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Open dishwasher in kitchen with clean dishes inside

How to clean your dishwasher (including the one step everyone forgets)

We have a super simple step-by-step guide on how to clean a dishwasher, including the one part of the task that nearly everyone forgets.
Gloved hand cleaning an oven

How to clean oven racks the easy way

Laundry room next to mudroom

Get rid of gross washing machine smells with these simple tips

Gloved hand cleaning crayon off wall with a Magic Eraser

Do you need to wash walls before painting? The honest truth

Plate and mug with sticky residue

The easiest way to get sticker residue off new bowls, plates, furniture, and more

Outside dryer vent

Avoid a huge fire risk in your home: How to clean your dryer vent

Water glasses upside down on a rack

Sick of cloudy glasses? This is the cleaning hack you need

Shower with a glass door

How to clean glass shower doors the right way (say goodbye to streaks)

Polished concrete floor with leather furniture and animal skin rug

The pros and cons of polished concrete floors you should know

best robot vacuum

The Best Robot Vacuums of 2024

Woman sleeping with gray blanket and navy sheets

How to wash a weighted blanket in 4 simple steps

Best office vacuum cleaner

The best office vacuum cleaners of 2024

Piles of silverware on a black surface

How to clean silver flatware so it sparkles

Is your precious silver getting tarnished? We dig into how to clean silver the right way, how to polish it, and even how to store it to protect it for years.
best robotic pool cleaner

Review: Wybot

Transform your pool maintenance routine with Wybot. Its products will keep your pool clean, giving you time to unwind and revel in summer's bliss.
Doing laundry delicates with bleach pen

How to use bleach in laundry (because no one likes bleach spots)

Yes, you can use bleach in your washing machine without completely ruining your clothes. Here's how to use bleach in laundry the right way.
Single serve coffee maker

How to clean a Keurig (Spoiler alert: You’re not cleaning it often enough)

Keurigs, like other coffee machines, require routine cleaning. So, here are our tips for cleaning your Keurig coffee maker.
Kitchen subway tile backsplash with dark grout

How to properly clean grout in your kitchen and bathroom

Bathroom or kitchen grout looking gross? Here's how to clean grout so that your tiles look gorgeous and brand new.
All-purpose cleaner in amber bottle in bathroom

Cleaning 101: Why you should never mix bleach and vinegar

Avoid a major health risk while cleaning your home. Here's everything you need to know about the dangers of mixing bleach and vinegar together.
Sponge in microwave oven

Does microwaving a sponge kill germs?

A clean sponge is important for cleaning your kitchen and dishes. We review the pros and cons of microwaving a sponge for a cleaner home.
Young woman sleeping in bed

How often should you wash your pillowcase? What you need to know

Do you know how often you should wash your pillowcases? Do you just wash them whenever you wash your sheets? Come learn the rules you need to know in our guide.
Leather couch in living a room

How to deep clean leather couches for a gorgeous home

Leather furniture may be gorgeous, but it's also a delicate dirt trap. Here's how to deep clean leather couches the right way.
Three white towels folded in a modern laundry room

Your go-to laundry stripping guide so your towels can actually get clean

Is your laundry looking or feeling dirty, even after a wash cycle? Here's when you should be stripping your laundry (and how to strip towels).
Woman sitting on a couch in a clean home

6 New Year’s cleaning resolutions you can actually keep up all year

Want a spotless home for the New Year? Our 6 New Year's cleaning resolutions will change the way you view housework and keep your home immaculate.
Wool dryer balls on a white cloth surface

This is the secret to drying your clothes: A natural solution you’ll never guess

Ready to up your laundry game? Replace your fabric softeners or dryer sheets with wool dryer balls and get a natural solution for soft fabrics.
Wicker laundry basket with multi-colored towels in laundry room

The 2 secret ingredients your laundry routine is missing

Want to up your laundry game? Here's everything you need to know about putting baking soda and vinegar in laundry loads for a fresh wardrobe every time.
Gloved hand cleaning crayon off wall with a Magic Eraser

Avoid a cleaning disaster: When not to use a Magic Eraser

Magic erasers don't magically erase everything — here's when not to use a magic eraser.
Woman folding laundry in living room

Wondering how to make laundry smell good? This is what you need to do to get that fresh scent every time

Are you tired of your laundry smelling gross even when it's supposed to be clean? This is how to make laundry smell good load after load.
Shower head

This is what that gross pink mold in your shower is and how to get rid of it

Do you want a sparkling shower, but find you're constantly getting pink mold? Here's how to get rid of it for good.
Antique furniture store

This TikTok hack for getting gross smells out of thrift store furniture is genius

How do you get bad smells out of secondhand furniture? It comes down to the carbon found in newsprint ink that is the source of magic.
Fall sweaters decluttered wardrobe

6 fall cleaning projects you have to do now for a decluttered, stress-free home

Spring isn't the only season for cleaning! Follow these tips for cleaning and decluttering your home in the fall and make a cozier winter.
Stovetop and oven in kitchen

This nontoxic oven-cleaning trick is even better than baking soda (seriously!)

