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Window looking out on snowy tree

What’s the best heating system for your apartment?

Don't shiver through the winter -- try these heating systems to stay warm all season
Woman on plant-filled stairwell

Help your outdoor plants adjust to the indoors with these 15 tips

When it's too cold for your plants to stay outside, here's how to make them comfortable -- and keep them alive in the process
Smart thermostat on a wall

Yes, you should have a smart thermostat, and these are the ones to buy

A smart thermostat makes heating and cooling your space a breeze. We list the best ones for your home -- at every price point.
Clean white kitchen with hardwood floors

10 kitchen upgrades for under $130 this holiday season

You should consider upgrading your kitchen a holiday gift to yourself. We list easy, inexpensive ideas to put a fresh face on it.
essential oils in small jars with flower decor

How to choose the right essential oils to scent your home

Essential oils can help your home smell delightful all day long. We list some incredible scents you should definitely try.
Hand holding paint roller against white wall

How you should clean your walls before you paint

Washing your walls is the best way to prep them for paint. We list tried-and-true tips to get the job done right the first time.
Three ants on white surface

Overrun with ants? Here’s how to eradicate the pests permanently

Ants are a big nuisance, and having an infestation in your home is unbearable. We show you steps to wipe them out once and for all.
Woman in PPE spraying cleaner on counter

Cockroaches a concern? 6 ways to make sure they don’t invade

If you’ve ever had a roach problem, it's tough to get rid of them. We list six sensible ideas that will help without an exterminator.
garage doors with accents

Affordable ways to spruce up your garage door

Transform your old garage doors from dull and drab to the best on the block.
exotic houseplants featured resized

These 6 exotic houseplants will catch anyone’s eye

Thanks to modern technology, plants that used to be region-specific can now be grown almost anywhere. These six exotic houseplants are unique and eye-catching.
Man monitoring home security on smartphone

DIY smart home-security basics

Are you wondering what DIY home-security system is right for you? Our guide will help you determine which one is a fit for your home.
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

How to hang plants from your ceiling in less than 20 minutes

Hanging plants from your ceiling can be completed in minutes and give your space a fresh, organic element. Our guide shows you how.
Outside of home with vinyl siding

Should you paint your home’s vinyl siding?

If you're tired of your home's vinyl siding, you might be wondering if painting it is an option. We discuss the pros and cons of doing so.
clean kitchen cabinets ocwarfford 1 1024x1024

How to clean kitchen cabinets

If you’d like to know how to clean kitchen cabinets more efficiently, take a look at our suggestions. Our list will help you greatly.   
quilt coverlet africa studio10 1 1024x1024

Coverlet vs. quilt: What a coverlet is and if you need one

So, what exactly is a coverlet? We have a guide explaining one and how it may be the perfect addition your bed is missing.  
Houseplant in vase growing on a table

3 incredibly unique houseplants to grow this year

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. If you want to add a little life, check out these three unique houseplants to grow this year.
burgundy living room

Best warm paint colors for a fall living room makeover

These warm paint colors are perfect for a fall living room makeover.
outdoor furniture treatment care patio treat

Treatments that help outdoor furniture last longer

To ensure your wicker furniture and patio tables have a long life, follow these tips.
Home security keypad

Do home security signs really work?

Home security signs are very popular - but are they effective? Here's out guide to security signs, and how to secure your home.
Woman setting thermostat with her smartphone

Smart thermostats to help keep your home a perfect temperature this fall

A smart thermostat keeps your home at just the right temperature during those brisk fall days. Here are some smart thermostats we recommend.
fall lawn

7 fall lawn design tips your neighbors will envy

Don't forget your lawn when decorating for fall! We will explore some different ideas for your curb appeal that will make you the envy of your neighbors.  
two people with paint on clothing

3 easy DIY painting projects for a weekend at home

If you want a simple weekend DIY project to revamp your home, try these three ideas.
Paint samples on a table

The best paint finish for your entryway

When you are choosing a paint finish for your home, it’s important to know what kind of use and abuse that room will endure.
floor lighting solutions overhead lamp

How to light a room with no overhead lighting

These solutions to a lack of light will enable you to light up dark corners without worrying about whether or not you have to rewire the building.
A green vine climbs up and over a floor-length mirror, which reflects a bed.

The best indoor vines and climbers that are easy to grow

No matter the size of your green thumb, this article will show you how to cultivate healthy vines from the comfort of your own home.
Dining room with red and pink walls with a wooden table

Will a bright dining room liven up your whole home?

