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Repairs & Quick Fixes

brick fireplace with fire burning

7 ways to refresh a brick fireplace

Check out these DIY tricks and tips to turn your old brick fireplace into the cozy centerpiece that it deserves to be, no matter your decoration preferences.
Blue door with "Welcome" sign

5 ideas to help your patio home stand out

If you own a patio home, here are five smart landscaping or decorating projects that will improve the overall look of your home.
A living room with orange wall and yellow sofa

DIY remodeling on a budget: Your living room

Remodeling your living room might be necessary when moving into a new space. Our affordable DIY tips will make it look great.
Bathroom with sink and toilet

The one quick change that will totally transform your bathroom

Decluttering your bathroom is a game changer no matter what. Just take three hours for a quick, easy-to-do bathroom refresh.
curb appeal low maintenenace resized  1

How to have a low-maintenance front yard that increases curb appeal immediately

Giving your home curb appeal is putting the finishing touches on your home and yard. Check out our low-maintenance tips to achieve curb appeal immediately.
the best short extension cords for your home construction industry worker using pneumatic hammer drill to cut wall concrete b

The best hammer drills for your heavy-duty drilling needs

A hammer drill is much helpful in drilling holes into hard surfaces. To save you the hassle of choosing from a wide selection, here is a list of our top picks.
the best short extension cords for your home nail gun on a wood background

The best nail guns that can replace your good old hammers

Nail guns can make driving nails a lot easier, resulting in faster progress of your carpentry projects. Buying one? Here are the best nail guns around.
the best short extension cords for your home a hand holding hammer ready to nail

The best hammers you can rely on for your carpentry projects

The good old hammer is a must for carpentry and crafts projects. Here is a list of the best hammers you would surely love to include in your toolbox.
the best short extension cords for your home drill bits hole cutting

The best drill bits to power up your drilling skills

Say goodbye to ugly holes due to ill-fitting bits. Our list of the best drill bits will help you create a precise hole in wood, metals, and other materials.
the best ladders for your home man climbing ladder in unfinished room

The best ladders you can use to reach what you need safely

Having a handy ladder around the house or workplace will make a world of difference when taking care of different projects. Here's a roundup of the best ones.
the best ladders for your home midsection of carpenter holding drill against wall

The best drills to match your heavy-duty carpentry projects

Having a reliable drill is essential in every home, so make sure that the drill you are purchasing can give you the durability and longevity you need.
the best apothecary jars made of glass high angle view drill bits arranged on blue background

The best drill bit sets to aid your every drilling needs

Every project calls for a different drill bit, and a drill bit set is a perfect answer to all that drilling needs. Check out the best drill bit sets around.
the best tool organizer various tools arranged on wall

The best tool organizers to keep your garage tidy and functional

Workshopping can be a fun activity when you have all your tools ready. With these tool organizers, you will always be able to find the gadgets that you need.
the best drill sets with multiple bits studio shot of hand

The best drill sets to have in your toolbox

A versatile drill set is the heart of any toolbox. We did a deep dive into all the best drill sets on the market and compiled a list with just the top models.
the best duct fans close up of electric fan

The best duct fans for improving ventilation in your house

One of the best ways to resolve uneven heating and cooling within a house is to add duct fans. Check out our list to find out what will work for your home.
two girls warming up near heater

The best convector heaters to warm up your home

Convector heaters have been quietly fighting the cold to warm up homes for decades. If you're looking for one, here's a list of the best available.
the best poster strips for hanging posters and frames on your wall

The best poster strips for easy-peasy room decoration

When you want to mount artwork or a poster to your wall but don't want to drill holes, using the best poster strips is a great idea.
the best usb extension cords with ports for charging emergency fire shelters blanket

The best fire blankets for defense against burns

Fire blankets are designed to protect your family from the flames. Keep calm and read our top picks for fire blankets and add them to your emergency kit today.
the best usb extension cords with ports for charging breaker bar

The best breaker bars to add to your DIY repair toolbox

Avoid drills, hacksaws, or heat and loosen stuck bolts effortlessly with the use of a handy breaker bar. We have put together a list of the most reliable ones.
the best usb extension cords with ports for charging extention cord

