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6 surprising home color palette ideas on Instagram that actually work

Are you considering refreshing your home this year? Choosing your color palette is always the most challenging part of planning a room design. But thankfully, Instagram offers a wealth of inspiration for unique and surprising color combinations. From vibrant tones that make a bold impact to updated classics, you’re sure to discover a professional design that will get your creative juices flowing. We scoured our social media feeds to find some of our favorite color palettes that you may not have considered before. These are six unexpectedly good color combinations to inspire you in 2022.

Chocolate brown and blue

Brown and blue are always a classic pairing. Give this color combo a 2022 upgrade by using a trendy chocolate brown with a cool blue like interior designer Rebecca Gibbs did in her home’s dining room. The contrast of the dark wood with the light blue hue of the wall gives the traditional color palette a much-needed upgrade. To take the look a step further, Gibbs topped the blue wood paneling with a gorgeous cream-colored botanical wallpaper, adding elegance and a touch of whimsy to the room.

Sage green and fuchsia

This eclectic and cheerful living room from Sarah Vaile Design showcases one of our favorite color pairings: sage green and fuchsia. This relaxing shade of green is everywhere this year, but Vaile’s design offers a fresh take on the trend. Matching the soft green with a bold purplish-pink hue breathes new life into the room, which is architecturally very traditional. The gorgeous shades are accented by simple, graphic artwork and a neutral area rug, preventing the maximalist styles from becoming too overwhelming.

Canary yellow and lavender

If you are looking for a bold and completely unexpected color palette, decorate with canary yellow and lavender. Purple and yellow are complementary colors, which creates the intense look showcased in Jessica Ayromloo’s design. The founder of Ayromloo Design loves to play with bright colors, as seen in this bedroom look. The softer lavender purple tempers the bold canary yellow, and the cream wall color grounds the two hues and emphasizes the contrast. While this color combo is undoubtedly not for everyone, it’s hard to resist such a striking interior design.

Dusty rose and kelly green

What could be better than a pink kitchen? A pink kitchen with bright green accents, of course! This unique color combo is brought to us by Plain English Kitchens, a handcrafted cupboard manufacturer from the UK. The design feels homey and ultra-trendy with dual-tone cabinets and countertops. The far wall matches the kitchen island with an inviting dusty rose hue. With bold kelly green accents and white cupboards to tie the look together, the standard kitchen is entirely transformed by the fun and cozy palette.

Black and charcoal gray

Don’t let the dark hues scare you; pairing black with a deep charcoal gray can have an incredibly dramatic effect on a home. In the house designed by architect Reza Mohtashami, the dark gray accent color complements the black walls — and the visual impact is quite striking. Part of what makes these dark shades work so well in this home is the abundant natural light and the contrast with the light-colored floors and ceilings. But even in a less spacious home, this striking color combo will play well.

Maroon, periwinkle, and lilac

On paper, it doesn’t seem like maroon, lilac, and periwinkle would look good together. But with this bedroom design, Plaid Fox Studio has proven that to be incorrect. The bed features an oversized headboard that is cloaked in maroon velvet with a periwinkle blue trim. Lilac throw pillows are the perfect accent on top of crisp white bedding. Set against a textured white wall, the unusual color palette creates a cozy vibe with a lot of visual interest.

Say goodbye to boring neutrals, and welcome these six unexpected color pairings with open arms. The interior design pros of Instagram show us how to embrace color in every room of the home without looking over-the-top or childish. Instead, these color palette ideas offer sophisticated and stunning interior design inspiration that you can incorporate into your home. Whether you want something fun and bold, like bright yellow and pale purple, or something modern and dramatic, like black and dark gray, playing with unusual color combos can have a drastic impact on your home. So don’t be afraid to try something new with your interior design; you never know what surprising color pairing will speak to you!

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