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What you should look for when hiring a pest control company

If you’re considering hiring a pest control company to take care of the pest problems in your home, you should look for proof of credibility, experience, and reliability. If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s OK! We have some of the best tips and practices to make sure you find the right company for the job.

Ask for license and certification

One of the first things you should do is to ask about licenses and certifications. Many well-known pest control companies will have current licenses that allow them to work in the state, and you can view the documentation on their website or ask for a paper copy from the technicians.

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Be aware that smaller businesses may not have this information readily available. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t licensed, however. To ensure you are working with a credible and reliable company, you can ask an expert about their licenses.

pest control man spraying pesticide in home

Check that the company is insured

A big issue with working with pest control companies is the lack of proper insurance and liability. You’ll likely have to sign a few papers before pest control experts begin working on clearing your home of any pest invasions. Be sure to read over these documents carefully and ask about any liability or insurance coverage if you have questions.

Pest control companies are working in your home with chemicals and different tools and materials that could cause problems down the road if an accident were to occur. While this isn’t a common issue for most households, there is a sense of security in knowing that the company is properly insured.

Make sure they’re competent

You want your pest control company to be a knowledgeable source. Technicians should be experts in their field and able to answer any questions you have regarding your situation. If the person inspecting your home can’t answer a question off the top of their head, they should at least follow up with a statement like, “I don’t know the answer, but I’ll find out and get right back with you.”

A company that is willing to help answer your questions when they aren’t sure of the answer is generally a good company to work with.

Services and use of chemicals

Before any treatments or actions are done to rid your home of pests, the pest control company should go over a step-by-step procedure on their plan of action. First, the company will explain the inspection process and then provide a thorough inspection for you detailing exactly what the problem is, where it is located in your home, and what will be required to resolve the issue.

They should then follow up with a detailed plan of what their team will do to get rid of your unwanted guests. They will answer your questions and explain the chemicals used in the process. Typically, this process will clear up any confusion about the services the company offers and will reassure you about their methods for clearing your home of any insect or pest invasion.

pest control contractor spraying cockroaches in kitchen

When to contact a professional

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional, here are a few things to consider before reaching out:

  • Do you know where the pests are coming from?
  • Is it a large infestation?
  • Can it be resolved by simple hardware store solutions?
  • Is the infestation getting worse despite your efforts?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine the scope of your pest problem. If you are unsure how to safely rid the pests from your home or aren’t sure how they are getting in in the first place, you may want to contact a professional. Similarly, if your efforts haven’t made much progress in eliminating the pests, you may need to seek out a company that can do a thorough investigation and offer you solutions for relief.

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