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How to light a room with no overhead lighting

Do you have a room in your home without overhead lightning? Maybe you’re in a situation where your landlord or rental agency prohibits wiring lighting fixtures, or you lack the ability or desire to rewire an entire room of your house just to put in a light fixture.

Lighting rooms without overhead lighting may involve some creative solutions. Whether you’re looking for a simple lighting solution or a fixture that is both beautiful and functional, here are some suggestions on how to brighten your home without the cost of wiring.

Improving overhead lighting

Plug-in ceiling pendants

Plug-in ceiling pendants can provide overhead light even without a permanent ceiling fixture. They come in multiple styles and designs, and many could easily pass as a chandelier that really beautifies your room while providing lighting solutions.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are another option to add more lighting with no overhead lighting. These are much simpler than installing wiring in your ceiling. If you get a beautiful design or even vintage sconces, they will make great home decor accents too.

String lights

Apartment List suggests that string lights are another way to improve overhead lighting. This is a lighting solution that really adds light and ambience to a room without the need for overhead light fixtures or ceiling wiring. All you need are some hooks or nails to drape the lights over.

A chair and a floor lamp sitting beside a window are illuminated by the sun.
Joshua Newton/Unsplash

Adding light to a room without wiring

Floor lamps

Large floor lamps are an easy and simple way to beautify and light a room. They require no drilling and provide the feel of overhead lighting without the actual ceiling lights.

Table lamps

Table lamps are another, smaller option for lighting dim corners or specific areas of a room. 

Bare bulb lamps

A bare bulb or light-colored shade helps direct light across the room or it may bounce off the ceiling.

Plug-in sconces

Decorate Life suggests plug-in sconces can be easily installed around your home to light a room with no overhead lighting and or wall wiring. They are flexible enough to be mounted at a different height, and they look absolutely fabulous in pairs on either side of a bed or couch.

Mirror against floor lamp

A creative solution is to use a mirror against a floor lamp for lightning. It is one of the most effective lighting solutions for a room without overhead light. By placing a tall floor lamp against a mirror, the light will be reflected around the room.

Whether you’re looking to make up for a lack of lighting, or just thinking about illuminating a dark corner, think about testing some of these solutions in your space. Not only will your living experience be enhanced, but you also may find yourself more drawn to your space.

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