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Woman in a tub next to a plant

These are the best shower plants for your bathroom (and why you really need one)

Having a shower plant has been trendy for a while, but does your bathroom actually need one? Yes. Find out why and which shower plants you should consider.
Indoor plants on a wooden table next to a window

Ranked: The 7 best indoor plants to decorate your home with in November

Croton plant

The best indoor plants to decorate your home with in October

Woman sitting at home surrounded by plants

6 incredible reasons you should add plants to your home right now

Top view of a polka dot plant

A polka dot plant adds color and life to your home – here’s how to care for it

Dragon tree on a windowsill with copper watering can

How to prune a Dracaena marginata (dragon tree) so your plant stays thriving

Lucky bamboo in small pot on wooden table.

How to propagate lucky bamboo in 5 easy steps so you don’t have to buy it

Decorative areca palm

Why your home should have an areca palm (and how to care for it)

Taking care of plants in a home

If you want to create a maximalist home with indoor plants, here are some tips and tricks

Living room with plants

The best tall indoor plants to liven up your living room

Hanging indoor plant

The best hanging indoor plants for your living room to give you a relaxing vibe

Bathroom with orange walls

These are the best plants to put in your shower for a nature-inspired sanctuary

side view of prayer plant in white planter

How to propagate prayer plants for a flourishing indoor garden

Prayer plants are great for your home's decor. Here's how to propagate them the right way so that the new plants flourish.
Indoor plant in wicker container

How to repot a houseplant without killing it in the process

Repotting your houseplants is no longer nerve-wracking. Make sure you do it the right way with our repotting how-to guide.
Lucky bamboo plant on a wooden table

Can you grow bamboo from seeds? Yes — if you follow this handy guide

Want to grow a bamboo plant from scratch? We discuss how to grow bamboo seeds into flourishing plants with the right care and conditions.
how to grow parlor palm indoors in a pot

The absolute best parlor palm care tips for a healthy, thriving plant

Parlor palms are beautiful and resilient plants. This is your guide for growing a thriving parlor palm inside.
pink and white tulips in a clear vase

Add a pop of color to your home this April with these 8 gorgeous, vibrant blooms

Your home could do with a pop of color. These beautiful blooms fit the bill.
Woman growing bamboo at kitchen table.

How to grow bamboo like a pro indoors and outdoors

This is everything you need to know about growing bamboo indoors and outdoors.
Cat sniffing daffodils on coffee table.

7 vibrant and vivid flowers to brighten your home in March

After a long winter, your home could do with a bit of color. Try these gorgeous flowers.
best food at trader joes shutterstock 784820452

The 4 hottest Trader Joe’s products everyone is buying right now

These Trader Joe's products are new and amazing. Here are the top picks.
Woman holding Monstera plant against wall at home

7 amazing feng shui plants that are super easy to keep alive

Want to feng shui your home? These are the best plants you can get.
how to choose the best indoor lighting for plants shutterstock 1693000201

Keep your indoor garden thriving: This is how to pick the best grow lights

Want your indoor plants to thrive? This is what you need to know about what kind of lighting plants need.
lg smart gardening appliance tiiun lifestyle 01

LG thinks it made an indoor smart garden you’ll actually care about

LG's newest entry into the green living category is an indoor smart garden that can fit in even the smallest homes. Read all about it.
how to grow cordyline indoors shutterstock 1546527011

Cordyline is a striking indoor plant — this is how to care for it the right way

While it can be finicky with temperature and humidity, our care guide will help your gorgeous cordyline thrive indoors for many years to come.
best indoor plants december flower shop

Ranked: The 5 best indoor plants to decorate your home with in December

These festive plants are perfect for your home in December.
how to grow norfolk island pine indoors g97bf0d2aa 1280

How to grow Norfolk Island pine, everyone’s favorite living Christmas tree

Do you know how to care for Norfolk island pines? We'll tell you how. Learn what you need to get abundant growth and a happy indoor plant.
easy house plants zz plant vase

Are ZZ plants really ‘unkillable’? What brown thumbs need to know

This is everything you need to know about growing ZZ plant in your home.
Lucky bamboo plant on a wooden table

4 amazing reasons you should add lucky bamboo to your home office

While lucky bamboo can be finicky when it comes to its care, following these simple instructions should give you a healthy, thriving plant for years to come.
how to grow prayer plant

Prayer plants: The ultimate care & growing guide

This is everything you need to care for a prayer plant.
woman repotting plants

Are plants that clean the air a myth? Yes (but also no — it’s complicated)

We all want cleaner air, but can indoor plants really do the job?
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

Trendy indoor plants can make a design statement — here’s how

Incorporating trendy plants into your design can look amazing. We love these ideas.
palm leaf

Majesty palms are beautiful but can be temperamental — how to help yours thrive

Help your majesty palm thrive with this care guide.
red bromeliad

Bromeliad care 101: How to grow this indoor plant like a pro

This is the guide you need for growing bromeliads.
how to care for fiddle leaf fig  ficus lyrata plant in circle white pot

Indoor plants 101: How to keep your fiddle leaf fig from dying

Not sure how to grow a fiddle leaf fig? We've got you covered.
Woman sitting at a table by a window

The 4 best indoor plants to beautify a home (and they’re good for you, too)

Put these indoor plants in your home for a healthier environment.
Decorative plants

How to arrange plants in your living room so they become part of the design

Make plants part of your living room design with these great ideas.
Dragon tree with terracotta pots against white wall

Dragon trees are gorgeous air purifiers — here’s your guide for easy indoor care

This is what you need to know about caring for dragon trees.
cactus in living room

7 gorgeous plants for your home (that are basically impossible to kill)

These easy house plants are nearly impossible to kill.
Indoor plants on a wooden table next to a window

6 gorgeous low-maintenance indoor plants you can keep alive all season long

We've found some incredible, low-maintenance indoor plants you'll want to pack your home with this fall.
grouping of house plants

Why houseplants are a great addition to your home for fall and winter

Houseplants have tons of benefits, and may help you brave the winter months with ease. Here's why you should pack your home with plants this fall and winter.
Children looking at mixed potted seedlings

How to transplant your seed starters from pots to the garden

These are the right (and wrong) ways to take your seedlings from indoor pots to the outdoor garden.
best seedling trays for your greenhouse plants tray 2

What you need to know about transplanting indoor plants outside

When your seedlings get too large to stay indoors, it's time to take them outside. Here's how it's done.
lithops plants

7 weird house plants from Instagram you’ve got to see to believe

These weird houseplants from Instagram will have you wishing they were in your home!
four potted plants on a table

8 adorable indoor herb gardens for your kitchen or sunroom

We've found some really great herb gardens that look amazing in any window.
woman repotting plants

How to repot your favorite plants when they get too big

Make sure your plants live a long and healthy life with these repotting tips.
person repotting houseplant with garden tools

These 7 cute tiny plants will give your space a green boost

If you're lacking space but still want some living things in your home, these are the plants for you
little girl planting seeds in garden

These 4 plants are great for kids with green thumbs

Foster your children's green thumbs with these easy-care plants
woman sitting watering indoor plants

Tips for year-round tropical plant care

Care for your tropical plants even in non-tropical climates with this guide
A person caring for a plant in a flower pot

What’s the best plant storage temperature?

Caring for your plants at home is no small feat - here's how to set your thermostat to make them happy
Windowsill plants in wicker planters

Try these planters when cultivating your windowsill garden

Finding the right windowsill planters can be difficult. Our picks will make your indoor garden beautiful and help your plants thrive!