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Herbs in pots sit beside a window.

How to start a windowsill garden

Liven up your windowsils with these great garden ideas
garlic on table and small cutting board

Grow garlic indoors with these easy-to-do tips

Grow your own garlic in your kitchen with this all-in-one guide
A person caring for a plant in a flower pot

What to do to repurpose old planters

When the growing season ends, it’s common to end up with several old and unused planters. We show you how to repurpose them.
Windowsill plants in wicker planters

Try these planters when cultivating your windowsill garden

Finding the right windowsill planters can be difficult. Our picks will make your indoor garden beautiful and help your plants thrive!
indoor plant on windowsill

When you should bring your outdoor plants inside — and how to make them comfortable when you do

Not sure when to bring your plants indoors? Check out this handy guide.
woman composting in kitchen

How you can start composting today — and why you should

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with these simple composting ideas anyone can implement today.
garlic seedlings in a pot

Can you grow garlic in containers? Here’s how

Can't grow garlic outside? Here's how you can become a countertop gardener.
indoor herbs grow easy plants growing

13 indestructible indoor herbs even you can keep alive

Whether you want to add flavor to your food or just cultivate something that smells nice, learn about some of the hardiest herbs out there.
Front door view

How to feng shui your front yard for maximum curb appeal

Applying fung shui techniques to your front yard will create more curb appeal and a welcoming environment for guests and neighbors.
A small fairy garden sits on top of a desk in a sunlit room.

Why a fairy garden may be the most interesting activity for your kids this summer

Learn how to create a beautiful work of living art with this hands-on, creative gardening activity for all ages.
man planting herbs in kitchen

Everything you need to know about growing herbs in your kitchen

If you can’t grow herbs outside year long due to cold weather, you can still enjoy fresh herbs all year with these tips for growing herbs in your kitchen.
make garden mulch

How to use core gardening techniques to reduce water usage year-round

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that's perfect for anyone - and you can enjoy your new green hobby with a few water saving techniques, too.
Young woman inspecting a hydroponic garden

What is a hydroponic garden, and should you have one?

Learn how to use a hydroponic garden to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. You will love how easy it is
herb pallet gardenscape

How to repurpose pallets into amazing gardenscapes

If you don't have the room (or time) to plant a whole garden, don't worry. Turn your old pallets into amazing gardenscapes and add some greenery to your life.

The best garden carts for your backyard load-bearing tasks

Garden carts can be used to transport everything from heavy outdoor equipment to your family pet. Work smarter with one of the best garden carts on our list.
aqua gardening diy outdoor water garden mike swigunski

How aqua gardening may give you that green thumb you’ve always wanted

Aqua gardens, or water gardens, can come in a variety of designs, methods, and styles, and you have lots of options when it comes to the features you'll add.
woman in garden wearing gloves

Container gardening for absolute beginners

It's easy to create a garden at home even if you're limited on space or don't have experience. Here's our guide to container gardening for absolute beginners.
Raised pyramid garden outdoors

Want a big garden in a small space? Try pyramid gardening

Pyramid gardens are a hot trend that's perfect for small backyards. Its stacked structure allows for more plants and creativity.
family gardening

These are the 5 things every home gardener needs

If you’ve decided to start a garden but don’t know how or have the tools, don’t worry. These are the 5 things every home gardener needs for a successful garden.
Thriving plants in grow bags

Why we really think you’ll like grow bag gardening

Grow bag gardening is great for someone who has limited space. We give you reasons why you'll like this method.
Peace lily plant in pot

Don’t have a green thumb? These 8 houseplants are hard to kill

Anyone can take care of these houseplants that are nearly impossible to kill. You can enjoy one of these eight plants at home or the office.
best garden vegetables to grow tomatoes unplash elaine casap

Forget flowers: These are the 8 vegetables to grow in any garden

Some vegetables require the space of a big farm or the labor of a master of gardening, but these easy plants don't require special expertise or a lot of work!
lawn mower

5 tips for managing your lawn on a busy schedule

How to care for your lawn the right way when you just don't have a lot of time
make garden mulch

How to start your own garden mulch pit

The tips and tricks for starting your own mulch pit in your backyard garden
why gardening is sanity saving downtime for the whole family fam

Why gardening is sanity-saving downtime for the whole family

We all know how relaxing gardening can be for all ages, but did you ever wonder why? Come with us as we explore the science behind stress-busting garden work

These are the 5 best low-maintenance plants to increase curb appeal immediately

Looking for low-maintenance plants that will immediately increase your home's curb appeal? We've got some ideas you might like.
small side yard with minimal sunlight these are the vegetables you should grow shaded garden

Small side yard with minimal sunlight? These are the vegetables you should grow

The right (and wrong) vegetables to grow in a side-yard with minimal sunlight
woman in garden wearing gloves

Which pests are likely to take over your summer garden, and how to control them organically

The pests to watch for this summer, and how to control them organically
A woman doing a workout on a mat

How much time daily should a busy professional dedicate to working out?

