. drywall: Yes, there’s a difference

Drywall and Sheetrock are not the same. We discuss the similarities and differences between Sheetrock and drywall to help you gain a better understanding.
dark green wall paneling in bedroom

This is, hands down, the best way to paint wood paneling

Painting paneling is an easy way to avoid a costly remodel. Here's how to paint on wood panels the right way.
Person holding coffee filter with coffee grounds.

When you should (and shouldn’t) put used coffee grounds in your garden

How do you know if you should put used coffee grounds in your garden? We’ve researched the pros and cons so you can make your own decision.
Guy on ladder painting exterior of house

5 things you should never bother to fix when selling your house

There are upgrades that increase the value of your house when you're selling it, and some that just cost money with no ROI. Don't bother with these projects.
All-purpose cleaner in amber bottle in bathroom

Cleaning 101: Why you should never mix bleach and vinegar

Avoid a major health risk while cleaning your home. Here's everything you need to know about the dangers of mixing bleach and vinegar together.
best shower curtain

The best shower curtains of 2024

Looking for a simple way to change up your bathroom? Check out our guide to buying the ideal shower curtain that can elevate your bathroom's aesthetic.
best furniture floor protector

The best furniture floor protectors of 2024

Protect your floors from scratches and damage with these top-rated furniture floor protectors. Save yourself from scratches and worries with these handy products.
Blue kitchen cabinets in farmhouse design

How to paint your kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh your kitchen without overhauling it completely. Here's what you need to know.
Bathroom toilet area with warm brown hues

DIY 101: How to fix a wobbly, rocking toilet

Is your shaky toilet making you or your guests nervous? Here are four methods for fixing a wobbly toilet yourself.
Greige living room with brick wall

The best greige paint colors that will completely refresh your home

Want to refresh your home so it looks warmer and more modern? These are the best greige paint colors for your interior design.
two tone grey and white modern wall design

Are two-tone walls stylish again?

The two-tone wall trend is in style once again with a few new twists. We have some ideas to help you create a stunning look in your space.
Person using drywall tape to repair drywall

3 YouTube videos that will teach you how to repair drywall quickly and easily

Not sure how to repair drywall? Check out these YouTube videos, to learn how to refinish and repair any holes, cracks, and scuffs on your drywall.
three vertical windows with a view of nature

Replacing your doors and windows? This is what you should buy, according to an expert

Considering updating your doors and windows this year? An expert shares what trends you'll see in 2024 when it comes to door and window replacement.
Yellow painter tape with red paint brush

These tips will help you tape a room for painting the right way

There's a right and wrong way to tape a room — here's the right way
Young woman sleeping in bed

How often should you wash your pillowcase? What you need to know

Do you know how often you should wash your pillowcases? Do you just wash them whenever you wash your sheets? Come learn the rules you need to know in our guide.
Used paintbrush on a wood floor

Preparing wood before painting: The basics

Prep your wood before painting so you get a gorgeous, smooth paint job. This is how to get the perfect wood-painting results.
Woman painting

Do you need primer every time you paint? Well … it’s complicated

Is priming your surfaces really necessary? We break down when priming is necessary for painting and when you can skip it.
Closeup of rustic wood surface with window and lights in background

Save your furniture: How to unwarp wood and restore your home design

If your wood furniture, doors, or floorboards have gotten warped, they can still be saved. This is how to unwarp wood.
Couple posing with paint rollers in front of painted white wall

7 times you should absolutely choose an eggshell paint finish

Not sure what paint finish is right for your painting project? These are all the times you should choose that eggshell paint.

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