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The best pool filter sand for a sparkling swimming pool

Eventually, the sand will lose its rough edges and will need to be replaced. Most professionals recommend replacing the sand in your filter every five years. That’s a pretty long time. But what that also means is that you really want to make sure you get high-quality sand. That way, your pool will stay cleaner for longer. This is especially true for above-ground pools. Here’s our top picks for the best pool filter sand.

Sand particles have rough edges, so when debris passes through the filter, some of it will be caught in the sand. Most sand filters can handle particle that measure 20 microns or larger, which is plenty of coverage if you otherwise keep your pool clean. After a while, though, the filter can become full. That’s when you want to backwash.

FairmountSantrol AquaQuartz Pool Filter Sand

Best Overall

This sand is 100% natural and eco-friendly. That means it will not stain your pool and that you don’t have to worry about any chemicals in your waters. It also backwashes easily. That means you can backwash more often, which helps keep your maintenance costs down.

HTH Filter Sand Care

Best Multipurpose

This pool filter sand fits both in-ground and above ground pools. It’s also non-toxic and straightforward to use. And it fits both commercial pools and residential ones. If you’re looking for a versatile, straightforward choice, this is the pool filter sand to get.

ZeoSand Alternative Filter Media

Best Alternative

Sometimes your best option is actually to not use sand at all. Alternative pool filter media might be unconventional, but the rewards are plenty. Zeosand has more surface area and is lighter than regular sand, so it is more effective in trapping finer particles and ammonium ions. It also only weighs half its volume, so 50 pounds of Zeosand is as effective as 100 pounds of regular sand.

Whether you have a sand filter for your above-ground pool or for an in-ground one, buying good sand is a smart investment. Considering you only need to replace it about every five years, you want to make sure your filter is doing its best. And remember, weekly backwashing can help maintain the quality of the filter and your pool.

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