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The best garage tool chests for organizing your workshop

Storage space is really important when choosing the right garage tool chest, but it is not the only consideration. Make sure you look at organization panels and portability options to make the best choice depending on your needs. All of the options we curated in this list are ready for heavy-duty use and feature durable construction.

For those looking for a superior storage solution, a tool chest is all you need to provide you with both space and slot arrangements needed to speed up your workflow. These portable solutions travel well and will not take as much space as a dedicated cabinet. Pack them up with all your gear and take them with you on your next service call.

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Apollo Tools Heavy-Duty Steel Chest

Best overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Apollo Tools Heavy-Duty Steel Chest is a classic metal chest that has been a staple in countless garages around the world. The two-drawer design with ball-bearings is ideal for storage and transportation and provides smooth operation. A versatile organizer that has become popular with barbers, filmmakers, and makeup artists.

WEN Garage Glider Tool Chest Seat

Best dual purpose tool chest

Image used with permission by copyright holder

When space is limited, the WEN Garage Glider Tool Chest Seat provides an amazing double function that you’ll love. On top of the ample storage capacity, this chest has extra-absorbent, vinyl-protected padding that supports up to 350 pounds of weight for comfortable seating. The four swiveling casters allow for free movement all around.

Festool SYS 4 Sortainer

Best for organization

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Take your organization to the next level with the Festool SYS 4 Sortainer. This is the gold standard when it comes to versatility when saving different parts and tools. With three main drawers and a selection of dividers, you will be able to customize this garage tool chest to your liking.

Maximize your garage and organize your tools with one of the best tool chests we found in our research. Any of these suggestions will give you back countless hours of your time that was previously wasted looking for a specific part, drill bit, or tool.

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