If you're a busy professional, how much time is needed for a daily workout? We discuss ways to can manage a healthy lifestyle.
what you need to know before growing fruit at home

What you need to know before growing fruit at home

You can probably grow a lot more in your tiny little yard than you think! Just come on and find out a few things you need to know before growing fruit at home
the best corner bookshelf fruit and vegetable scraps

The best compost tumblers to control the pile and heat

A compost tumbler is a sealed container that is advisable for storing, controlling, and mixing compostable materials that generate heat as it decomposes.
the best greenhouses that are small greenhouse in a garden

The best greenhouses to help nurture and protect your plants

Plants need to be protected from bugs and safeguarded from the cold or heat. Keep your plants safe and sound with this curated list of our favorite greenhouses.
the best mole repellents and castor oil cabbages  brassica oleraca flowers under netting

The best garden netting

To protect blueberry bushes, fruit trees, and other plants from pesky birds, garden netting is key. This is our selection of the best garden netting available.
best predator lights

The best predator lights

Predator lights are an effective way to ward off unwanted nighttime predators such as coyotes, foxes, or hogs. Protect your property at night with these lights.
the best mole repellents and castor oil close up of an emerging

The best mole repellents

Moles make an unsightly home in lawns to feast on grubs and insects. A repellent can help keep moles at bay. These are the best mole repellents available.
best deer repellents and natural spray young looks at roses in california backyard

The best deer repellents

Deer are gentle and beautiful animals, but they can be a terror when munching on plants around homes. An effective deer repellent is key to protect shrubbery.
Woman spraying plants using water pulverizer

The best bulb dusters

Bulb dusters treat unwanted garden pests with a nontoxic solution of insecticide or baits in a safe and effective way. Here is our select list of top options.
best backpack sprayers with battery solo senior man on a ladder  spraying tree

The best backpack sprayers

Stay on top of all your gardening spraying needs while reducing body strain with a backpack sprayer. Check out the very best backpack sprayers on the market.

The best garden trowels

If you want to start a garden, you’ll likely need a trusty garden trowel. Here is a list we curated to help you decide which garden trowel is right for you.
best plant food for gardens working in a veg garden

The best garden stakes

Whether you are looking for plant support, a decorative light-up stake or a landscape staple, we’ve curated a list of the best garden stakes to help you choose.
best plant food for gardens playful grandmother and grandson in garden

The best plant food

The secret to a thriving garden and backyard lies in plant food. The best plant foods can make or break your garden, here are our top plant nutrition products.
best plant supports for your garden green moss

The best moss

Moss is a low-maintenance alternative to lawns. We curated a list of the top mosses to help you choose the best one for your plant, dish garden, or terrarium.
aop version 207 woman potting small fig tree

Best Plant Drip Trays for Your Potted Plants

A plant drip tray is a sensible investment for your indoor plants that need frequent watering. We’ve curated this list of the best plant saucers to guide you.
Children looking at mixed potted seedlings

The best seedling trays for your greenhouse

A robust plant starts with healthy seedlings, and these grow best from a reliable seedling tray. Check out our comprehensive list of the best seedling trays.
best snake plants sansevieria  plant

The best snake plants

Snake plants are easy to care for, love sunny environments but can also tolerate low light. Give your home a boho chic look with the snake plants on our list.

The best vermiculite

Vermiculite is a mineral mixed into soils with many beneficial qualities for plant growth. See our list to determine the best vermiculite for your garden needs.
Herbs drying above shelf

The best herb drying racks

Herb drying racks are the most portable and compact solution to dry large quantities of herbs and flowers.
best backpack sprayers with battery solo slug pest destroying tomatoes

The best slug killers

Slugs and snails are highly voracious pests that can attack your garden. Control the infestation with our carefully selected list of the best slug killers.
best succulent pots small mini planters on counter

The best succulent pots for eye-catching indoor plant displays

There are many types of pots to hold your succulent plants. The pots or planters can be made from terracotta — which is considered the most popular among succulent enthusiasts — as well as unglazed or glazed ceramic, porcelain, glass, concrete or wood.
How to choose the right plants for your garden

How to choose the right plants for your garden

Are you ready to start your first garden this spring? If so, there are a few essential things to consider before you head out to the garden center.