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The best pool chlorine floaters for continuous cleaning

You may have heard that keeping up a pool is hard work. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline the maintenance process. Adding a floating chlorine dispenser helps take the guesswork out of dispensing chlorine and ensures that you always have the right ratio. Use one of our top choices for best pool chlorine floater, and you’ll be set all season long.

Chlorine tab floaters make keeping your pool clean a snap. They allow you to customize chlorine in a slow-release dispenser that floats on top of your pool. With consistent use, you’ll see a clearer, healthier pool and be ready to swim any time the mood strikes. Our favorite choices are efficient, reliable, and durable — all necessary for easing pool cleaning.

Swimline Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Best Overall

Swimline’s chlorine dispenser is a large-capacity option for bigger pools and can hold both 1-inch and 3-inch tablets. It automatically releases the required chlorine, and you can adjust the dispenser to include custom amounts. Get the chlorine ratio just right and ensure your pool is clean and safe all season long.

Milliard Chlorine Floater

Best Adjustable

Milliard’s adjustable chlorine float allows you to use both 1-inch and 3-inch chlorine tablets. You can adjust the amounts for a customized chlorine solution, and the ABS plastic housing can withstand environmental forces and pool chemicals. A thermometer reads in both Celsius a Fahrenheit, and chlorine is dispensed as you see fit, evenly and over time.

GAME Derby Duck Spa Chemical Dispenser

Best for Spas

Game’s super fun chlorine dispenser resembles the rubber duckies of your childhood. It’s compatible with 1-inch tablets, holding up to three at a time while an expander basket allows you to customize the amount you need. Durable plastic holds its color under ultraviolet exposure, and it tips over to let you know it’s time to add more tablets.

What would you do to streamline your pool maintenance? An automatic chlorine dispenser takes one thing off your plate. The dispensers on our list make it easy to adjust your chlorine levels and keep your pool in top shape. Get ready for swim season and stay ready throughout with the right chemical levels. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy it.

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