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4 home improvement projects to do right now if you want to sell this spring

Home renovation projects make your standard of living better, but they also increase the value of your home. If you’re planning on selling a house this spring, you may be thinking about making some updates to boost your asking price. Here’s how to sell your house at a premium by completing these four simple home improvement projects that will get you the most out of your sale.

Minor bathroom updates

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. If you’re not able to do a complete remodel before spring, there are some minor updates you can do to your bathroom. These small upgrades can get you a 70.1% return on investment (ROI), according to Zillow.

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  • Ceramic tiling
  • Chrome sink and shower fixtures
  • New vanity countertop
  • New white toilet

New or updated flooring

You don’t necessarily have to replace your existing flooring if it’s fairly new, but you should take some steps to help it look its best.

  • Deep clean all carpets to get them looking and smelling fresh
  • Buff hard floors to get them shining
  • Refinish hardwood floors to make them look new
  • Repair any cracks or nicks in ceramic or natural stone floors

If your carpet or hard floors look worn, dated, or excessively damaged, replacing them is a project that should be on your list before selling. Zillow says homes with new herringbone parquet flooring sell at a 5% premium above the listed price.

Smart technology

Particularly among Gen X and Millennial buyers, smart technology is a big demand. In fact, 41%-47% of buyers in these generations list smart home features as among the most important features they’re looking for in the search for a new home. You don’t need to go all out with every smart gadget on the market to sell your home, but installing some simple devices or opting for smart versions of an appliance you were going to replace anyway can go a long way.

Smart lighting

Smart lightbulbs make life more convenient, and they are an inexpensive way to modernize your home before selling. It’s even more value-boosting to opt for a full smart lighting system, like Phillips Hue. According to Zillow research, homes that mentioned “smart lighting” on the listing sold seven days faster than initially expected.

Smart thermostat

An energy-efficient heating and cooling system is better for the environment and saves a lot of cash on monthly energy bills. Prospective home buyers are aware of the benefits of smart thermostats. That’s why installing goes a long way in making your home sell for more. Buyers will be willing to pay a premium for a home they know will save them money, thus increasing your property value. Smart thermostats are compatible with most existing HVAC systems, making them a simple installation that takes only a day.

Boosted curb appeal

Curb appeal refers to the initial good impression that your home’s exterior provides. The outside of the house is the first thing prospective buyers see on the online listing, and it’s the first thing they scan when they pull up for a viewing. Having an exterior that is clean, fresh, and in good condition is imperative to selling your home at a premium. While you don’t necessarily have to do a full landscaping renovation or replace the siding on your home, there are a couple of minor updates you can make to the outside that will boost your home value.


You don’t have to plant rows of trees or create a beautiful garden overnight, but make sure your lawn and plant life are looking fresh, clean, and healthy.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Edge and mulch
  • Trim bushes
  • Plant some colorful flowers

Exterior painting

It’s a big project, but putting a fresh coat of paint on your exterior will do wonders for your home’s value and curb appeal. In fact, 77% of Zillow agents advise that sellers paint the exterior of their home. If you’ve got paint that’s peeling, cracked, discolored, or simply outdated, you should consider painting it before selling to get the most out of your home’s sale.

Even smaller exterior paint projects go a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal. Touching up peeling trim or even giving the front door a fresh coat of paint gives a clean, new look to the outside of your home. A black front door, for example, sold at premiums of $6,000 above asking price.

Clean with a pressure washer

If your home’s exterior paint is fairly new or it’s in acceptable condition, a quick run with a pressure washer will make it sparkle. While you’re at it, be sure to wash down walkways, patios, and the driveway to make your home look pristine for the most curb appeal.

If you’re selling your home and looking around at everything you wish you could do to boost your property value, don’t get overwhelmed. You can keep your updates cheap and easy with these four simple home improvement projects. A full renovation isn’t necessary when you can simply make the small updates that matter most to your home value.

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