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Never lose track of your stuff again with this genius TikTok storage hack

It’s happened to the best of us. You do everything right when it comes to spring cleaning and decluttering your home — you sort through everything, making piles of items to discard, donate, or store. But somehow, when the time comes to finally find your favorite wool sweater, the gravy boat you only use when your grandmother comes to dinner, or your snorkel gear, you find yourself sorting through a mess of boxes and bins.

With this TikTok storage hack, those days are over. Not only will you actually be able to find all of your stuff, but you can find it from the comfort of your own couch.

This is the best DIY storage hack we’ve seen

 This DIY storage hack from TikToker @emilyrayna is surprisingly simple, but so convenient.


This has been saving me #howto #homedecor #moving #organizingtiktok

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How does it work? First, get a set of large number stickers from the craft store and label each box. Then, create a document that outlines exactly what’s in each box.

And that’s it! While the notion of labeling boxes isn’t exactly new, this method is better than any we’ve ever seen, for several reasons.

You can choose bins that are aesthetically pleasing

One common workaround for storage labels is to use clear containers — this way, you can see what’s in each box. And this works fine for attic or garage storage that you can safely stow away and not look at, but a lot of us keep our storage containers in more noticeable spots. And which would you rather have as a design piece in your mudroom or bedroom: clear plastic bins or decorative boxes? By using labels, you can use any storage containers you want, making them a part of your home decor. Even the stickers you choose can become part of the aesthetic.

The box label can be easily identified

Have you ever tried labeling each bin with what’s inside? One of two things will happen: You’ll put everything that’s in the box on the label, which isn’t much of a help when you’re squinting at 10-point font on a box on the top shelf in a dimly lit storage room. Or you’ll get fed up and just label the box “Kitchen Supplies.” This isn’t exactly helpful when you’ve got two other bins with the same label. With this method, you only have to look for a giant number.

You can find what you need in any type of storage space

It would be great if we could store all of our containers and bins in rows one-box deep, but depending on your space, that might not be possible. You might have one deep closet, which means not only are your bins stacked on top of each other, but they’re stacked in rows behind each other. Translation: If you need something from a box you can’t see directly in front of you, figuring out where it is can be a major pain. However, if you know exactly which bin the item you need is in and if your bins are stored away in number order, you’ll know exactly where the box is located and don’t have to waste time checking the labels of every box.

young woman decluttering her clothing

This system is easily adaptable

When it’s time for spring cleaning again next year, you’ll inevitably find items you’re ready to discard or donate. There will also be new items that need to go into storage. Since your itemized list lives in a document in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or your method of choice, it’ll be a lot easier — and cleaner — to update than if you had to update the label on the bin.

A digital document is convenient

Do you live with someone who never knows where anything is? The next time they interrupt your Netflix binge to ask where their bathing suits are, you can pull up your document on your phone and get the answer, all without leaving the couch. (Or better yet, tell them to check it themselves.)

This hack is also great for moving

Have you recently bought a new house or found a better apartment to rent? You can easily adapt this storage hack into a moving hack. And anything that makes that process easier has to be a good thing.

Organizing your storage containers can be a pain, but it’s so worth it in the end. This TikTok storage hack makes the whole process super easy.

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