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8 adorable indoor herb gardens for your kitchen or sunroom

A steady supply of fresh culinary herbs is the holy grail of serious cooks. They add unparalleled freshness to virtually any dish. But fresh herbs can get expensive, especially in the off-season, and they don’t last long in the fridge. Growing your own is the best solution, but what if you don’t have the space or time to maintain an herb garden? No problem. These cute indoor herb gardens are surprisingly productive and will look great on your kitchen counter.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

Install this three-pot hanging planter near a brightly lit window to keep a steady supply of herbs close at hand. Mount the twenty-four-inch rod to the wall or ceiling with the included hardware and adjust each rope potholder to the level you prefer. The melamine pots do not drain but fit 3-inch diameter plant pots (not included) that you can remove for watering.

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Reviewers appreciate the size of the planter for growing a few of their favorite herbs conveniently close to the kitchen. And, it’s easy to install with the included hardware. If you’re not into herbs or live plants, some recommend using it for other small houseplants or even faux plants to soften the look of any room.

Watex Pixel Garden Desktop

This countertop herb garden combines a space-saving vertical planter design with a root-watering chamber. Eight 3-inch net pots (included) fit inside the plant pockets of this two-tiered planter for a nice amount of plant diversity in less than 80 square inches of counter or desktop space. Unabsorbed water drains to the bottom overflow tray.

Users agree that this planter is easy to set up and water using the rear irrigation port. Extra care and monitoring are required when planting young seedlings until their roots reach the bottom of their pots, where they can easily access the water.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Each color-tinted quart size jar is a simple, passive hydroponic system with a cute, country kitchen look. It includes everything you need to grow an abundance of culinary herbs in a sunny windowsill, balcony, or patio. Choose from basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, or rosemary.

This is an easy way for those with no space or time for gardening to enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs. There is no guesswork about watering or plant food. The start-up and care instructions are easy to follow, and maintenance is minimal. Just add water occasionally and trim the herbs regularly. It makes a cute gift.

Planter’s Choice 9-Herb Window Garden

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one herb garden kit for yourself or a gift, this could be a great choice. The 34 piece kit includes everything you need: Nine reusable pots with three drip trays, three pre-fertilized soil discs, nine premium seed packets, nine bamboo plant markers, and an easy-to-follow set of instructions. Just add water to the compressed soil discs to expand them, then fill the pots and sow seeds. Herb selections include basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, thyme, chives, oregano, sage, and mustard.

The reusable plant pots are notably sturdy, and the compressed soil pellets expand to an ample size. This kit comes with a really nice variety of seeds, compared to the offerings of many competitors. Be sure to plant in a bright, sunny location or purchase grow lights to provide enough light.

Self Watering Kitchen Herb Pot

Set up this self-watering container on a bright countertop or windowsill, and plant your choice of herb for a steady supply of culinary treats. The two-part growing system includes a ceramic plant pot that nests into a glass water container. Moisture wicks up through the soil to keep herb plants consistently moist without the need for daily watering. 

This high-design, self-watering planter is an excellent system for growing basil, which thrives in moist soil. Be sure to provide ample sunlight or supplemental artificial light for strong stems and healthy growth.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Ensure that your plants have enough water, light, and nutrients at all times with this smart hydroponic growing system. The startup is fast and easy: Just drop in the included plant pods, fill the water reservoir and plug in the self-watering planter. Energy-efficient LED grow lights ensure that plants grow up strong and dense. As plants grow, the light extends more than 13 inches above the soil surface.

This system is perfect for those who don’t have much natural sunlight, and it makes watering and fertilization a cinch. Additional pre-seeded plant pods are available for more than 50 herbs, veggies, and flowers. Or grow anything you like with seedless pods. 

Mindful Design Stackable LED Indoor Garden Kit

If a lack of sunlight limits your ability to garden indoors, this LED garden kit answers the call. The stackable lighting system holds up to four 4-inch pots per tier. The light fixtures simulate sunlight, with 850 lumens, 4,000k LEDs, to stimulate strong, stocky plant growth. A 16-hour on/8-hour off timer maximizes lighting efficiency for plant growth. Seeds, plants, and pots are not included.

The easy to assemble kit is a great choice for seed starting or growing fast-yield crops like microgreens. Kitchen herbs will thrive under the bright lights, with dense foliage for regular harvests.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Truly an elite indoor herb garden, the AeroGarden Harvest Elite automates the process of growing culinary herbs right in the kitchen. Install the six grow pods (Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint are included with the kit), fill the reservoir with water/plant food solution, and plug it in. Full-spectrum, 20 watt LED grow lights on an extendable tower provide ample light for healthy plants and maximum yield. A digital display control panel lets you easily adjust light and circulation pump settings and tells you when it’s time to fertilize or add water.

Harvest fresh herbs in as little as three weeks. This hydroponic system also provides optimum light intensity to make herbs and lettuces grow super fast. The low-profile light tower and sleek styling give it a clean, modern, classy appearance. It works great for growing and harvesting in the kitchen or use it for seed starting to support soil-based gardening with the optional seed starting kit.

Growing your own herbs is a great way to bring more green into your life. It helps to have an attractive indoor herb garden. In just a small amount of space and with the right amount of light, you can grow an abundant supply of fresh herbs to liven up the kitchen and garnish your favorite dishes. 

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