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Backyard patio with pavers, plants, and furniture

10 incredible backyard privacy ideas that don’t require a lot of work

Sure, you like your neighbors, but everyone needs a little space. Try these cool backyard privacy ideas and get the, quiet, peaceful outdoor space you deserve.
Stone pathway through a flower garden

These amazing plants actually repel mosquitoes

Country garden with a variety of ornamental grasses

The best ornamental grasses to beautify your yard

Chair beside blooming flower garden

Plant these 8 perennial flowers to have blooms all summer long

Chair beside blooming flower garden

6 kinds of perennials that bloom in the summer for a gorgeous garden all season

Single-family home with curved walkway and large tree in front yard

10 simple yard cleanup tips that will make your life easier

Person holding coffee filter with coffee grounds.

When you should (and shouldn’t) put used coffee grounds in your garden

Chair beside blooming flower garden

This is what you should be planting in fall for a beautiful spring garden

Blue house in autumn

The October home maintenance checklist everyone needs

Several bottles of essential oils on a counter

How to make insecticide out of essential oils

Gloved hand holding a pulled weed with roots and soil still attached

9 easy and effective ways to clear a garden full of weeds for good

Water trough with plants

Rustic but modern: Why water trough gardening may be right for you

Balcony garden with watering can

What to grow in your apartment balcony vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens are not just for homeowners with yards — you can plant a wide array of vegetables (and fruits) on your apartment patio or balcony.
Lucky bamboo in small pot on wooden table.

How to propagate lucky bamboo in 5 easy steps so you don’t have to buy it

Lucky bamboo is a popular, unique, and aesthetic indoor plant. Here's how to propagate lucky bamboo so you don't have to buy more.
Small decorative solar garden lights in flower bed garden

Garden lighting ideas to liven up your backyard without annoying your neighbors

For outdoor landscape lights that offer the perfect balance, here are four garden lighting ideas to liven up your backyard without annoying your neighbors. 

This cheap, easy hack for fruit and vegetable gardens will save your harvest

If you’ve ever tended to your garden to discover your newly ripened strawberry bush had been ravaged by an invading flock of birds, this garden hack is for you.
Person holding coffee grounds in a cup for their garden

Pro tip: Starbucks actually gives away coffee grounds to fertilize your garden

Lots of people find putting coffee grounds in their garden beneficial. Not a coffee drinker? Here's where you can get grounds.
Blue oat grass

This low-maintenance, attractive ornamental grass adds instant curb appeal

Blue oat grass is the easy, beautiful ornamental grass your landscaping needs.
kaleidoscope roses grow rainbow bouquet closeup

What are kaleidoscope roses and can you grow them in your yard?

Kaleidoscope roses are beautiful and 100 percent real. Check out how you can create these one-of-a-kind beauties at home in just a few simple steps.
Lucky bamboo plant on a wooden table

Can you grow bamboo from seeds? Yes — if you follow this handy guide

Want to grow a bamboo plant from scratch? We discuss how to grow bamboo seeds into flourishing plants with the right care and conditions.
how to take care of a rooftop garden woman watering her

A rooftop garden is the summer oasis you need: Your ultimate care guide

Rooftop gardens can be attractive, healing, tranquil spots. This is what you need to know before you start one.
how to plant flowers shutterstock 57091351

How to plant flowers in 6 simple steps for a vibrant, colorful garden

If you're new to gardening, this is the only guide you'll ever need for how to plant flowers.
Mother and daughters in bed having a spa day

6 heartfelt Mother’s Day gift ideas that cost less than $50 to make

These Mother's Day gift ideas are from the heart and aren't that expensive to make.
pink and white tulips in a clear vase

Add a pop of color to your home this April with these 8 gorgeous, vibrant blooms

Your home could do with a pop of color. These beautiful blooms fit the bill.
Woman growing bamboo at kitchen table.

How to grow bamboo like a pro indoors and outdoors

This is everything you need to know about growing bamboo indoors and outdoors.
Dirty garden tools on work bench with dirt.

