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Repairs & Quick Fixes

how to vent a bathroom fan shutterstock 467885921

How to vent a bathroom fan and save your home from moisture issues

Bathroom fans play an important role in keeping your house safe. Here's how to vent a bathroom fan properly.
how to install a dishwasher open with clean dishes after washing

The beginner’s guide to installing a dishwasher in 4 easy steps

You don't need to hire a professional to install a dishwasher. Here's how to do it yourself.
how to install a wall heater shutterstock 1395135974

How to install a wall heater in your garage

Wall heaters can give your garage a much needed temperature boost. Use these tips to install one the right way.
home improvement projects for selling a house shutterstock 103238630

4 home improvement projects to do right now if you want to sell this spring

If you're selling your house, these easy projects will increase the value of your home.
kitchen sink setup

How to unclog your disgusting kitchen sink

This is the easiest way for you to unclog a kitchen sink.
how much paint do i need shutterstock 425530825

This is how much paint you will actually need for your next DIY project

Planning a DIY project? This is how much paint you need to get.
how to replace kitchen faucet shutterstock 404421880

How to install a kitchen faucet (and save a ton of money)

Kitchen faucet replacement isn't hard. This is how to do it.
how to tile kitchen backsplash shutterstock 1455082490

Get a revamped kitchen for $400: How to tile a backsplash

Transform your kitchen with a new tile backsplash. This handy guide will make any beginner as good as a pro.
how to refurbish doors shutterstock 62614618

How to restore your old wooden door to its former glory for some vintage charm

Want to revive an old wooden door that has rich, storied history? Here's how you can refinish your door quickly and easily.
Bathroom with aqua vanity

The annoying bathroom design flaws most homeowners can relate to

These are the bathroom design flaws that are all too common and how you can fix these design mistakes.
test paint colors shutterstock 1347354281

This is the right way to test paint colors before you commit to a whole room

Paint swatches won't give you the true idea of how paint will look in a room. This is what you have to do before you paint.
Beautiful burning candles and fairy lights on windowsill indoors with vase

5 super simple, low-cost ways to seal your windows this winter

Did you forget to insulate your windows before winter (and are you kicking yourself now)? Follow these easy steps for a warmer home.
Couple replacing light fixture in home.

Want to start 2022 on the right path? Do these 5 things to your home

Completing these five home improvement projects will put you on the path to a better 2022.
Black kitchen faucet with water running

Don’t waste money on a plumber for a leaky faucet — how to fix it yourself

Fixing a leaky faucet is easy. Here's how you can do it without having to call the plumber.
Blue and white kitchen with modern lighting

7 ways to completely refresh your kitchen (you can do in a single weekend)

You don't need to renovate to get a new kitchen. Try these ideas.
Using smart home device

Need a reason to get that smart device? It could help you save on insurance

This Christmas, you can give yourself the gift of a smart device and save money.
Garage and driveway with man shoveling snow

How to insulate your garage door for winter (Your heating bill will thank us)

Follow these tips to insulate your garage door this winter.
woman in winter street holiday scene

How to hang holiday decor without damaging your walls

Want to get into the festive spirit without making holes in the wall? Here's what to do.
gray kitchen island

Can you paint kitchen countertops? How to get that marble look on a budget

Want to give your kitchen countertops a facelift? Find out whether painting is an option for you.
red classic car in garage

Epoxy paint for concrete is the easiest (and best) upgrade for your garage

If your garage floor has stains and always looks dirty, painting it can make it look clean and fresh. Follow these simple steps to transform your garage.
try these 11 bathroom diys you can do in one hour couple renovating new house  sitting on ground planning

DIYers beware: These are the biggest mistakes you’re about to make

If you're about to start a home improvement project, make sure you avoid these mistakes.
Small blue paint can with paint brush set on top.

How to paint over wallpaper without making the room look worse

Painting over wallpaper is an easy way to refresh a room without the tedious process of removing wallpaper. Here’s how to do it.
Window looking out on snowy tree

3 weekend DIY projects to squeeze in before it gets too cold

As winter approaches, here are some DIY projects to get into before the weather gets too cold.
how to paint bathroom cabinets vanity

How to minimize mess and stress when painting bathroom cabinets

Some excellent advice for painting bathroom cabinets instead of splurging on a remodel.
Winter outside through french doors in white living room

Do these 10 things to prepare your home for winter weather

As cold weather approaches, here are 10 things you can do to keep your home warm and cozy.
White electric vehicle charging port with charger connected

How much does it cost to install an EV adapter in your garage?

