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Trendy indoor plants can make a design statement — here’s how

The benefits of indoor plants are plentiful. From lifting your mood to helping reduce anxiety, it’s always good to have some indoor plants around. If you’re looking to integrate some indoor plants into your interior design to make a big statement, you’ve come to the right place. There are more ways to display your plant babies than just sitting them on a side table, and we’re going to review some creative indoor plant designs to get your inspiration flowing.

Frame your succulents

Succulents are incredibly popular due to their low-maintenance care requirements and their adorable shapes and sizes. A great way to incorporate those little beauties into your interior design is to plant them into a soil-filled frame box and create a living art display. You can use a frame that’s as large as you’d like and mix and match your favorite succulents to create a gorgeous wall design. Use varying colors and shapes to make this living statement design really pop.

Use unique planters

When it comes to the planters you use in your indoor space, it’s tempting to use muted tones and standard planter shapes. People generally want to make sure their planters mesh well with the rest of their decor. However, you can make your plants the focal point of the room by being a bit daring with the design of the planters. You can really make a bold statement with colorful and uniquely shaped planters.

Create a hanging plant display

Hanging plants do so well at giving off an elegant and whimsical feel in any room. If you love those draping vines and hanging leaves, consider creating a unique display that’s just for your hanging plants. You can create one of these displays in a couple of different ways, including hanging a bar on the wall or setting up a plant stand with a hanging bar at the top. As long as your hanging plants are suspended on a secured bar or shelf, their foliage can droop down beautifully and catch the eye of all of your guests.

Install an overhead planter

Another great way to display hanging plants, an overhead planter is great in the kitchen, whether above the table or hanging over the kitchen island, or even in the living room hanging above the coffee table. While the installation of overhead planters are a bit more involved than other indoor plant design options, these displays really make a big design statement and bring the room together beautifully.

Use plants as a room divider

Particularly in small living spaces, it’s great to have a room divider. Not only does this offer a little privacy (especially if your living room or bedroom now doubles as your home office), but it also helps the flow of your home’s design trends. Using plants as a room divider is extremely simple and only requires plants tall enough to block the view from one room to another. You can even set up a large frame for hanging plants to easily serve as a room divider.

Design a living wall

Got a big bare wall that you’re not sure how to decorate? Consider creating a living wall with the available space. The idea behind a living wall is to pack a ton of indoor plants onto shelving or in framed wall planters so that the entire wall is covered with greenery. As your plants grow, the wall becomes more and more full of life, with vining plants, succulents, and big, bushy plants all living together in harmony.

Don’t forget bathroom plants

While indoor plant parents tend to overload their living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms with their plant babies, the bathroom is an often neglected room when it comes to living plant decor. It’s unfortunate, though, since many indoor plants would thrive in the moist, humid environment of the bathroom. Additionally, the bathroom is often a room that’s decorated in a plain, sterile fashion and could use a bit of life. Having indoor plants in the bathroom makes a great design statement and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Indoor plants can really add to the statement decor of any room. With endless options when it comes to unique displays, bold planters, and of course, the type of plant being used, indoor plant displays can be designed as chic, trendy additions to your indoor living space. Get inspired today and start displaying those plant babies the way they deserve.

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