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house with exterior lighting at dusk

These are the home automation features the experts say keep your house secure

Should you invest in home automation? Here's what the experts say are the best features for home security.
how to grow prayer plant

Prayer plants: The ultimate care & growing guide

This is everything you need to care for a prayer plant.
woman repotting plants

Are plants that clean the air a myth? Yes (but also no — it’s complicated)

We all want cleaner air, but can indoor plants really do the job?
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

Trendy indoor plants can make a design statement — here’s how

Incorporating trendy plants into your design can look amazing. We love these ideas.
Staining a wooden chair

How to paint wood furniture: A primer on painting

This is the guide you need for painting wood furniture like a pro.
Garage and driveway with man shoveling snow

How to insulate your garage door for winter (Your heating bill will thank us)

Follow these tips to insulate your garage door this winter.
palm leaf

Majesty palms are beautiful but can be temperamental — how to help yours thrive

Help your majesty palm thrive with this care guide.
Exterior of light yellow house.

Is your home exterior dated? How to modernize it with traditional paint colors

When it comes to the outside of your house, timeless colors always work. We love these.
red bromeliad

Bromeliad care 101: How to grow this indoor plant like a pro

This is the guide you need for growing bromeliads.
roofer working on a roof

Purchase this roofer safety equipment before taking on your next project

Don't go up on the roof without this safety equipment.
woman in winter street holiday scene

How to hang holiday decor without damaging your walls

Want to get into the festive spirit without making holes in the wall? Here's what to do.
gray kitchen island

Can you paint kitchen countertops? How to get that marble look on a budget

Want to give your kitchen countertops a facelift? Find out whether painting is an option for you.
how to care for fiddle leaf fig  ficus lyrata plant in circle white pot

Indoor plants 101: How to keep your fiddle leaf fig from dying

Not sure how to grow a fiddle leaf fig? We've got you covered.
Woman sitting at a table by a window

The 4 best indoor plants to beautify a home (and they’re good for you, too)

Put these indoor plants in your home for a healthier environment.
two men shaking hands in front of a sold house sign

10 important things all new homeowners should know before they move in

These are the things you should know when you move into your first home.
Decorative plants

How to arrange plants in your living room so they become part of the design

Make plants part of your living room design with these great ideas.
cabbage looper control caterpillar close up near pune  maharashtra india

Save your veggie garden: How to get rid of cabbage looper pests easily

Need to get cabbage looper pests under control? Follow this guide.
Dragon tree with terracotta pots against white wall

Dragon trees are gorgeous air purifiers — here’s your guide for easy indoor care

This is what you need to know about caring for dragon trees.
Sod pieces laying on a pallet

How to lay sod yourself for a lush green lawn

We've got everything you need to lay sod yourself.
House with solar panels on the roof

How much do solar heating and cooling systems really cost? What you need to know

Thinking about a solar heating and cooling system? Read this first.
Space heater in living room where woman and cat are sitting

Are space heaters dangerous? What you should know to avoid a major safety hazard

Thinking about a space heater? Consider these factors before you buy.
red classic car in garage

Epoxy paint for concrete is the easiest (and best) upgrade for your garage

If your garage floor has stains and always looks dirty, painting it can make it look clean and fresh. Follow these simple steps to transform your garage.
cactus in living room

7 gorgeous plants for your home (that are basically impossible to kill)

These easy house plants are nearly impossible to kill.
House with vinyl siding and brick in winter

How to paint vinyl siding and give your home some much-needed curb appeal

Want to give your home a little more curb appeal? This is how to paint vinyl siding.
elderly couple sitting on gray couch

5 home safety products for seniors your parents need

Keep your parents safe with these at-home safety products for seniors.
floorplan and tools on wooden surface

Don’t DIY! The home improvement projects you should always hire a pro for

Sometimes, home improvement projects are best left to the professionals. This is what you should hire for.
house in autumn

