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Backyard patio with pavers, plants, and furniture

10 incredible backyard privacy ideas that don’t require a lot of work

Sure, you like your neighbors, but everyone needs a little space. Try these cool backyard privacy ideas and get the, quiet, peaceful outdoor space you deserve.
Close-up of crabgrass weed

Use these natural, chemical-free crabgrass killers to take back your overgrown lawn

Single-family home with curved walkway and large tree in front yard

14 gorgeous front yard landscaping ideas that add major curb appeal

Country garden with a variety of ornamental grasses

The best ornamental grasses to beautify your yard

Chair beside blooming flower garden

6 kinds of perennials that bloom in the summer for a gorgeous garden all season

Single-family home with curved walkway and large tree in front yard

10 simple yard cleanup tips that will make your life easier

Close-up of sprinkler spraying water on grass

How often should you water new sod? What you need to know

Person holding coffee filter with coffee grounds.

When you should (and shouldn’t) put used coffee grounds in your garden

Fertilizing lawn

How to choose the best fall lawn fertilizer for a lush yard in spring

Home with manicured lawn

How to level a yard (and 3 reasons why you really should)

A front yard with xeriscape landscaping

11 bad ideas for your front yard that will kill your curb appeal

Group of white mushroom caps in green grass

How to finally rid your yard of that obnoxious mushroom invasion

Man laying sod over dirt

Can you lay sod over existing grass? What you need to know

Laying sod down is a complicated process. Is it worth it to pull up the old stuff or can you lay sod over existing grass? Find out here.
Garage and driveway with man shoveling snow

What products to use to keep your driveway and yard safe from ice and salt: A winter guide

Most of us have to melt ice in our driveways during the winter, but it can have an effect on your landscaping if you do it wrong. Here's what you need to know.
Close-up of green grass with trees in the background

The quintessential guide to lawn fertilization for thick, healthy grass

Want to have a pristine yard with lush, green grass? This is everything you need to know about lawn fertilization for the best possible curb appeal.
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

Manage your overgrown lawn in 8 easy steps

These are the best ways to cut long grass and ensure your lawn never looks bad again.
Person wearing foot aerators

How to aerate a lawn without a ton of expensive equipment

Lawn aeration doesn't have to be a big production. Here's how to aerate your lawn without breaking the bank.
Blue oat grass

This low-maintenance, attractive ornamental grass adds instant curb appeal

Blue oat grass is the easy, beautiful ornamental grass your landscaping needs.
how to fix patchy grass shutterstock 1902434023

Eyesore alert: How to fix patchy grass for a lush green lawn

Don't let patchy grass get you down. Use this guide to get a breathtaking lawn everyone will envy.
how to kill dandelions featured resized

How to kill dandelions and keep them out of your lawn for the entire season

Sick of dandelions infesting your otherwise beautiful lawn year after year? Check out these tips to get rid of the pesky weeds so they never come back.
how to fix a yard that holds water shutterstock 1936658137

10 effective ways to get rid of standing water in your yard

Don't let your yard get soggy with every rainfall. This is what you need to do to eliminate standing water and have a healthy yard.
cement block retaining wall with vining plants

How to build a retaining wall for a gorgeous backyard design

Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These are the do's and don'ts for creating a fantastic space. Learn how to build a retaining wall.
how to plant flowers shutterstock 57091351

How to plant flowers in 6 simple steps for a vibrant, colorful garden

If you're new to gardening, this is the only guide you'll ever need for how to plant flowers.
how to install outdoor lighting shutterstock 487132054

Brighten up your walkway with landscape lighting: What you need to know

Add some curb appeal — and safety measures — with outdoor lighting. Here's what you should know.
outdoor patio with brick wall and plants

The hottest backyard design trends for summer 2022, according to experts

Landscape designers say these are the most popular ways to design your backyard this year.
Sod pieces laying on a pallet

How to lay sod yourself for a lush green lawn

We've got everything you need to lay sod yourself.
house in autumn

Do you really need to rake leaves? What you need to know

This is everything you need to know about ridding your yard of leaves.
Fallen leaves on ground in autumn

Good, better, best: Leaf blowers that are worth the price

Leaf blowers make yard cleanup easy. These are the best.
Large yard with flowering tree and picnic table

10 lawn care tips nobody tells first-time homeowners

If you’ve feeling lost when it comes to lawn care, here are some important things you should know.
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

The 3 best lawn aerators your wallet will love

These lawn aerators are simple to use, and people swear they're great.
red geraniums

4 ways to prep your flower beds for winter weather

Flower beds will come back in spring, but prepping them for cold weather is critical. Here's how it's done.
modern gray brick home in winter

Our ultimate checklist for winterizing your home before cold weather hits

We've got all the tips and tricks you need to prep your home for cold weather, inside and out.
Green grass with afternoon shadows

6 ways to prepare your lawn for winter

Lawn care stops in winter, but it's important to prep your lawn for the colder months. Here's how.
Rock garden with foliage

How to DIY a rock garden for your yard or patio

Put together a beautiful DIY rock garden in a few easy steps. Here are the best ideas.
16454 the best lawn mower covers that protect machines from elements cover

How to aerate your lawn in the fall — and why it’s so important

Fall lawn aeration may be the most important thing you do in September. Here's why.
Home with manicured lawn

How to care for your lawn in drought conditions

Drought conditions are sweeping the nation. Here’s how experts say you can care for your lawn and keep it healthy.
landscaping reality check for homeowners pexels photo 130154

A mid-summer landscaping reality check for every homeowner

Before you get your heart set on a landscaping design, consult experts to figure out if your plans are realistic.
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

4 basic lawn care tools every homeowner needs

Everyone with a lawn needs these 4 tools - trust us
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

How to spread compost on your lawn – and why you need to

Topdressing is a great way to ensure a healthy lawn - here's how to do it
lawn landscape with tree and river

How to draw a landscape plan — and why your yard needs one

This is how you can create the most beautifully landscaped yard on the block
pond surrounded by trees and grass

Why your yard needs a landscape design plan

Here's how to put together a landscape design plan for your beautiful yard
outdoor flower pots

How to keep your garden when selling your home

Want to take your outdoor flowers when you move? A realtor tells you if that's possible.
man pressure washing home

Why a pressure washer should be your next home maintenance purchase

Save money and time by investing in a pressure washer - here's what it can do for your home and yard.
Lawn mower cutting grass

How to change the oil in your lawn mower

Changing the oil in your lawn mower is a must. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through on how to properly change it.
fall lawn

7 fall lawn design tips your neighbors will envy

Don't forget your lawn when decorating for fall! We will explore some different ideas for your curb appeal that will make you the envy of your neighbors.  
Group of dandelions on a lawn

How do you kill dandelions and not grass?

Pesky dandelions invade your lawn while stealing nutrients and water meant for your grass. We list solutions to kill them and not your grass
woman cutting lawn

Lawn care for beginners: What everyone needs to know

If you are new to lawn care, worry not; we have compiled everything you need to know right here so you can have the lawn that all of your neighbors will envy.
Young woman inspecting a hydroponic garden

What is a hydroponic garden, and should you have one?

Learn how to use a hydroponic garden to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. You will love how easy it is

The best garden carts for your backyard load-bearing tasks

Garden carts can be used to transport everything from heavy outdoor equipment to your family pet. Work smarter with one of the best garden carts on our list.
Blue door with "Welcome" sign

5 ideas to help your patio home stand out

If you own a patio home, here are five smart landscaping or decorating projects that will improve the overall look of your home.