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9 clever hacks to organize your storage room so you can actually find things

We all know how quickly things can pile up in storage areas. When cleaning, many of us tend to throw things in a storage room — and just like that, we’ll never find those items again. But it doesn’t have to be this way when you maximize storage space in your home.

There are several tips and tricks for organizing storage rooms, even if you’re wondering, “How do I organize my storage area for bulk items?” or “How do you store things with no room?” You may think there’s no way you can fit everything into one small closet or bookcase, but it can be done! Once you learn the ins and outs of how to maximize storage space, you’ll be able to easily find items of all different sizes and keep your things more organized than you ever imagined.

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Shelve, don’t stack

We’ve found the number one rule for storing anything anywhere is to never stack items. Whatever you’re looking for could be all the way at the bottom of the pile, forcing you to dig and create a mess. Instead, shelve things. Think of books — you don’t want to store them horizontally and stack them; you want to shelve them or store them vertically. Apply this to other items you store. This method not only helps make things more accessible but saves space so you can store more.


When organizing, each item should be placed with similar items. Kids’ school supplies shouldn’t be mixed with cleaning supplies, for example. Make sure you designate different spaces or containers for different types of items. They should follow themes that make sense to you: school supplies in one section, cleaning supplies in another, decorations in yet another, and so on.

Use labels

Labels are key. You are sure to have many bins and boxes in a storage room full of things. You may often ask yourself, “What’s in that big box again?” or “Which container did I leave that photo album in?” These questions are easily answered when you label. Don’t be afraid to take a fat marker and write in huge letters if that helps you. You could even print neat labels and place them in the same spot on each container to make your storage space uniform.

Sort by frequency of use

Once you’ve labeled your containers with corresponding categories, figure out which of them you’ll need to get to the most. Put those to the side and then add them to your storage area last so that they’re right in front. Chances are, things like photo albums or keepsakes can go in the back, while cleaning supplies can stay in the front.

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Use clear containers

While cardboard boxes are common in storage rooms, they are actually unhelpful for staying organized. What you need is containers that are transparent; this way, you can easily see what is inside them without always having to pull them out and make a mess of your storage space. Although the tendency may be to hide the items you store, especially if you don’t have a separate storage room, it’s wise to get rid of any bins or drawers that aren’t clear and replace them with clear ones to save yourself from headaches.

Use different size containers

Another common pitfall with storage spaces is using only large containers. You may think you can buy just a few large bins to fit everything and place them in a corner and out of the way. However, to keep the storage space organized, it’s actually better to buy lots of containers in all different sizes according to the items you have. Small items should go in smaller containers, like clear jars, and large ones in large bins. Putting lots of small things in a huge bin will surely result in losing track of your belongings.

Use airtight containers

It’s clear by now that the containers you use are extremely important. Not only should they be clear and the appropriate sizes, but they should also be airtight so you can fit as much as possible into each one. Let no nook or cranny go unused!

Install wall shelves

Your storage room doesn’t just have floors to hold your items — it also has walls, and they don’t need to stay bare. Install hanging shelving units or cabinets on the walls to ensure that you are making optimal use of your space.

Plan it out

The last piece of advice we have is to plan how you’ll organize before actually organizing. Some people will be able to simply rearrange their storage area according to these tips and be good to go. Others with a lot more items and clutter will need to go out and buy some new storage bins, shelves, and other containers. But don’t do that until you know exactly what and how much needs to be stored. Go in with a game plan, and you’ll be organized in no time.

To organize your storage room, change how you think about storing things. Many people become accustomed to old ways of storing: in large boxes or solid-colored bins, for example. But by learning new habits, you could be able to find every item in your home with ease. Even storing bulky items and storing things with little space can be easy when you adopt smart organizing techniques. It may take some planning, but it is likely to be well worth the time and effort you put in. Never again will you wonder where to find things with your storage room looking this neat!

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