A quick, easy guide to cleaning your garden tools (just in time for spring)

If you're ready to dig into your garden, you need to keep your tools well-maintained. Here's how to clean your garden tools.
how to choose the best indoor lighting for plants shutterstock 1693000201

Keep your indoor garden thriving: This is how to pick the best grow lights

Want your indoor plants to thrive? This is what you need to know about what kind of lighting plants need.
lg smart gardening appliance tiiun lifestyle 01

LG thinks it made an indoor smart garden you’ll actually care about

LG's newest entry into the green living category is an indoor smart garden that can fit in even the smallest homes. Read all about it.
woman repotting plants

Are plants that clean the air a myth? Yes (but also no — it’s complicated)

We all want cleaner air, but can indoor plants really do the job?
the best plant light bulbs aop grow bulb

5 best grow lights under $50 for your in-home greenhouse

These are the best grow lights you can get for your indoor planting needs.
squash for vegetable gardens harvest winter box

6 delicious squash varieties you can actually grow indoors this winter

Don't want to give up your garden even when it's not growing weather? These different kinds of squash can be grown indoors.
Large yard with flowering tree and picnic table

10 lawn care tips nobody tells first-time homeowners

If you’ve feeling lost when it comes to lawn care, here are some important things you should know.
how to store seed gardening packets hand

What you need to know about planning out your garden in the cold season

Cold weather doesn't mean you have to put gardening on hold. Here's what you should do in the off season.
red geraniums

4 ways to prep your flower beds for winter weather

Flower beds will come back in spring, but prepping them for cold weather is critical. Here's how it's done.
assorted fall vegetables-harvest

How to get the most from your vegetable garden, no matter where you live

If you’re thinking about growing vegetables in the fall, understand the conditions in your area so you choose plants that will thrive.
rock garden with foliage

How to DIY a rock garden for your yard or patio

Put together a beautiful DIY rock garden in a few easy steps. Here are the best ideas.
Three plants on a windowsill

These are the best plants for a beautiful windowsill garden

Liven up your home and bring some green to your space with these great plants for windowsills.
Winter squash pumpkins harvest

6 different kinds of squash your vegetable garden needs for fall and winter

Winter gardening means squash! Here are our best picks for your fall and winter garden.
rose bushes against wooden gate

Black spots on your roses: fungus, or something else?

Do your lovely roses suddenly have black spots? Here's why, and what you can do about it.
best perennial flowers summer bloom pink lilac blue hydrangeas

The best perennial flowers that bloom all summer

The most popular perennials that bloom all summer and keep your landscaped yard gorgeous
landscaping reality check for homeowners pexels photo 130154

A mid-summer landscaping reality check for every homeowner

Before you get your heart set on a landscaping design, consult experts to figure out if your plans are realistic.
6 simple projects to celebrate national gardening week in greenhouse

7 unique greenhouse concepts you can build yourself

Check out our fun and easy ideas for creating a DIY greenhouse
Landscaping stacked flower beds

9 summer gardening tips landscaping experts want you to know

The pros think you need to know these gardening tips
woman repotting plants

How to repot your favorite plants when they get too big

Make sure your plants live a long and healthy life with these repotting tips.
child planting tree

5 meaningful outdoor Earth Day activities your family can do together

Celebrate Earth Day with your family and these great activities.
plastics in home

This Earth Day, take these 4 steps to go (more) green

Earth Day is a day to think about our impact on the planet and how we can care for it.
Apartment with shelves and potted plants

What you need to know before growing plants in your apartment

Want some beautiful roses decorating your space? Here's how to start growing today
outdoor flower pots

How to keep your garden when selling your home

Want to take your outdoor flowers when you move? A realtor tells you if that's possible.
vertical garden of succulents on shelf crates

How to create a gorgeous vertical garden

Vertical gardens are idea for small spaces. Create your own with these incredible project ideas.
Apartment with shelves and potted plants

Add plants to your apartment with these decorating tips

Grow beautiful blooms in your home - here's how to do it creatively and well.