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Are you inviting spiders into your bed? Make these decor changes to avoid unwanted pests

Here's how to get your bedroom to be free of spiders

Taupe wall color in cottagecore bedroom design
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Of all the spaces in your home, the very last place you want to come face to face with a spider is in your bed. Your bedroom is a sanctuary designed to make you feel comfortable and safe, so seeing a creepy crawly there can shatter this sense of comfort completely.

Unfortunately, the choices you make while designing your bedroom can make it easier for spiders to crawl into your bed. Your bedroom layout (and precisely how you situate your bed) can attract spiders into your most sacred space. Read on to discover a few common design mistakes that can attract pests and some methods to prevent spiders in bed.

Bed pushed up against a wall with flowers on it
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You may be unintentionally inviting spiders into your bed

It can be a challenge to rid your home of spiders completely, but certain design choices can make your space less welcoming to these pests, according to Terminix.

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Your bed’s position might put you in a spider’s path

If you frequently notice spiders in your bed, it may be because of your bed’s position. When your bed frame is pushed right up against the wall, it makes it easier for the insects to crawl from the wall into your sleeping space. Having your bed flush with the wall may also put it in the path of a spider web, particularly if it’s in the corner or near a window.

Consider your bed linens

Your bed linens may also be an invitation to spiders because sheets, blankets, or comforters that drag on the floor can function as a ladder for bugs of all kinds to crawl up.

To remedy these layout errors that could attract spiders, start by scooting your bed a few inches away from the wall or corner. Then, tuck in your bedding to keep it up off of the floor. These changes can make it more difficult for pests to climb into your bed.

Bedroom with lots of plant life
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How to get rid of spiders in your bedroom

Aside from your bed’s position in your room, there are some other ways to keep spiders away. Though completely eliminating spiders from your bedroom may prove impossible, you can make simple adjustments to make the space less hospitable for these uninvited guests.

Don’t eat in bed

We’re all guilty of snacking in bed. Sometimes you just can’t help but munch on your favorite bag of chips while binging TV and snuggling up under the covers, — we get it. But if you really want to avoid attracting pests in the first place, you’ll have to break the habit of eating in bed. Crumbs and other food debris can bring a bad crowd into your bed, so leave the midnight snacks in the kitchen!

Use essential oils

Essential oils are a natural pest repellent that is not only safe to use on your bedding, but can also make it smell nice too. The oils contain a chemical called d-limonene that naturally repels pests like spiders and mosquitoes, with lavender, peppermint, lemon, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. To make a simple bug repellent spray, add a few drops of your chosen oil to a spray bottle that’s full of water. Try a few different combinations of oils and ratios to find the perfect and most effective mix.

Wash your bedding regularly

Change and wash your sheets at least once a week to get rid of any crumbs that would otherwise attract pests. Plus, if a spider has gotten into your sheets, washing them can quickly get them out.

Clean under your bed

Clutter under your bed can provide spiders with a perfect habitat. Similar to piles of rocks or lumber outside your home, clutter offers lots of hidden spaces where spiders can hide and spin webs without being disturbed. To prevent any spiders from nesting under your bed, clean out the clutter and find other storage spots for your things.

Move houseplants

Though they can add a lot of natural style to your space, your beloved greenery may invite spiders into your bedroom. Potted plants can provide an ideal shelter for spiders to hide and nest undisturbed. How you care for your plants can attract spiders, too. Overwatering, for example, can attract species of bugs that thrive in moist soil. This essentially turns your plant into a perfect hunting ground for spiders. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ditch your plants altogether. Instead, move plants further away from your bed, and place them on a windowsill or shelf. Be sure you’re giving them the right amount of water, too.

A bed is no place for a spider, but sometimes it makes great accommodations for these creatures. To prevent any pests from entering your bed, be sure to move your bed away from the wall and keep plants further from the bed. Be sure to regularly clean your sheets and underneath your bed regularly and, lastly, use essential oils to create a safe insect repellent that will completely keep spiders and other pests away from your bedroom.

With these tips, you can make it more difficult for spiders to get into your bed, maintain your peace of mind, and sleep easily once again.

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