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landscaping expert summer patio ideas modern minimal deck

How to repair deck boards before you host your next party

Deck boards can be repaired pretty easily. Here's how to do it yourself before guests arrive.
Finished basement seating area with white walls and carpet

How to eliminate that musty ‘basement’ smell

Does your basement stink? Here's how to get rid of the smell and keep it away for good.
Person sanding down uneven walls

How to repair drywall holes in less than an hour

This is how to quickly and easily repair drywall holes in your home.
Woman and pest control inspector in kitchen

When is the best time of year to spray for bugs? What you should know

Is there a right time of year to spray for bugs? Should you do it often? We walk you through it.
Children looking at mixed potted seedlings

How to transplant your seed starters from pots to the garden

These are the right (and wrong) ways to take your seedlings from indoor pots to the outdoor garden.
two kids by a fire pit

Make sure your kids know these 6 fire pit safety tips before your next barbecue

Fire pits and kids can be a bad mix. Make sure your kids know these fire pit safety tips before your next outdoor adventure.
broken drywall

Repair or replace? What you should know about busted drywall

Is your drywall shoddy? Should you repair or replace it? We help you figure it out.
garage interior with tool cabinets

Garage heating and cooling options: Our best advice

This is some of our best advice for heating or cooling your garage year-round.
White painted wood paneling on wall

How to paint paneling and avoid expensive renovations

Does your home have ugly paneling? Instead of tearing it down, paint it! Here's how.
pest control contractor spraying home

How often should you fumigate your house? What you need to know

Should you fumigate often, or is it a once-a-year thing? We help you figure out when is best to spray for bugs.
best seedling trays for your greenhouse plants tray 2

What you need to know about transplanting indoor plants outside

When your seedlings get too large to stay indoors, it's time to take them outside. Here's how it's done.
Woman scrubbing mold growth

Everything You Need to Give Your College Room a Deep Clean

Heading to college? These are all the deep cleaning items you need and they won't cost you a fortune either.
person installing wired home security camera

Should you buy your own home security system or lease a service? How to decide

Is DIY home security worth it, or should you lease a service fro your cable provider or another company? We help you decide.
transitional style bathroom

How to clean your gross bathroom in 20 minutes flat

Bathrooms get gross; ours too, it's fine, you're not alone. Here's how to clean as you go to avoid disgusting bathrooms in your home.
adult guests at an outdoor party

Do these 7 things to keep bugs away from your next party

Bugs can ruina ny party. Here's how to keep them away so you can enjoy your gathering.
how to paint kitchen cabinets painting

How to paint your kitchen cabinets in 9 simple steps

Upgrading cabinets can cost thousands of dollars. Refinishing and painting is far less expensive.
woman assembling a wooden box

Our 6 favorite YouTube channels for simple at-home DIY guides

Check out these YouTube channels for tons of helpful DIY content.
lithops plants

7 weird house plants from Instagram you’ve got to see to believe

These weird houseplants from Instagram will have you wishing they were in your home!
landscaping reality check for homeowners pexels photo 130154

A mid-summer landscaping reality check for every homeowner

Before you get your heart set on a landscaping design, consult experts to figure out if your plans are realistic.
woman adjusting a thermostat

Geothermal vs. solar heating and cooling systems: Which is right for your home?

We help you decide between solar and geothermal heating for your home.
Close-up of a hand sanding a chair seat

7 Facebook groups that will inspire you to upcycle your furniture

Need some inspiration for upcycling furniture? These Facebook groups may be able to help motivate you.
door lock with key

9 must-have items to keep your home safe and secure

four potted plants on a table

8 adorable indoor herb gardens for your kitchen or sunroom

We've found some really great herb gardens that look amazing in any window.
man applying asphalt sealant on a driveway

How to know if it’s time to repair your driveway

A cracked driveway isn't always serious, but severe cracks may be problematic. Here's when you should repair yours.
playing ukulele beside a campfire

Fire pit safety rules you need to be mindful of this summer

Fire pits are awesome, but dangerous. Make sure you (and everyone you know) understands how to stay safe this summer.
hole in a drywall ceiling

How to repair a large hole in drywall

How to repair large, unsightly holes in your drywall.
Security camera with iPhone monitoring system

2 ways your iPhone can become a vital home security tool

A galley kitchen with blue cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets: 8 simple steps

You heard it here first: Experts say this is the best way to paint kitchen cabinets
outdoor surveillance laws backyard security camera

4 DIY home security systems you can put together today

You don't need to hire pros to have a workable home security system
Roof with red shingles and multiple windows

How to safely work on a roof this summer

Roofing projects can be dangerous -- follow these tips to keep yourself safe
blue patio set

How to chase the most common summer bugs from your backyard

Bugs are a pain in the summer -- get rid of them fast with our tips
hardwood floor closeup with person in chair

5 common wood floor repairs every home owner should know

If you have wood floors, you need to know these quick DIY repairs
best shower head holders droplets flowing from

How to empty a water heater safely

Keep yourself safe with this handy how-to guide
the best wall art for your living room woman in red hanging pictures

Apartment-dweller 101: How to patch holes in walls

Patch walls painlessly with this simple guide
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

4 basic lawn care tools every homeowner needs

Everyone with a lawn needs these 4 tools - trust us
aop version 11 best kitchen rugs baby mother

Baby-proofing your house: What you need to know

Make sure your home is safe for your kids - and other peoples' - with this guide
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

How to spread compost on your lawn – and why you need to

Topdressing is a great way to ensure a healthy lawn - here's how to do it
flowers on clean counter top

How to fix laminate countertops without calling a professional

We walk you through the best ways to fix your laminate counters
the best carbon monoxide detector

How to test for carbon monoxide safely

Keep your home and yourself safe by following these CO testing tips
ways to maximize your kitchen storage space sink with hanging pans

What you need to know about how home plumbing works

Ever wondered how your house's plumbing works? We've got you covered
Home security camera

Rest easy on vacation with these 5 home security solutions

Make sure your vacation is all about being away from home by ensuring it's safe with these 5 products
the best deadbolt lock set

These 5 safety door locks will ensure you sleep well at night

Rest well and keep your home safe with these 5 door locks
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

How many motion sensors do you need for your home? What you need to know

There's such a thing as overkill, but you have to take care of your family too. Here's how to strike a balance
Clean sheets folded on bed

How often should you wash your sheets?

Having a good night's sleep starts with the sheets, but how often should you be cleaning them?
keep measuring tape in kitchen measure on counter resized

You need to start keeping a tape measure in your kitchen

woman repotting plants

How to repot your favorite plants when they get too big

Make sure your plants live a long and healthy life with these repotting tips.
person repotting houseplant with garden tools

These 7 cute tiny plants will give your space a green boost

If you're lacking space but still want some living things in your home, these are the plants for you
the best deadbolt lock set

Sleep soundly after installing these high-security door locks

These door locks will keep you and your family safe, guaranteed
best flood lights home safety security theft prevention led projector with motion sensor in outdoor carport

Install these 3 great motion sensors at home for peace of mind

These motion sensors are simple to install and will ensure you sleep soundly at night
the best window air conditioner

Are portable air conditioners worth the hassle? What you need to know

Tired of sweating every time you enter that one room of your home? We explain why a portable AC unit is the right remedy for this problem.