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woman using phone to control robot vacuum

Is a robot vacuum really worth spending $500?

Should you invest in a robot vacuum cleaner? We investigate.
A fruit bowl with wine corks in it.

How drinking more wine can help you keep fruit flies away (really!)

Fruit flies are a menace. Here's how drinking wine can help you banish them from your home.
cleaning bathroom sink with spray and yellow gloves

The best natural cleaning products you can get at big box stores like Target

Eco-friendly cleaning products aren't that hard to find. These are the best you can get at your local big box store.
family-holidays-Christmas tree

The experts’ guide to decluttering your home before holidays guests arrive

Decluttering and organizing your house in the fall can help you feel less stressed around the holidays. Do it in stages so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
humidifier on accent table in bright living room

How to clean a humidifier the right way

A lot of people need humidifiers in the fall. Here's how to clean yours so you're always breathing fresh air.
declutter home improve mental health pexels photo 1571468

How decluttering your home eases anxiety and improves mental health

Eliminating clutter and organizing your house can alleviate anxiety, improve your mental health, help you sleep better, and boost your mood and productivity.
woman decluttering her bedroom

This is the easiest way to clean your room without wasting your whole weekend

Take back your weekend — cleaning is a breeze if you follow this guide.
Smiling woman putting leaves in bucket fall garden housework

Fall is a good time for spring cleaning, too

Deep cleaning the home shouldn't be a once-a-year project. Fall is a great time to clean and tidy up the home, too!
paint can-bowl-brush

How to dispose of old paint, protect the environment, and help others

What do you do with old paint? You can’t just throw it away. We’ve got some great advice for upcycling paint you no longer need.
pros cons bbq grills gas electric grill burgers

How to deep-clean your grill for winter storage

Before winter hits, you'll want to get in some last-minute cooking projects. Afterward, here's how to clean and store your grill the right way.
Woman frustrated by bathroom mold

3 green ways to remove mold in your home

Getting rid of mold around the home is vital. Instead of harsh chemicals, try these eco-friendly methods.
back to school germs children covid facemask

Here’s how to COVID-proof your home as kids head back to school

As your kids go back to school, here's how to make sure your home stays germ-free.
repairman fixing hvac and ducts

Should you clean your air ducts this fall? What you need to know

Do you think it's time for a deep cleaning of your home's air ducts? We help you decide.
Scrubbing the oven with a sponge

How to clean an oven in one afternoon with oven cleaner you make

Cleaning your oven seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!
woman stretching in bed with ac unit on wall

Is it necessary to clean air ducts? What you need to know

Real talk: Is air duct cleaning really necessary? We weigh the options to help you know if(and when) to clean your air ducts
repairman fixing hvac and ducts

Duct cleaning 101: Easy DIY task or time for a professional?

Should you clean your air ducts, or hire a professional? We go through the pros and cons to help you decide.

It’s not just you: Places all homeowners often forget to clean

When people clean their homes, they often miss areas that are out of sight. That can allow dirt and dust to accumulate and can create health and safety hazards.
a light bright and clean bedroom

How to clean your bedroom in 15 minutes flat (without shoving things under the bed)

Cleaning your bedroom is a chore, but our tips will have it tidy and organized in no time.
blue couch in clean living room

Are you cleaning your living room couches enough?

Most of us don't think about cleaning the couch cushions when tidying up. Are you guilty, too?
simple modern tv console table

Spring cleaning 101: How to clean your TV

When cleaning up around the house, don't forget your TV!
Sheer and gray curtains in a living room

How to wash and dry your curtains to keep allergies at bay

When cleaning your home, don't forget the curtains! Here's how to clean them and keep your home looking great.
bathroom products sink towel

Frustrated by a messy bathroom? Here are some tips to get organized

Having a messy bathroom can affect your family’s physical and mental health. Here are some strategies you can use to get organized.
A young boy washing windows with a cloth

Put your kids in charge of these 19 deep-cleaning chores

these simple tasks help kids feel included and helpful while taking a bit of the load off parents.
woman opening a white air fryer on kitchen counter

This is how to deep-clean your air fryer the right way

Air Fryers get gross, too. Here's how to clean yours for healthier eating and a clean kitchen.
robot vacuum cleaning

