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Family grilling out in the backyard

Pros and cons of gas and electric BBQ grills

Ready to get your barbeque on but unsure which type of grill is best for you? We discuss electric grills vs. gas grills so you can make an informed decision.
Bowl of fruit on a counter

If your apples are next to these fruits and veggies, you’re ruining your produce

Stovetop and oven in kitchen

Gas vs. electric stoves: Which one is best for you?

Appliance storage on shelves

Experts say these are the kitchen appliances we’re all going to invest in this year

Slow cooker on table with food

Is a slow cooker the same as a crockpot?

Chicken casserole

7 incredible crockpot chicken recipes that take no time to prep

Festive Christmas table setting

These Christmas table decorations are the perfect backdrop for your holiday meal

Group of people gathered for the Christmas holiday

6 unique Christmas dinner ideas so amazing they’ll become new family traditions

Family baking Christmas cookies

These Christmas desserts will wow your guests this year and have them coming back for seconds

Christmas cookie cutter cookies

Tired of sugar cookies? Try these ridiculously creative Christmas cookie ideas

Swedish meatballs and light colored gravy in a silver pan

How to make Swedish meatballs even tastier than IKEA’s

Chocolate lava cake with cranberries

6 easy Christmas desserts everyone will think are from a high-end bakery

Woman holding a turkey on a platter

8 things no one tells you about hosting Thanksgiving (that they really should)

Hosting Thanksgiving can be stressful. Avoid these rookie mistakes.
Thanksgiving table with cracker spread

7 delicious Thanksgiving appetizers that still leave room for a big meal

You don't want your guests to fill up on apps and skip the turkey. These tasty Thanksgiving appetizers are the perfect way to whet an appetite.
Family eating Thanksgiving dinner

5 insanely good sides that come together in 10 minutes or less for Thanksgiving

Tired of spending every Thanksgiving in the kitchen? This year, give these quick side dishes a try so you can enjoy the people you're thankful for.
Autumn spices, pumpkin, and cinnamon

6 delicious Thanksgiving desserts to make if you kind of hate pie

If you're not a fan of pie, don't get left out this holiday season. Serve these incredible Thanksgiving dessert alternatives at your dinner table this year.
King Flock Tree

King of Christmas trees – do they live up to the hype?

King of Christmas artificial trees have become increasingly popular due to influencers on social media. Here is everything you need to know about them.
Grandmother helping child with Thanksgiving turkey

10 dumb Thanksgiving turkey mistakes that will absolutely ruin your holiday

Avoid these common errors when cooking the Thanksgiving turkey this year.
Woman organizing food storage containers

Glass vs. plastic containers: Which food storage option should you choose?

Plastic containers are under scrutiny, but is glass worth the hype? We give you everything you need to know.
Silicone baking molds

How safe are silicone baking tools? We did the research

Silicon baking tools are popular, and convenient, but are they really what you need? We did the research.
Costco rotisserie chicken

The secret Costco rotisserie chicken deal only pros and super fans know about

Did you know you can buy an entire case of uncooked Costco rotisserie chicken for $4.89 each? Here's what you need to know.
Costco croissants

How to keep Costco croissants fresh for weeks (or months)

We love croissants from Costco, but most households can’t get through 12 in a few days’ time. What can you do? Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks.
Gas stove burners with cleaner

How to clean gas stove burner heads safely so you can get back to cooking healthy meals on your stovetop

Taking care of your gas stove burner heads is essential. Here's how you can clean your gas stove burners safely.
Homemade peanut butter cookies on a baking sheet

This 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe is insanely good

With just three ingredients, you can create the most delectable dessert. These 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies will wow everyone.
vegan roll

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about making delicious vegan spring rolls

Vegan spring rolls aren't difficult to make (as long as you follow this handy guide).
Chicken casserole

Get tasty slow cooker chicken every time with these simple tips and tricks

Want to make delicious chicken in your slow cooker or crockpot? These are the important do's and don'ts to know.
Avocado toast with eggs on white plate and table

The secret to avocado toast that no one ever talks about

Wondering what to put on avocado toast? We've got you covered.
Person smelling something bad in the kitchen

How to get rid of cooking smells in your home or apartment

Cooking smells are great while you're cooking, but not if they linger after the meal is done. Check out these ideas to get rid of cooking smells.
Person holding two Styrofoam carry-out containers