The best USB extension cords for working space organization

Don’t let short USB cables limit your ability to reimagine your office. USB extension cords let you reorganize your space for the most productive configuration.
the best car lifts for your garage skilled worker in industrial plant  portrait

The best coveralls to protect against grease and grime

Coveralls guard you from dirt, oil, and grime while working in a garage. We looked out for superior materials and the comfort to pick only the best out there.
the best car lifts for your garage detailing  man holds microfiber in hand and polishes selective focus

The best shop towels to keep your garage clean and tidy

Cleaning towels help you clean up and keep your workspace clean to get more done faster. That is why we’ve researched and found the best shop towels available.
the best car lifts for your garage mechanic adjusting tire on at workshop

The best car lifts for more efficient car maintenance

A car lift is an important tool that should be in every serious garage. Do all your car projects much easier with the options we have carefully vetted for you.
the best car lifts for your garage air compressor in working position at snow  self inflating

The best air compressors for your personal projects

Air compressors are very useful for all kinds of home or workshop projects. Check out the selection we did with only the best air compressors in the market.
best garage door sensors for safety portable power bank and vehicle jump starter

The best jump-starters

If you’ve ever sat in your car to listen to music or take a Bluetooth call and run out of battery, you know the necessity of having a jump-starter in the trunk.
best garage door sensors for safety adjusting opener reverse sensor

The best garage door sensors

Stay on top of your garage door maintenance by making sure your safety measures are working well. One important component to review are the safety sensors.
best garage tool chests for organizing your workshop a red chest in

The best garage tool chests for organizing your workshop

Having the best garage tool chest is essential to keep everything organized and accessible. Check out this selection with only the top options on the market.
best eyewash stations for emergencies view of an emergency eye wash station complete with the safety signage

The best eyewash stations for emergencies

Keep your workforce safe and your worksite under compliance with one of the best options for emergency-eyewash stations we have carefully researched for you.
best eyewash stations for emergencies large blower drying a floor

The best blower fans

When you are looking to dry out a carpet or floor, there is no better appliance than a blower fan. We researched this list of the best blower fans available.
best garage door keypads for keyless opening tools hanging on pegboard

The best pegboards

Pegboards store and display tools, jewelry, and utensils for easy retrieval. To help you organize your home, check out this list of our favorite pegboards.
A dark-tiled bathroom

14 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Want to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is? We've got 14 tips that will help make the space seem bigger.
row of houses in fall

5 renovation secrets that will raise your home’s value

Renovations are a great way to raise your home’s value while updating, and particular renovations increase your home’s worth more than others.
the best replacement garage door rollers male commuter with backpack closing

The best replacement garage door rollers

When it comes to noisy garage doors, the first suspect is always a broken or damaged roller. Keep yours working flawlessly with these carefully vetted options.
best corner tool racks for your garage rack of hand tools in boot shop

The best corner tool racks

Keeping your garage organized can easily be managed with better storage solutions. Getting the best corner tool rack will greatly maximize your garage space.
best mechanic seats creeper side view of female examining car wheel at auto repair shop

The best mechanic seats

When you work under the car hood, staying comfortable and keeping your tools handy are essential. Keep things rolling with our top picks for mechanic seats.
best dryer ducts vent tube

The best dryer ducts

Also known as a dryer exhaust or a dryer vent, a dryer duct helps transfer the warm air generated by a clothes dryer to the outside of a home. To keep your dryer functioning properly and to prevent air from seeping into your laundry room, consider these dryer ducts.
man cleaning living room

How to get rid of 12 household pests for good

Are household pests like ants or spiders driving you crazy? Here's how to get rid of them for good.
when is the right time to remodel your home kitchen install

7 decorating tips for sprucing up your home’s interior

Updating your living space doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With minimal effort, you can come home to what feels like a new place.
Living room with furniture and crown molding

6 affordable ways to make your home look more expensive

If you're looking to improve the overall look of your home, we offer six affordable ways to make it look more expensive.
clean mold from kitchen and bathroom how to

How to clean mold from your kitchen and bathroom

Everyone knows that mold is gross and unhealthy. It can be cleaned and prevented, if you follow the right steps and understand how it forms and multiplies.