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Person cleaning a mirror

How to clean mirrors for a streak-free shine

Looking to get rid of streaks on your mirrors? Our guide shows how to clean mirrors perfectly using a variety of different materials.  
close up of a fruit fly

5 easy ways to kill fruit flies before they take over your kitchen

It's summer. It's hot, humid, and fruit flies are everywhere. Here's how to keep them out of your kitchen.
how to repair garbage disposal shutterstock 1683267190

How to fix a garbage disposal just like the pros

Is your garbage disposal humming and just not working right? This is how to fix it.
cement block retaining wall with vining plants

How to build a retaining wall for a gorgeous backyard design

Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These are the do's and don'ts for creating a fantastic space. Learn how to build a retaining wall.
Backyard patio with pavers, plants, and furniture

9 incredible backyard privacy ideas that don’t require a lot of work

Sure, you like your neighbors, but everyone needs a little space. Try these cool backyard privacy ideas.
how to paint bathroom cabinets vanity

This one change will transform your bathroom (for the cost of a can of paint)

Bathroom cabinet colors can totally transform your space. This is what you should know.
how to plant flowers shutterstock 57091351

How to plant flowers in 6 simple steps for a vibrant, colorful garden

If you're new to gardening, this is the only guide you'll ever need for how to plant flowers.
Closeup of rustic wood surface with window and lights in background

Save your furniture: How to unwarp wood and restore your home design

If your wood furniture, doors, or floorboards have gotten warped, they can still be saved. This is how to unwarp wood.
Wife and husband painting a wall

Painting 101: The best wall-painting techniques everyone should know

Here are great DIY wall-painting techniques, tips, and tricks that are sure to make the process more efficient, fun, and effective.
surprise home repair costs shutterstock 1800995521

Avoid surprise repairs: 77% of new homeowners face these unexpected costs

There are a lot more first-time homebuyers taking the plunge these days. These are the lessons you should learn before you join them.
roof replacement guide shutterstock 1844186038

10 essential things the experts say you should know about replacing a roof

We talked to the experts and found out everything you need to know about roof replacement.
handyman with a yellow tool belt

6 essential questions to ask a handyman before you hire them

A great handyman is someone every homeowner needs. Use these tips to find one.
pink and white tulips in a clear vase

Add a pop of color to your home this April with these 8 gorgeous, vibrant blooms

Your home could do with a pop of color. These beautiful blooms fit the bill.
spring tulips in front of a white house

Make spring cleanup easy: The only home maintenance checklist you’ll ever need

Make sure you check these to-do items off your list for a well-maintained home this spring.
how to install outdoor lighting shutterstock 487132054

Brighten up your walkway with landscape lighting: What you need to know

Add some curb appeal — and safety measures — with outdoor lighting. Here's what you should know.
Father and daughter painting exterior of house

8 simple, creative ways to add curb appeal to a flat-front house

Does your flat-front house feel lifeless and boring? Give the exterior of your home some visual interest with these great ideas.
how to fix creaky stairs shutterstock 1759249418

How to fix your super annoying creaky stairs

Creaky stairs bothering you? Here's your guide to a noise-free home.
how to replace bathroom faucet shutterstock 64842238

How to replace your bathroom faucet for a fresh, modern look

Get a stylish new bathroom with just a faucet replacement. Here's what you need to do.
First-time homebuyers standing outside new home

No sale: Homebuyers reveal their biggest deal-breakers

Selling your house? These are the problems you have to fix if you want to get the best price for your home.
how to install a ceiling fan shutterstock 556897114

Prep your home for better weather: How to install a ceiling fan in 4 easy steps

It's time to think about installing a ceiling fan. Follow this easy guide.
Woman growing bamboo at kitchen table.

How to grow bamboo like a pro indoors and outdoors

This is everything you need to know about growing bamboo indoors and outdoors.
Man installing bottom of window trim

How to trim a window interior and create a classy, finished look

Installing window trim is easy and can elevate the look of your home. Here's how to trim your window interior.
how to remove popcorn ceiling shutterstock 25026505

Get rid of your ugly popcorn ceilings in 5 easy steps

Popcorn ceilings are one retro trend no one likes. Here's how to get rid of your popcorn ceilings.
the best decorative fence screens for your yard screen

How to build a wood fence (and save a ton of money in the process)

This is how much a new wood fence will really cost you — and how to get the job done yourself.
Person looking at paint swatches.

