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Leah Groth

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Living room furniture

21 rules for arranging living room furniture, according to the experts

Some of the top interior design experts in the country offer tips on how to properly arrange living room furniture.
Pink and blue color blocking wall paint design

Satin vs. eggshell paint: How to choose the right finish for every room

Before you start painting your home, use these expert-approved tips to decide whether satin vs. eggshell paint is a better option.
King Flock Tree

King of Christmas trees – do they live up to the hype?

King of Christmas artificial trees have become increasingly popular due to influencers on social media. Here is everything you need to know about them.
Barn door

Thinking about installing sliding barn doors? 5 essential questions to ask yourself

Are barn doors right for your home's design? Here's what an expert says any homeowner should know before installing sliding barn doors.
coffee table decor

10 designer-approved coffee table decor ideas you’ll want to steal

Coffee table decor is an important part of your home design. Here are ten interior designer-endorsed ways to accent your coffee table, and we love them all.
Organized garage

Garage a mess? Here’s how to tackle that today

Don't wait any longer to tackle your messy garage - we should you how you can get started today
vintage kitchen

How to design a vintage-inspired kitchen

Looking to add a bit of vintage flair to your kitchen? We've got you covered.
Man holding a bag of recycled cardboard

Reduce, reuse, and recycle cardboard at home

While cardboard items can be tossed in your recycle bin, there are things you can still do with them. We show the ways to reuse them.
Couch and padded chair in a small apartment

Decor ideas for small apartments that anyone can try

A small space doesn't have to be sparse, but it can be stylish. Get inspired by our roundup of decor ideas from design experts.
traditional bedroom

Mixing traditional and contemporary styles: What to know

Bring classic and modern together with these decorating ideas
rustic centerpiece

Centerpiece inspirations for your dining room table

Whether you're looking to make a statement or dress up a plain room, here are some tabletop decor ideas for every budget
Kitchen with marble countertops

Kitchen remodel timelines: What to know and where to start

Remodeling a kitchen is a huge home project. Our step-by-step guide tells you what you need to know and where to start.
Woman putting items into a compost container

Why you should start composting at home

You may be thinking about starting to compost at home. We explain why it's an excellent idea to begin composting.
Pink chair against a pink wall

Liven up your apartment with these bright wall colors

When choosing interior paint for your apartment, bright colors can seriously liven things up. We suggest colors to make a statement.
bathroom organized

9 great bathroom towel storage ideas for your next weekend project

These interior designer-endorsed tips will help you keep your bathroom towels organized.
Woman on a sofa bed holding a cup of coffee

These sleeper sofa beds will look great in your living room

Sleeper sofa beds are a great multi-tasking, space-saving solution for your living room
Woman taking fruit out of a cloth bag on table

5 ideas to make your home more eco-friendly

Maintaining an eco-friendly home is easier than you think. Our guide provides five expert tips to make it possible for you.
burgundy living room

Best warm paint colors for a fall living room makeover

These warm paint colors are perfect for a fall living room makeover.