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These are the household products Reddit agrees you should always buy brand name

Here are the household products worth your investment

Household products can add up, especially when you consider all the different types you need to keep on hand as a homeowner. It’s a highly lucrative field, and many manufacturers make knock-off versions that promise the same high quality as the original at a fraction of the price. But which products should you spend a little extra money on? What items have a reputation that stands the test of time? The Reddit subgroup r/frugal asked that very question, and plenty of people weighed in on the best household products that you should never skimp on.

The question was posed: “What everyday items should you not get the cheaper versions of? Sometimes companies have a higher price for their products even when there is no increase in quality. Sometimes there is a noticeable increase in quality. What are some everyday purchases that you shouldn’t cheap out on?” The poster of the question added his opinion, writing, “One that I learned recently: bin bags,” to which we enthusiastically agree.

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Painting products for the win

One of the highest-ranked answers to this very important question came from user u/bluemercutio. “As I’m painting the kitchen right now, I’d like to add masking tape,” they wrote. “The cheap stuff I still had in the basement is total crap compared to the roll of professional masking tape the plasterer left me.”

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For anyone who has tackled painting, you know taping is a big part of the process, and going the cheap route only makes for more work (and a bigger headache). Many agreed, adding, “That and the actual brushes and rollers. Goes on much more nicely and looks better,” as well as high-quality paint itself. You’ll be looking at the finished product of your painting project for years to come, so it’s worth spending a little more for quality.

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Don’t skimp on kitchen items

There were many comments for kitchen products in all of their various forms. One Redditor (who knows from experience) wrote, “The blister on my finger is telling me oven mitts. Just learned that lesson.”

One helpful person responded that perhaps investing in a pair that was not necessary made for the kitchen works much better. “Go to a hardware store and get [a good pair of] leather welding gloves,” u/Walt_the_White wrote. “It’ll be good for way, way, way, way hot and give you five fingers worth of grip.”

Others added in that good kitchen shears, drain clog snakes, sponges (everyone agrees the Scrub Daddy is the clear winner), and knives (“Knives…..chef, paring…any kitchen knife”) are also products that are worth the investment.

While it’s always good to try and save money where you can, these items for the home are arguably worth the cost. If not, you end up spending more time and likely more money fixing the issues a subpar product delivers.

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