Do you really need to rake leaves? What you need to know

This is everything you need to know about ridding your yard of leaves.
humidifier on accent table in bright living room

How to clean a humidifier the right way

A lot of people need humidifiers in the fall. Here's how to clean yours so you're always breathing fresh air.
try these 11 bathroom diys you can do in one hour couple renovating new house  sitting on ground planning

DIYers beware: These are the biggest mistakes you’re about to make

If you're about to start a home improvement project, make sure you avoid these mistakes.
Sliding glass patio door with white trim, walls, and floor

How to secure a sliding glass door (and why they’re so flimsy)

Sliding glass doors are beautiful, but they're not the most secure option. Here's how to make yours more burglar proof.
Fallen leaves on ground in autumn

Good, better, best: Leaf blowers that are worth the price

Leaf blowers make yard cleanup easy. These are the best.
detatched garage with open doors

Know the pros and cons: These are the best ways to heat and cool a garage

If you're looking to spend more time in your garage, consider these heating and cooling options.
SimpliSafe home security components

Good, better, best: DIY home security systems worth your money

These DIY home security systems can help give you peace of mind.
Large yard with flowering tree and picnic table

10 lawn care tips nobody tells first-time homeowners

If you’ve feeling lost when it comes to lawn care, here are some important things you should know.
brick fireplace with fire burning

8 ways to keep your house safe from a fire

Fire prevention is important. Here's how to keep your home safe.
cockroach on a board

These are the pests to look out for in the fall

Worried about pest control? These are the bugs and critters to be mindful of in the fall.
Small blue paint can with paint brush set on top.

How to paint over wallpaper without making the room look worse

Painting over wallpaper is an easy way to refresh a room without the tedious process of removing wallpaper. Here’s how to do it.
Window looking out on snowy tree

3 weekend DIY projects to squeeze in before it gets too cold

As winter approaches, here are some DIY projects to get into before the weather gets too cold.
person holding phone and viewing home security footage

What Amazon’s latest offerings tell us about the future of home security

Amazon just made some major announcements about its fall devices. Here’s what it means for home security and automation.
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

The 3 best lawn aerators your wallet will love

These lawn aerators are simple to use, and people swear they're great.
red geraniums

4 ways to prep your flower beds for winter weather

Flower beds will come back in spring, but prepping them for cold weather is critical. Here's how it's done.
paint can-bowl-brush

How to dispose of old paint, protect the environment, and help others

What do you do with old paint? You can’t just throw it away. We’ve got some great advice for upcycling paint you no longer need.
modern gray brick home in winter

Our ultimate checklist for winterizing your home before cold weather hits

We've got all the tips and tricks you need to prep your home for cold weather, inside and out.
iphone home security tool smartphone monitoring

How does home automation work? Everything you need to know to get started

Home automation can make life simpler, but how do you get started? What can it do? Here's what you need to know.
how to paint bathroom cabinets vanity

How to minimize mess and stress when painting bathroom cabinets

Some excellent advice for painting bathroom cabinets instead of splurging on a remodel.
Green grass with afternoon shadows

6 ways to prepare your lawn for winter

Lawn care stops in winter, but it's important to prep your lawn for the colder months. Here's how.
modern kitchen paint

These are the best paint colors for your kitchen in 2021

Kitchens remain one of the most popular home remodels of all time. These are the best paint color ideas for yours.
Winter outside through french doors in white living room

Do these 10 things to prepare your home for winter weather

As cold weather approaches, here are 10 things you can do to keep your home warm and cozy.
pool house with solar panels on the roof

Good, better, best: Solar heating and cooling systems for your home

Do you think solar heating and cooling is the right choice for your home? We'll help you decide which systems are the best.
assorted fall vegetables-harvest

How to get the most from your vegetable garden, no matter where you live

If you’re thinking about growing vegetables in the fall, understand the conditions in your area so you choose plants that will thrive.