Can you heat up Styrofoam? What you need to know to keep yourself safe

Can you heat up Styrofoam food storage containers? Read this before you put your Styrofoam takeout containers in the microwave. Trust us, you won't regret it.
Balcony garden with watering can

What to grow in your apartment balcony vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens are not just for homeowners with yards — you can plant a wide array of vegetables (and fruits) on your apartment patio or balcony.
Instant Pot on a table

How to make perfect rice in the Instant Pot – every time

Instant Pot rice cooking doesn't have to be difficult. Use these tricks to get the perfect rice dish every time.
Friends making a toast to celebrate 4th of July holiday

Add some flavor to your Independence Day bash: Our 8 favorite 4th of July drinks

We’re taking the fun up a notch with our pick of the best tasting 4th of July drinks — if you’re into cocktails or just want a refreshing (and festive) drink!
Red, white, and blue theme cupcakes with USA flags for Independence Day

8 tasty 4th of July desserts even baking novices can make

Here are eight 4th of July desserts anyone can make. Before the fireworks even start, you’ll have everyone cheering for these red, white, and blue desserts.
Girl surprising her dad with a Father's Day gift

10 Father’s Day gifts he’ll be proud to display

Give Dad something he'll be proud to call his own — and something he'll never expect. Here are 10 Father's Day gift ideas that he will love.
Using tongs on a gas grill

The grilling and backyard cookout essentials you should absolutely get at Costco

One of the best places to do the stocking up is Costco because their prices are generally lower, and you can buy in bulk and never run out.
kids at costco in grocery store

This Costco cake order went terribly wrong

It looks like the designer took the instructions a little too literally, making a cake that mirrored what the person ordering wanted the entire cake to be.
Cocktails with shaker

Wet bars for mocktails? A new trend is here for 2023

Whether you've dedicated a space in your kitchen or have a section of the home you'd like to dedicate to a wet bar, there are tons of ideas to get you started.
person holding costco receipt

This meal prep pro made 24 dinners and only spent $67 at Costco

If you're looking to eat healthy and want to stick to a budget, this Redditor’s meal prep system just may be for you.
Strawberries in a wooden basket

Strawberries abound at the farmers market: What to do with this tasty fruit

The best part about the farmers market is the freshness — here's why you should pick up a few extra strawberries this weekend.
Mother and child making bread.

Wow your holiday guests with the best Easter bread they’ll ever have

If you've never tried Easter bread, we bet you'll have a new tradition after trying this recipe. Here's how to make the best Easter bread.
Plate of corned beef and cabbage on a table

This is our absolute favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe

You'll love this corned beef and cabbage recipe this St. Patrick's Day (and it only takes 10 minutes to prep).
People eating popcorn

How to turn your spare room into a luxe at-home movie theater

Here's how you can swap out your unused guest bedroom for an at-home theater instead.
Color led lights

Game room ideas that will take your rec room to the next level

Here are some of our favorite game room ideas that add to an atmosphere of fun and relaxation to your recreation room.
Football party chicken wings and dip

A Super Bowl party isn’t complete without these delicious, easy-to-make eats

From dips to wings, this is the Super Bowl party food that will make your event a hit.
People eating popcorn

Costco snacks you won’t find anywhere else

There are definitely some delicious party snacks that are either exclusive to Costco or extremely limited elsewhere. Here are some of those gems.
Fruity yogurt healthy dessert

There’s no need to give up dessert – these treats are decadent but still healthy

Don’t deprive yourself of dessert! Instead, try these tasty, low-cal healthy dessert recipes.
Woman reading a book in bed

Recharge and refresh: 8 incredible tips for making your staycation phenomenal

Staying home can be just as fun as going on vacation. These staycation ideas will help you relax and have a good time.
Carrot soup in a white bowl with a side of bread

This carrot soup recipe is beyond delicious – and super easy to make, too

We're in love with this tasty carrot soup recipe. And you're going to want to add it to your dinnertime rotation.
Woman painting wooden cabinet in her home

These are the household products Reddit agrees you should always buy brand name

Household products can add up, especially when you consider all the different types you need to keep on hand as a homeowner.
Two bowls of chili with a spoon and bread on a table

Chili is the quintessential winter meal – how to make the perfect pot

Looking for a recipe to make the perfect pot of chili? We've got the tips you need.