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What a hardwood contractor says your wood flooring says about you

According to a hardwood contractor, the species, stain, and cut of your wood floors can say a lot about you

weathered wood flooring in a kitchen
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The home is a canvas for your personality, and your interiors should reflect your personal aesthetics. A professional hardwood contractor on TikTok, @lumberjackwoodsupply, says your wood flooring may reveal more about you than you might have thought. Here is what the species, color, and style of your wood flooring say about you (though, of course, some of these are a bit tongue-in-cheek).

What your wood flooring species says about you


If you have lighter, slim, natural pine floors, this TikToker says you likely fall into one of two categories. “You definitely have an appreciation for old things,” says @lumberjackwoodsupply. Alternatively, “you most likely own an old house that had these floors underneath.”

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Walnut flooring

Walnut flooring is classy, elegant, and often sold at a steeper price. The hardwood contractor says homeowners with walnut flooring “have taste.”

Red oak

“There’s a good chance you didn’t choose to install this. It was just already in your house,” says this TikToker. But if you did choose to install red oak flooring, “you are either on a budget or you like to go against the status quo.”

Brazilian Cherry

“You probably live in an upscale but slightly outdated suburban home,” says the hardwood contractor. “There’s a good chance you hate the red.”


If you favor the sleek light wood tones of maple flooring to curate an airy and uplifting aesthetic, “You either live on the beach, or you want to look like you live on the beach,” says this TikToker.


Hickory flooring is well-known for its boldness. It’s a unique wood with a quirky grain and various hues. If you have hickory flooring, “you like unique things,” says the hardwood contractor. “You want to be different.”

What the hardwood flooring stain says about you

Gray-stained floors

“You definitely live in the Midwest where trends make it here ten years late.” While popular in the early 2010s, this flooring style has become an outdated and slightly drab addition.

Red stained floors

“You are seventy or older, absolutely no exceptions,” says @lumberjackwoodsupply. It is a bit outdated, but it does remind us of grandmillenial aesthetics of visiting grandma’s house. There are definitely ways to make this flooring your own.

White-washed floors

“You most likely have red oak floors that you want to look like white oak,” says the hardwood contractor, “and you probably got inspiration for this idea from Pinterest. No shame in that!”

Mid-tone brown stains

“You like the classics,” says this TikToker. They continue, saying that homeowners with this type of wood stain could be young moms or older women. “But either way, you’re probably a woman.”

Black stained floors

“You either want a very dark, gothic library vibe, or you had bad pet stains in your floor that you want to hide without patching,” says @lumberjackwoodsupply. We’re hoping it’s the former and you’re aiming for the trendy, whimsigothic home design style.

herringbone style wood floor in a living space
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What the style of hardwood flooring you choose says about you

White oak herringbone

“You have money, and you also probably like to keep up with trends,” says the hardwood contractor. White oak herringbone floors are often associated with old-money or glam design styles.

Wide plank of any species

“You know what you want, and you’re willing to pay a high price to get it,” says this TikToker. They also add that homeowners with this flooring type probably like to keep up with trends.

Patterned floors

“If you installed these, you are definitely into interior design,” says @lumberjackwoodsupply. If you have patterned flooring, you are likely keeping up with interior trends or value floors as an important aspect of your design.

Natural floors

Natural floors often have a rough and rugged appeal, looking great in rustic designs or spaces in need of a more organic look. If you have natural floors, “you are a man of any age, and you most likely appreciate woodworking,” says this hardwood contractor.

Special cuts

Special cuts like rift, quartered, or live saw flooring show that “you have an eye for detail, and the small details are important to you.” @lumberjackwoodsupply adds, “You either did lots of research into your project to learn about this, or your hardwood contractor informed you, and you loved the idea.”

This is what your floor says about you, according to a professional hardwood contractor. Based on stain, species, and cut, your floors can say a lot about you as a person.

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