Don’t make these 5 dumb mistakes when picking paint colors for your home

Choose the best hue for your home — don't make these silly mistakes.
woman adjusting a thermostat

How to install a programmable thermostat and instantly save on your energy bill

Programmable thermostats can help you save a lot of money. Here's how to install one.
Kitchen with blue frame fronted cabinets

Crown molding can offer huge visual impact to your kitchen cabinets

Adding crown molding to your cabinets can add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Follow this handy guide to achieve the look.
how to replace a sump pump shutterstock 1504104026

Yes, you can replace your own sump pump — here’s how

This is everything you need to know about replacing a sump pump.
how to vent a bathroom fan shutterstock 467885921

How to vent a bathroom fan and save your home from moisture issues

Bathroom fans play an important role in keeping your house safe. Here's how to vent a bathroom fan properly.
Cat sniffing daffodils on coffee table.

7 vibrant and vivid flowers to brighten your home in March

After a long winter, your home could do with a bit of color. Try these gorgeous flowers.
outdoor patio with brick wall and plants

The hottest backyard design trends for summer 2022, according to experts

Landscape designers say these are the most popular ways to design your backyard this year.
how to install a dishwasher open with clean dishes after washing

The beginner’s guide to installing a dishwasher in 4 easy steps

You don't need to hire a professional to install a dishwasher. Here's how to do it yourself.
Brick doorways painted with pastels

This is how much it really costs to paint a whole house

Find out how much it'll cost you to paint the exterior of your home — and some handy ways to save.
how to install a wall heater shutterstock 1395135974

How to install a wall heater in your garage

Wall heaters can give your garage a much needed temperature boost. Use these tips to install one the right way.
how to get paint out of clothes shutterstock 1760450252

How to get paint out of clothes and save your wardrobe

You wore old clothes and were as careful as possible, but still got paint all over. Here's how to get paint out of your clothes.
Woman painting chair yellow on deck outside.

These incredible furniture paint colors will totally refresh your home

Want to redo your home without a total renovation? These are the best furniture paint colors for a whole new look.
painting ideas for small rooms shutterstock 1342102307

3 clever painting hacks to make a small room look huge (no matter the color)

We all know the advice to go light and bright when choosing paint colors for small rooms. But these clever hacks make a space feel huge regardless of the hue.
Gray-blue house exterior

Need a new color scheme for your house? Try these top-rated exterior hues

We absolutely adore these color schemes for houses. Yours will be the best looking on the block.
home improvement projects for selling a house shutterstock 103238630

4 home improvement projects to do right now if you want to sell this spring

If you're selling your house, these easy projects will increase the value of your home.
kitchen sink setup

How to unclog your disgusting kitchen sink

This is the easiest way for you to unclog a kitchen sink.
how much paint do i need shutterstock 425530825

This is how much paint you will actually need for your next DIY project

Planning a DIY project? This is how much paint you need to get.
the best non slip bath mats aop

5 hidden bathroom safety risks for your aging parents

Don't let your senior parents make these design mistakes with their bathrooms.
all blue room with monochromatic color pallet

6 surprising home color palette ideas on Instagram that actually work

These may not be the first color palette ideas you think of, but they'll look wonderful in your home.
how to make chalked paint shutterstock 1742397383

This is the easiest way to make your own chalk paint

Chalk paint can be a fantastic way to decorate your furniture, but it can be expensive. This is how to make your own.
how to replace kitchen faucet shutterstock 404421880

How to install a kitchen faucet (and save a ton of money)

Kitchen faucet replacement isn't hard. This is how to do it.
best food at trader joes shutterstock 784820452

The 4 hottest Trader Joe’s products everyone is buying right now

These Trader Joe's products are new and amazing. Here are the top picks.
Woman holding Monstera plant against wall at home

7 amazing feng shui plants that are super easy to keep alive

Want to feng shui your home? These are the best plants you can get.
how to tile kitchen backsplash shutterstock 1455082490

Get a revamped kitchen for $400: How to tile a backsplash

Transform your kitchen with a new tile backsplash. This handy guide will make any beginner as good as a pro.
Man comparing paint swatches to greige walls.

The best greige paint colors that will completely refresh your home

These are the best greige paint colors for your interior design.
best paint for cabinets shutterstock 1784492126

This is the absolute best paint for your DIY cabinet project

Want to paint your cabinets so the color will be long lasting? This is the paint you should use.