Brightening up your dining room can help liven up your entire home. We have several effective ways to improve your space.
Group of dandelions on a lawn

How do you kill dandelions and not grass?

Pesky dandelions invade your lawn while stealing nutrients and water meant for your grass. We list solutions to kill them and not your grass
Three paint trayswith paint colors of red, green, and burgundy in them

The best types of house paint and primer for your new-look home

It's important to know the types of house paint and primers for a successful home makeover. We've got a few tips to get you started
A paint holder with roller and can

How to paint wooden floors white

A newly painted wood floor in white looks sleek, clean, and modern. We offer a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen.
Fireplace with metal gate

How to babyproof any fireplace

Having a baby at home doesn’t mean you have to give up your fireplace altogether. We list proper precautions to babyproof your fireplace
Corner lamp against yellow and white walls

How to light a room with no overhead lighting

Sometimes your room just doesn't have any overhead lighting. We offer a list that suggests decorative and functional lights.
man installing home security system

DIY home security 101: 8 things you need to know

To help you navigate the world of home security, from old fashioned door locks to smart home video systems, check out this guide of must-know information.
Green chair in room with green walls and lamp

Green living — literally. Here are the freshest shades of green to paint your walls

When it comes to the walls in your home, freshest shades of green will liven them up. No matter which shade you choose, it will look great.
Well-organized garage with painted floor

3 easy and affordable ways to give your garage a makeover

Your garage is sometimes the forgotten part of a home. These simple makeover ideas can make your garage clean, fresh, and enjoyable
how to clean a mattress cleaningmattress

How to clean a mattress

Did you know your sheets can actually be dirtier than a toilet seat? If sheets are that dirty, just imagine your mattress. Here's a guide on how to clean it.
wall painting trends wall3

10 wall painting trends to make any home stand out

Want to make your interior pop? We've got ideas! Here are just a few of our favorite looks among today's hottest wall painting trends.
Wooden table being painted brown

Before you refinish your dining room table, consider painting it instead

When you paint your dining-room table, you’ll be able to highlight its natural shape with paint. Follow these tips to do it right.
woman cutting lawn

Lawn care for beginners: What everyone needs to know

If you are new to lawn care, worry not; we have compiled everything you need to know right here so you can have the lawn that all of your neighbors will envy.
Woman cleaning while holding a spray bottle

All-natural ways to manage pests in and around your home

When insects or bugs invade your home, use our all-natural methods of pest control that are safe for your family.
Dining room with red walls and table

The one quick change that will totally transform your dining room

There’s one weekend project that could transform your dining room. We show you how to upgrade it with architectural detailing.
most popular houseplants platies3

The most popular houseplants and how to care for them

Interested in getting a basic houseplant or two to get started learning about them? Grab one of these most popular houseplants and learn how to care for it.
where to buy a sump pump featured resized

Where to Buy a Sump Pump: These Retailers Have Them in Stock

Sump pumps are not exciting, but they are necessary. Even with stock issues and shipping delays, we've found some places you can still buy a new sump pump.
Large dining room and living room with ceiling beams

7 home remodeling jobs you can do in a weekend

You will love how modern, fresh, and new your home looks after a DIY remodeling project. Our ideas can be done in a weekend and are affordable
Young woman inspecting a hydroponic garden

What is a hydroponic garden, and should you have one?

Learn how to use a hydroponic garden to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. You will love how easy it is
brick fireplace with fire burning

7 ways to refresh a brick fireplace

Check out these DIY tricks and tips to turn your old brick fireplace into the cozy centerpiece that it deserves to be, no matter your decoration preferences.
Outdoor heater at night

Should you have an outdoor heater for your patio?

An outdoor heater for your patio would keep you and your friends warm during the colder months. We list the pros and cons of owning one
Residential home with security cameras

Need an affordable security system for your home? Here’s what to look for

Home-security cameras help prevent burglaries and other crimes. We review what's affordable and works best for protecting your home
Sunny living room with blue wall, chair, and desk

8 living room painting ideas you’ll love

Give your living room a makeover by using unique painting techniques. We list eight DIY painting ideas that can transform it.
best houseplants for low light plants1

These are the best houseplants for low-light conditions

Don't get a lot of sunlight in your home, but really want some plants? Come check out our finds! These are the best houseplants for low-light conditions.
Croton plant in pot

The 6 best large houseplants that won’t take over your room

Six attractive houseplants are featured that are just the right size and won't get too big. Plus, they easy to care for and look great.