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Red house with for sale sign in the front yard

A startling number of 2022 homebuyers are already underwater – find out why

Homebuyers beware: Many 2022 homebuyers are finding they have underwater mortgages. Here's why.
Garage and driveway with man shoveling snow

What products to use to keep your driveway and yard safe from ice and salt: A winter guide

Most of us have to melt ice in our driveways during the winter, but it can have an effect on your landscaping if you do it wrong. Here's what you need to know.
Close-up of a laundry basket and washing machine

Recall alert: These popular washing machines could pose a fire hazard

Washing machines these days have tons of new tech and features, but mostly, you want them to be safe. Check here to be sure your machine isn't a hazard.

Avoid catastrophe: How to unfreeze pipes and save your home from water damage

Frozen pipes can be disastrous and should be dealt with fast. Here's what you should do to unfreeze pipes and prevent water damage.
try these 11 bathroom diys you can do in one hour plumber

The house maintenance tasks homeowners think first-time buyers should know

If you're buying a home for the first time, you'll want to pay attention to the advice of people who have been there before with these tips.
Family decorating the outside of their home for the holidays

Don’t ruin Christmas: Avoid these safety mistakes when decorating outside

Safety first! Don't make these mistakes when decorating your yard for Christmas.
Wooden door with silver handle and multiple dead bolt locks

How to build your own home security system without breaking the bank

Want to build a custom home security system? Here are some ideas.
Kitchen with washable paint

5 washable paint brands perfect for keeping kitchen walls clean and beautiful

These washable paint brands are perfect when you're looking for new kitchen paint ideas.
Warm beige living room wall paint color

The best beige colors for your home (and, no, they’re not boring)

Beige doesn't have to be dull and lifeless. These are some of the best beige paint colors that will complement your space.
Oak leaf floating on top of pool water

How to close a pool for winter so you can protect your investment for years to come

Follow this guide for closing your pool for the winter.
Outdoor air conditioning units

How to clean your air conditioner coils inside your house

Cleaning your air conditioner is essential for the health and safety of everyone in your home. Here's how to do it yourself at the end of the A/C season.
Wallpaper paste

The best wallpaper paste for your home and room makeovers

With wallpaper paste, you can do room makeovers and complete them in the same day. We came up with this list of the most effective options to help you decide.
Attic with insulation on floor

Insulating an attic isn’t as easy as it seems – what to know before you start

Insulating your attic has some big energy benefits, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Read this before you start, to avoid costly mistakes.
Woman painting kitchen cabinets

Fun things you need to know about painting your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a labor-intensive task. We're here so you can learn the essentials before you start so you can do the project correctly.
Woman opening fridge to get fruit

Refrigerator light not working? Some easy fixes to try

If your refrigerator light is out, don't panic. Try these quick fixes first before calling a professional to repair it.
analysis of climate change risks for home buyers houses in houston suburb flooded from hurricane harvey 2017

The climate change risks home buyers are sleeping on, according to Zillow

According to a recent analysis by Zillow, there’s really only one climate change risk home buyers are heeding — flooding.
Couple packing moving boxes together

Moving out? Get your security deposit back quickly with these simple tips

If you're moving out of your rental apartment soon, use these tips to get your security deposit back as quickly and easily as possible.
Pool vacuum sticking out of an outdoor pool

The best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning to save you time so you can relax

Using one of the best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning can make your pool maintenance frustrations a thing of the past.
Deep blue house with two floors

Find the best exterior house color for your home’s architectural style

Whether you have a cottage, Victorian, or ranch, these are the best exterior paint colors for your home.
Close-up of green grass with trees in the background

The quintessential guide to lawn fertilization for thick, healthy grass

Want to have a pristine yard with lush, green grass? This is everything you need to know about lawn fertilization for the best possible curb appeal.
Man cleaning home with a spray bottle

Does vinegar repel ants and other pests around the home?

If your home is being invaded by ants, there's a nontoxic solution. We discuss why a vinegar and water work as an ant repellant.
Front door view

Keys vs. keyless: Which front door entry system is safer?

