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4 secret TikTok kitchen spring cleaning tips everyone forgets

A sparkling clean kitchen at all times is what we all strive for (even if it isn’t always a reality). But while you might routinely mop the floors, sanitize the counters, wash down cabinets, and clean out the fridge, there are plenty of items and areas we all sometimes forget to clean.

Luckily, instead of facing that embarrassing moment when a guest discovers our dirty little secret (literally), we’ve got TikTok to remind us about those hidden, overlooked spaces. With these TikTok kitchen cleaning hacks, you’ll be able to get the job done correctly in no time.

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Replace your microwave charcoal filter


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Not all microwaves have charcoal filters, but if yours does, it needs to be changed every six months. This TikToker admits that they, too, had forgotten all about it, and proceeds to show us how they cleaned their filter until the new one arrived.

It’s not really possible to clean a charcoal filter — getting it wet negates the charcoal’s ability to do its job. But it is important to clean the area around the filter, as this TikToker did.

Not even sure your microwave has a charcoal filter? Countertop versions don’t, but over-the-range microwaves usually do. Charcoal filters are necessary when microwaves aren’t vented outside because they absorb odors in the air when you’re cooking. If this is your setup, check your owner’s manual, but most charcoal filters can be found at the top of the microwave behind a vent grille.

(And while you’re at it, clean your grease filter. This one’s located under your microwave, and a little soap and water will do the trick.)

Clean your garbage disposal


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Have you looked under your garbage disposal cover lately? It’s probably not a pretty sight. Once you’re finished being grossed out, follow this TikToker’s cleaning directions:

  1. Pour two cups of ice and salt in your garbage disposal.
  2. Turn on the disposal with a small stream of water until the ice is gone.
  3. Pour one cup of baking soda, followed by ½ cup of vinegar, and wait while it bubbles.
  4. Unplug the garbage disposal.
  5. Use Dawn Powerwash to scrub the residue clean (don’t forget the garbage disposal cover, either).

Wash your entire window


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Sure, you probably clean the glass panes of your window regularly, but how often do you get to every nook and cranny? Considering spring has just arrived, you probably haven’t taken a close look at your windows lately to give them a close inspection. As this TikToker shows, with just a sponge, a knife, and a marker, you can make cleaning those super-small spots even easier.

And, let’s be honest: This one isn’t just a kitchen cleaning hack. The rest of the windows in your house could probably use it as well.

Get rid of orange stains on your Tupperware


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♬ My X – Rae Sremmurd

Okay, you likely haven’t forgotten about this cleaning task… rather, this is one we sometimes give up on. Have you ever used your Tupperware to store leftover pasta, only to find it covered in pesky orange stains no matter how much you wash it afterward? This TikToker shows how you can finally get clear, like-new containers again with just some water, soap, and a paper towel.

No one likes a dirty or unsanitary kitchen, but sometimes, important tasks slip our minds (especially when you only have to do them once in a while). Add these TikTok cleaning hacks to your kitchen cleaning checklist, and enjoy the fresh-smelling fruits of your labor.

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