Part of owning an electric vehicle is charging at home, and a dedicated EV charger is the best way. Should you install one, though? We help you decide.
landscaping expert summer patio ideas modern minimal deck

How to repair deck boards before you host your next party

Deck boards can be repaired pretty easily. Here's how to do it yourself before guests arrive.
Finished basement seating area with white walls and carpet

How to eliminate that musty ‘basement’ smell

Does your basement stink? Here's how to get rid of the smell and keep it away for good.
Person sanding down uneven walls

How to repair drywall holes in less than an hour

This is how to quickly and easily repair drywall holes in your home.
broken drywall

Repair or replace? What you should know about busted drywall

Is your drywall shoddy? Should you repair or replace it? We help you figure it out.
woman assembling a wooden box

Our 6 favorite YouTube channels for simple at-home DIY guides

Check out these YouTube channels for tons of helpful DIY content.
Close-up of a hand sanding a chair seat

7 Facebook groups that will inspire you to upcycle your furniture

Need some inspiration for upcycling furniture? These Facebook groups may be able to help motivate you.
man applying asphalt sealant on a driveway

How to know if it’s time to repair your driveway

A cracked driveway isn't always serious, but severe cracks may be problematic. Here's when you should repair yours.
hole in a drywall ceiling

How to repair a large hole in drywall

How to repair large, unsightly holes in your drywall.
hardwood floor closeup with person in chair

5 common wood floor repairs every home owner should know

If you have wood floors, you need to know these quick DIY repairs
the best wall art for your living room woman in red hanging pictures

Apartment-dweller 101: How to patch holes in walls

Patch walls painlessly with this simple guide
flowers on clean counter top

How to fix laminate countertops without calling a professional

We walk you through the best ways to fix your laminate counters
Couple holding a TV remote

Get inspired by streaming our 6 favorite home renovation shows

Stream these 6 great shows today and get inspired for your own home.
pros and cons kitchen countertop materials island counters in luxury

Is DIY at-home countertop refinishing the right choice for you?

If your countertops are looking a little sad, it could be time for you to refinish them. Is doing so yourself a good idea?
couple painting bedroom

5 simple renovations that will help you sell your home

These simple fixes make all the difference when it comes to selling your home.
A curved staircase winds up through lush green plants.

Everything you need to repair broken concrete stairs

This easy guide will help you repair your cracked steps in a few simple steps
A group of wrenches on a table

How to build the perfect home maintenance tool kit for under $100

Looking to put together the perfect tool kit for your home-maintenance needs? We list everything you need right here.
Wooden gate on dirt path surrounded by trees with white flowers

Easy ways to fix your yard’s sagging gate

A sagging gate is as unsightly as it is inconvenient. We list the causes and DIY solutions to fix whatever issue may be causing it to sag.
lighted garage

How to select the best garage floor tiles

These are the best durable garage tiles for a multitude of uses.
garage doors with accents

Affordable ways to spruce up your garage door

Transform your old garage doors from dull and drab to the best on the block.
outdoor furniture treatment care patio treat

Treatments that help outdoor furniture last longer

To ensure your wicker furniture and patio tables have a long life, follow these tips.
floor lighting solutions overhead lamp

How to light a room with no overhead lighting

These solutions to a lack of light will enable you to light up dark corners without worrying about whether or not you have to rewire the building.
Corner lamp against yellow and white walls

How to light a room with no overhead lighting

Sometimes your room just doesn't have any overhead lighting. We offer a list that suggests decorative and functional lights.
where to buy a sump pump featured resized

Where to Buy a Sump Pump: These Retailers Have Them in Stock

Sump pumps are not exciting, but they are necessary. Even with stock issues and shipping delays, we've found some places you can still buy a new sump pump.
Large dining room and living room with ceiling beams

7 home remodeling jobs you can do in a weekend

You will love how modern, fresh, and new your home looks after a DIY remodeling project. Our ideas can be done in a weekend and are affordable