You want to keep your family safe while they're at home and keep your home safe when you're away. Here's how to tell which type of door lock will do that best.
Tall grass with good lawn maintenance

Manage your overgrown lawn in 8 easy steps

These are the best ways to cut long grass and ensure your lawn never looks bad again.
Person wearing foot aerators

How to aerate a lawn without a ton of expensive equipment

Lawn aeration doesn't have to be a big production. Here's how to aerate your lawn without breaking the bank.
Pool chlorinator

The best pool chlorine floaters for continuous cleaning

Use an automatic chlorine floater to help keep your pool in top shape even when you aren't home. Here is a list we have compiled of top picks available online.
Blue oat grass

This low-maintenance, attractive ornamental grass adds instant curb appeal

Blue oat grass is the easy, beautiful ornamental grass your landscaping needs.
White bathroom sink with spider in it

The best spider repellents so you can keep your home pest-free

With hundreds of millions of spiders set to invade homes every season, having the best spider repellent is essential for keeping these creepy crawlers out.
Sand filter

The best pool filter sand for a sparkling swimming pool

Having a sand pool filter is great. Sand filters are one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain your pool. They keep pools clean and cleaning costs down.
Dust mites

The best dust mite sprays to eliminate those pesky microscopic bugs from your home

Though they don’t bite, dust mites can create serious allergy problems that can be detrimental to your health. Eliminate dust mites with our top picks.
Bathroom with orange walls

These are the best plants to put in your shower for a nature-inspired sanctuary

Adding a plant to your shower provides design and health benefits. These are the best shower plants.
which pests are likely to take over your summer garden and how control removing

Organic pest control options to curb the intruders taking over your garden

Pests in your plants? Don't panic - these organic pest control solutions will work wonders.
best yellow jacket traps to the rescue garage door opener

The best garage door openers

Are you tired of manually opening your garage door? Make your life easier and save yourself the extra work with an automatic garage door opener from our list.
how to install security lights shutterstock 1340722961

How to install a security light with a motion sensor in 3 easy steps

Make your home safer. Here's your guide for installing security lights in your yard.
house with exterior lighting at dusk

How to install a security light from scratch in a day

Security lights for your home are easy to install, and even easier to manage. Here's how to install one in just a few hours.
two-tone bedroom wall paint

Two-tone bedroom wall paint combos that will wow anyone

If you want to paint a bedroom two colors, use these inventive two-tone wall paint combos and design ideas that can elevate and transform any bedroom.
Outdoor inground pool with white two story home

Gas vs heat pump pool water heaters: Which one makes sense for your pool?

Choosing the right pool water heater can be tough. We compare two of the most popular styles: Gas vs. Heat Pump Water Heaters.
how to replace a toilet shutterstock 1115737901

Forget the plumber: How to replace a toilet yourself (and save some money)

Yes, you can replace a toilet yourself. Follow this handy guide.
Pouring cream paint into a paint tray

A perfect neutral: These are the best cream paint colors

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hue that is classic, warm, and inviting, check out these cream paint colors that will elevate your design.
how to repair wide cracks in concrete shutterstock 505982602

DIY 101: Repair concrete gaps and instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal

Concrete gaps aren't just unsightly — they're a serious tripping hazard. Here's how to fill large gaps in concrete (and small ones, too).
Close up of white and pink phlox flowers.

6 kinds of perennials that bloom all summer for a gorgeous garden all season

We've found some incredible perennials that will bloom all summer long to keep your home looking sensational for months.
ductless heating and cooling shutterstock 1023973342

The pros and cons of ductless heating and cooling systems you need to know about

Is a ductless heating and cooling system right for your home? This is your guide to the pros and cons of going ductless.
side view of prayer plant in white planter

How to propagate prayer plants for a flourishing indoor garden

Prayer plants are great for your home's decor. Here's how to propagate them the right way so that the new plants flourish.
Nest Thermostat on wall with wood paneling

The Nest Thermostat is $50 off for Prime Day!

With this Nest thermostat Prime Day deal, you can save $50 on the Google Nest Learning Thermostat to help you fill out your smart home for less.
different types of wall paint shutterstock 596435585

Know the different types of paint: The ultimate guide for painting your walls

Don't use the wrong type of paint for your next project. This is what you need to know.
Finished basement with pool table and light colored walls

These fantastic basement paint colors will brighten up your space in no time

Basements don't have to be dingy and dull. Our favorite paint colors work for finished basements no matter what you're planning to do with the space.
Indoor plant in wicker container

How to repot a houseplant without killing it in the process

Repotting your houseplants is no longer nerve-wracking. Make sure you do it the right way with our repotting how-to guide.
how to fix patchy grass shutterstock 1902434023

Eyesore alert: How to fix patchy grass for a lush green lawn

Don't let patchy grass get you down. Use this guide to get a breathtaking lawn everyone will envy.
A close-up video of someone washing a fork in a sink.

Dish scrubbing brush vs. sponge: Which is better for cleaning dishes?

When deciding whether a dish sponge or brush is better for cleaning your dirty dishes, here is everything you need to consider.
Hand painting wood paneling outdoors

How to paint the exterior of your house so it looks like you hired a pro

Follow these tips to paint the exterior of your home.

How to paint a ceiling without also painting yourself

Painting a ceiling can be a messy job. Here's how to do it right.