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The best wallpaper paste for your home and room makeovers

Wallpaper pastes help your wall covers adhere to surfaces during home decorating projects. With a wallpaper paste, you can also stick wall murals and decals onto your accent wall more easily than with your standard office glue. To save you time on researching the right wallpaper paste, we’ve reviewed the best options here so you can decide quickly.

Standard wall pastes are applied onto the back of light to heavy wall coverings. Stronger alternatives include commercial-grade pastes designed to be used with pasting machines. Other options include tubed pastes for repairing small spots and pastes for mounting other types of wallpaper. Take a look at our favorite picks to help you find the paste for your wallpaper.

Roman Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive

Best Overall

Roman’s heavy-duty paste is compatible with wallpaper machines and medium to heavy wall covering. Each container comes with a gallon of clear, extra-strength adhesive. This product is best for professional contractors who need a dependable adhesive.

Rust-Oleum SureGrip Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive

Best Durable

Rust-Oleum’s paper adhesive is the most durable option that can hold up even the heaviest wall covering. Each quart-size container covers up to five double rolls of standard vinyl wallpaper. Note that this paste works best on smooth, primed surfaces.

Red Devil Wallpaper Seam Repair

Best for Spot Repair

Patch up peeling corners and flaking spots with the Red Devil seam repair paste. The 5-ounce tube features an EZ squeeze design that allows for precise application. If you accidentally press too hard, simply wash off the paste with soap and water.

Wall adhesives are necessary for installing new wallpaper or repairing seams in your existing wall covering. Commercial-grade pastes are best for pasting machines and professionals, while durable options are best for DIY enthusiasts and interior design hobbyists. Complete your project with any of the wallpaper pastes on our list for flawless results.

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