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Young girl in white dress watering plants

How to foster a green thumb in your child — while keeping them safe from dangerous plants

Growing your plants as a family is fun and educational, but you should be cautious, too. We list which plants to grow -- and avoid.
Woman on plant-filled stairwell

Help your outdoor plants adjust to the indoors with these 15 tips

When it's too cold for your plants to stay outside, here's how to make them comfortable -- and keep them alive in the process
exotic houseplants featured resized

These 6 exotic houseplants will catch anyone’s eye

Thanks to modern technology, plants that used to be region-specific can now be grown almost anywhere. These six exotic houseplants are unique and eye-catching.
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling

How to hang plants from your ceiling in less than 20 minutes

Hanging plants from your ceiling can be completed in minutes and give your space a fresh, organic element. Our guide shows you how.
Houseplant in vase growing on a table

3 incredibly unique houseplants to grow this year

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. If you want to add a little life, check out these three unique houseplants to grow this year.
indoor herbs grow easy plants growing

13 indestructible indoor herbs even you can keep alive

Whether you want to add flavor to your food or just cultivate something that smells nice, learn about some of the hardiest herbs out there.
A green vine climbs up and over a floor-length mirror, which reflects a bed.

The best indoor vines and climbers that are easy to grow

No matter the size of your green thumb, this article will show you how to cultivate healthy vines from the comfort of your own home.
most interesting indoor vine plants for your home jasmine plant

The most interesting indoor vine plants for your home

So you really want to spruce up your home with some plants, but not just any old Boston fern? You're in the right spot - check these cool indoor vines out!
most popular houseplants platies3

The most popular houseplants and how to care for them

Interested in getting a basic houseplant or two to get started learning about them? Grab one of these most popular houseplants and learn how to care for it.
Young woman inspecting a hydroponic garden

What is a hydroponic garden, and should you have one?

Learn how to use a hydroponic garden to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. You will love how easy it is
best houseplants for low light plants1

These are the best houseplants for low-light conditions

Don't get a lot of sunlight in your home, but really want some plants? Come check out our finds! These are the best houseplants for low-light conditions.
Croton plant in pot

The 6 best large houseplants that won’t take over your room

Six attractive houseplants are featured that are just the right size and won't get too big. Plus, they easy to care for and look great.

The best garden carts for your backyard load-bearing tasks

Garden carts can be used to transport everything from heavy outdoor equipment to your family pet. Work smarter with one of the best garden carts on our list.
hanging plants for home

Hanging plants add flair to your home: Here are 8 to consider

Hanging plants are unique and definitely add flair to your home -- but you've got to be certain you get the right one! Here are 8 really cool, interesting ones
transform your patio

The one quick change that will totally transform your patio

How one small change can transform your entire patio setup
best plant food for gardens playful grandmother and grandson in garden

The best plant food

The secret to a thriving garden and backyard lies in plant food. The best plant foods can make or break your garden, here are our top plant nutrition products.
aop version 207 woman potting small fig tree

Best Plant Drip Trays for Your Potted Plants

A plant drip tray is a sensible investment for your indoor plants that need frequent watering. We’ve curated this list of the best plant saucers to guide you.
aop version 201 mid adult female environmentalist hanging potted plant on window in room at home

The best hanging planters to elevate your home decor

A hanging planter is an excellent way to green up and add flair to your home. We have put together a list of the most stylish yet practical options available.
Tiled floor with simple furniture and decor

The best flower pot holders

Give your greeneries some extra style with a plant stand that will enhance their appearance. With the flower pot holders on our list, you can easily decorate.
best snake plants sansevieria  plant

The best snake plants

Snake plants are easy to care for, love sunny environments but can also tolerate low light. Give your home a boho chic look with the snake plants on our list.
best artificial plants cactuses in white pots on wooden background

The best artificial plants

Artificial plants provide garden appreciation without worrying about the conditions that natural plants require. Our list displays some beautiful alternatives.
best succulent pots small mini planters on counter

The best succulent pots for eye-catching indoor plant displays

There are many types of pots to hold your succulent plants. The pots or planters can be made from terracotta — which is considered the most popular among succulent enthusiasts — as well as unglazed or glazed ceramic, porcelain, glass, concrete or wood.
best succulents indoor house plants succulent planters on table  1

The best succulents for low-maintenance home greenery

From teacups to wooden boxes and clear vases, succulents can adorn any container and create a comfy nook anywhere in your home. Use them in combination with rocks, sand or candles to give as party favors or special gifts to your loved ones. There are over 100 varieties of mini succulents to inspire your home decor.
how to decorate a rental indoor life portrait of young asian woman

How to decorate a rental

A rental isn't your property, but that doesn't mean you can't make it your home. Here's how to decorate your rental and make it your own.
best plants to purify the air full length of man kneeling while watering potted plant at home

The best plants to purify the air in your home

Whether we’re hard at work or lounging at home, shopping, dining out, or asleep, we spend the majority of our time inside, and are therefore exposed to various types of indoor air pollution.