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Repairs & Quick Fixes

Person spackling yellow wall

Joint compound vs. spackle: The differences explained

There is a difference between joint compound and spackle. So, we’re here to help you know which is best for your next renovation project.
Woman posing by a house stud frame being constructed

How to find studs in walls if you don’t have a stud finder

Laundry room next to mudroom

Get rid of gross washing machine smells with these simple tips

White electric vehicle charging port with charger connected

How much does it cost to install an EV adapter in your garage?

Backyard cement paver patio with bench

Tired of your ugly concrete patio? Check out these phenomenal DIY improvement ideas

Water stain on the ceiling

How to get rid of that hideous water stain on the ceiling and beautify your home

Single screw pointed up on a wood surface

How to remove stripped screws without any hassle

Small bathroom with blue tiles and floating sink

Is regrouting your bathroom a wise choice? Here’s what to consider

the best car lifts for your garage air compressor in working position at snow  self inflating

The best air compressors for your personal projects

best garage door sensors for safety portable power bank and vehicle jump starter

The best jump-starters

best tufting gun

The best tufting guns of 2024

Guy on ladder painting exterior of house

5 things you should never bother to fix when selling your house

Bathroom toilet area with warm brown hues

DIY 101: How to fix a wobbly, rocking toilet

Is your shaky toilet making you or your guests nervous? Here are four methods for fixing a wobbly toilet yourself.
Person using drywall tape to repair drywall

3 YouTube videos that will teach you how to repair drywall quickly and easily

Not sure how to repair drywall? Check out these YouTube videos, to learn how to refinish and repair any holes, cracks, and scuffs on your drywall.
Closeup of rustic wood surface with window and lights in background

Save your furniture: How to unwarp wood and restore your home design

If your wood furniture, doors, or floorboards have gotten warped, they can still be saved. This is how to unwarp wood.
Couple posing with paint rollers in front of painted white wall

7 times you should absolutely choose an eggshell paint finish

Not sure what paint finish is right for your painting project? These are all the times you should choose that eggshell paint.
House with vinyl siding and brick in winter

The December home maintenance checklist everyone needs

Is your home ready for the freezing weather? Make sure you check these items off your December home maintenance checklist.
Barn door

Thinking about installing sliding barn doors? 5 essential questions to ask yourself

Are barn doors right for your home's design? Here's what an expert says any homeowner should know before installing sliding barn doors.
White two-story house with autumn leaves in the front yard

The November home maintenance checklist everyone needs

It's important to devote time to home maintenance in the fall. Make sure you check these items off your home maintenance to-do list this November.
Man caulking around window

How to remove old caulk: A 4-step guide to get this tedious job done quickly

Removing old caulk can be a tedious process. If you follow these steps, you'll know how to remove hold caulk in no time.
Couple painting a wall

How to fix bubbling paint and prevent it from happening again

Painting is fun and artistic, but for the best results, keep bubbles at bay. Here's how to fix bubbling paint and prevent it from happening again.
Blue house in autumn

The October home maintenance checklist everyone needs

Make sure you check these items off your October home maintenance to-do list. Ensure your home is winter ready!
Square floor drain surrounded by tile

How to clean your basement floor drain and avoid major issues

Keep your home in great shape from top to bottom. Here's how to clean your clogged basement floor drain.
three vertical windows with a view of nature

How to soundproof windows so you can finally get a good night’s sleep

Is outside sounds keeping you up at night? Get a good night's sleep — finally! Here's how to soundproof windows when you can't stand the noise any longer.
Close-up of door handle with bed out of focus in the background

The most effective ways to finally fix that annoyingly squeaky door

Does your obnoxiously noisy door drive you nuts every day? Here's how to fix a squeaky door for some much-needed, blissful silence.
Two people painting an interior wall

Sanding, primer, or both? This is how to prepare a wall for painting

Painting a room is one of the easiest ways to transform its character — here's your guide for all things paint prep so you have professional-looking results.
Person getting ice and water from fridge ice maker

Disconnect your fridge ice maker in 10 simple steps

Need to repair your fridge or install a new ice maker? Here's how to disconnect the ice maker before you begin.
Two wooden chairs next to each other: one is painted red and one is natural wood

Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to remove old paint from wood furniture safely and efficiently

Reviving wood furniture is a DIY-friendly project. Follow these steps to give an old piece a fresh coat and a new life in no time.
Finished basement seating area with white walls and carpet

Water in your basement? Do these 3 things immediately

Water in your basement is a serious problem. Here's how you can protect your home by acting quickly when your basement floods.
Person pressing down on a toilet flush handle

How to fix a toilet handle (and 5 other bathroom fixes homeowners should know)

If this is your first time in a new home, ensure you know how to fix a toilet handle and other simple fixes to common bathroom issues.
floorplan and tools on wooden surface

These are the 5 things every homeowner needs for repairs and maintenance of their house

Every homeowner needs a few essential home repair tools in their arsenal. Here's what you need to have on hand.

Avoid catastrophe: How to unfreeze pipes and save your home from water damage

Frozen pipes can be disastrous and should be dealt with fast. Here's what you should do to unfreeze pipes and prevent water damage.
Wallpaper paste

The best wallpaper paste for your home and room makeovers

With wallpaper paste, you can do room makeovers and complete them in the same day. We came up with this list of the most effective options to help you decide.
Attic with insulation on floor

Insulating an attic isn’t as easy as it seems – what to know before you start

Insulating your attic has some big energy benefits, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Read this before you start, to avoid costly mistakes.
Woman painting kitchen cabinets

Fun things you need to know about painting your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a labor-intensive task. We're here so you can learn the essentials before you start so you can do the project correctly.
Woman opening fridge to get fruit

Refrigerator light not working? Some easy fixes to try

If your refrigerator light is out, don't panic. Try these quick fixes first before calling a professional to repair it.
how to replace a toilet shutterstock 1115737901

Forget the plumber: How to replace a toilet yourself (and save some money)

Yes, you can replace a toilet yourself. Follow this handy guide.
how to repair wide cracks in concrete shutterstock 505982602

DIY 101: Repair concrete gaps and instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal

Concrete gaps aren't just unsightly — they're a serious tripping hazard. Here's how to fill large gaps in concrete (and small ones, too).
man and woman painting a room

Remedy your painting mistakes with these 4 quick and easy fixes

Does your paint job look like an amateur did it? Fix these common painting mistakes in a few simple steps.
how to program garage door opener shutterstock 233751871

Homeownership 101: How to program your garage door opener

A garage door opener is a convenience most homeowners love. This is how to program yours.
how to repair garbage disposal shutterstock 1683267190

How to fix a garbage disposal just like the pros

Is your garbage disposal humming and just not working right? This is how to fix it.
cement block retaining wall with vining plants

How to build a retaining wall for a gorgeous backyard design

Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These are the do's and don'ts for creating a fantastic space. Learn how to build a retaining wall.
surprise home repair costs shutterstock 1800995521

Avoid surprise repairs: 77% of new homeowners face these unexpected costs

There are a lot more first-time homebuyers taking the plunge these days. These are the lessons you should learn before you join them.
roof replacement guide shutterstock 1844186038

10 essential things the experts say you should know about replacing a roof

We talked to the experts and found out everything you need to know about roof replacement.
handyman with a yellow tool belt

6 essential questions to ask a handyman before you hire them

A great handyman is someone every homeowner needs. Use these tips to find one.
spring tulips in front of a white house

Make spring cleanup easy: The only home maintenance checklist you’ll ever need

Make sure you check these to-do items off your list for a well-maintained home this spring.
how to install outdoor lighting shutterstock 487132054

Brighten up your walkway with landscape lighting: What you need to know

Add some curb appeal — and safety measures — with outdoor lighting. Here's what you should know.
how to fix creaky stairs shutterstock 1759249418

How to fix your super annoying creaky stairs

Creaky stairs bothering you? Here's your guide to a noise-free home.
how to replace bathroom faucet shutterstock 64842238

How to replace your bathroom faucet for a fresh, modern look

Get a stylish new bathroom with just a faucet replacement. Here's what you need to do.
First-time homebuyers standing outside new home

No sale: Homebuyers reveal their biggest deal-breakers

Selling your house? These are the problems you have to fix if you want to get the best price for your home.