We love baking soda for so many cleaning chores around the house. It's messy sometimes, though, and we swear by this other nontoxic way to clean your oven.
Blue house in autumn

Should you power wash your house in the fall? Here are 6 things to wash at the end of the season

Before winter hits, power wash your house in fall and focus on specific items to preserve them. It's less work than you think and totally worth it.
Gas stove burners with cleaner

How to clean gas stove burner heads safely so you can get back to cooking healthy meals on your stovetop

Taking care of your gas stove burner heads is essential. Here's how you can clean your gas stove burners safely.
Top view of bed with white sheets

This ingenious hack for how to wash white sheets is amazing

White sheets are stunning, but they get dull and dingy. Here's how to wash white sheets to get crisp, gorgeous linens after every wash with this hack.
Square floor drain surrounded by tile

How to clean your basement floor drain and avoid major issues

Keep your home in great shape from top to bottom. Here's how to clean your clogged basement floor drain.
organized and tidy kitchen

How to get rid of kitchen grease on cabinets, appliances, and more – the right way

No need to remodel the kitchen when degreasing can make it look new again. Here are some tips for how to safely clean kitchen grease from all your surfaces.
Bed pushed up against a wall with flowers on it

Are you inviting spiders into your bed? Make these decor changes to avoid unwanted pests

No one wants spiders in their bed. This is how to keep these unwanted pests out.
Woman putting dirty clothes in washing machine

How to remove detergent stains from clothes: This is the no-fail way

Don't ruin your wardrobe. Follow these tips to remove those pesky detergent stains from your clothes so you can keep them fresh and clean.
Clean bathroom sink with two mirrors

Can shaving cream really get rid of gross smells in your bathroom?

From urine to mildew to a sewer smell in your bathroom, we've got the tips and tricks you need for a fresh-scented, clean-smelling space.
Woman putting dirty clothes in washing machine

Should you be using vinegar in your washing machine?

Is vinegar a good fabric softener? Can it be used in your washing machine? Or is it a myth? Here's what you should know about this home hack.
Woman sitting at desk in a work from home office

How to feng shui your home office for maximum productivity

In your home office, a little feng shui will improve productivity and peace — both of which you won't regret having more of.
Person smelling something bad in the kitchen

How to get rid of cooking smells in your home or apartment

Cooking smells are great while you're cooking, but not if they linger after the meal is done. Check out these ideas to get rid of cooking smells.
Two wooden chairs next to each other: one is painted red and one is natural wood

Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to remove old paint from wood furniture safely and efficiently

Reviving wood furniture is a DIY-friendly project. Follow these steps to give an old piece a fresh coat and a new life in no time.
Three cushions on backyard bench

How to clean your patio furniture cushions the right way

Patio furniture cushions endure a lot of heavy use and damage from the elements. This is how to clean outdoor cushions effectively.
Dead bug with pest control sign

11 helpful tips to keep bugs out of your apartment or condo

Our 11 tips don't require an exterminator to keep your home pest-free. This is how to keep bugs out of your apartment or condo the easy way.
Close-up of a woman holding a wicker laundry basket with white clothes

3 things to know about homemade laundry detergent so you don’t ruin your clothes

Does homemade laundry detergent really work? Read on to find out how effective DIY soap is, how to make it, and the pros and cons of using it.
Woman hugs pillows

Say goodbye to dirt and odor: Learn how to wash pillows like a pro

Are your pillows harboring bacteria and other harmful things? Here's how to wash pillows so they're fresh and sanitary.
Small red house with blue and white accents

Protect your investment: Everything you need to know about roof cleaning

Here's a simple how-to guide on roof cleaning and what you need to know to protect your investment.
Young couple at a yard sale

Be sure to get rid of these 7 items in your spring garage sale

A spring garage sale is a great idea if you're looking to get rid of clutter. This is what you should definitely get rid of.
Woman using a smart home device in the kitchen with a toaster

New research says your smart home devices are teeming with bacteria

A new study proves our smart home devices may be teeming with bacteria. Here’s what you need to know.