This Robot Vacuum Is so Cheap for Prime Day Everyone Should Buy One

Save big on this amazing RoboVac G30 robot vacuum at Walmart this Prime Day.
dyson v15 detect reviews laser vacuum

Dyson’s V15 Detect vacuum will just make your spring cleaning anxiety worse

This vacuum is hyped up, but is it worth it? We don't think so
Man and woman in overalls smiling with sponges and cleaning products

Our good-enough guide to spring cleaning

Let's be real, we have better things to do than clean all weekend. This is our good enough guide
the best flamingo pool inflatable floats opool float 1

Our 9 favorite summer cleaning tips and tricks

Summer cleaning will fly by with these great hacks
Cleaning refrigerator

The 5 best things to take apart for deep cleaning

hese are some items you should always be taking apart to keep germs and other detrius at bay
the best wall art for your living room woman in red hanging pictures

Apartment-dweller 101: How to patch holes in walls

Patch walls painlessly with this simple guide
Woman dusting window frame

8 spring cleaning tasks you can take care of in a weekend

Get these spring cleaning tasks checked off your list with our handy guide
Man and woman in overalls smiling with sponges and cleaning products

11 neglected household items you need to clean more often

You're probably not cleaning these items nearly as often as you should
Spring cleaning sign with flowers

4 items you can check off your spring cleaning list in under an hour

Get spring cleaning done and dusted with these great simple tasks
best amazon home task buys app hand smartphone

8 incredible Amazon buys that make annoying household tasks 10x easier

Amazon has everything, including items that will make annoying chores way less hassle
best ways remove grease kitchen surfaces cabinets countertops marble granite asian young housewife cleaning the with a pink c

We swear by these 5 spring-cleaning products for allergy sufferers

These allergy-friendly cleaning products will help you clean your home while keeping yourself safe
woman holding cleaning bucket

How to put together a complete living room spring cleaning checklist

Keep these X things in mind when it's time to tackle spring cleaning
family carrying luggage and leaving home

How to prepare your home before your next vacation

Come home to a clean home with these tips for every room of your home
Clean sheets folded on bed

How often should you wash your sheets?

Having a good night's sleep starts with the sheets, but how often should you be cleaning them?
Vinegar cleaning solution with spray bottle and sponge

6 ways you can use vinegar as a cleaning agent — yes, we’re serious

Vinegar can be a powerful cleaning agent - here's how to use it to clean your home
rinsing out stain on blue fabric

7 household items that will get the worst stains out of your clothes

Get any stain out of your clothes with these amazing products
professional cleaning home sale housecleaners polishing

A professional cleaning may actually sell your home faster – here’s why

You might be great at cleaning but the pros will make sure your house can sell quick. Here's how
Kitchen with kitchen table

What is sisal carpet and how should you clean it?

Sisal rugs can be a beautiful addition to your home, but it's important they're cleaned correctly
garage with clean tools on peg board

4 cleaning products under $50 to make shop-worn tools sparkle

You DIY home projects to keep your house looking great. Make sure your tools recieve the same treatment
patio diy cheap cushions

Ensure the longevity of your lawn furniture with these 4 cleaning hacks

This is how to ensure your outdoor furniture lasts for years - maybe even decades
Person holding cleaning supplies

Keep your cleaning supplies orderly with these 8 products

This is how you can keep all your cleaning supplies in one place
Pegboard with tools hanging on it

Take on your cluttered basement with this organizing guide

Now is the time to organize your basement - start with these tips
Lhand pouring liquid laundry detergent

What makes laundry detergent ‘safe’?

"Safe" laundry detergent — myth or good idea? We weigh in with the facts.
technology sanitize disinfect processed with vsco a6 preset 3 768x513

These are the best ways to sanitize and disinfect all your technology

Now more than ever, the health and safety of your family is key. Make sure your tablets, keyboards, laptops and phones are sanitary with these tips.
the best outdoor curtains for your patio

The 5 best ways to clean outdoor furniture

Not every furniture cleaning method is alike - these are our favorite methods
Woman vacuuming a white rug

Should you “deep clean” your home?

What is "deep cleaning" and is it a good idea to take home?