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Staging your home for sale? Get these 5 accent pieces under $150

If you’ve been thinking of selling your house, you want it to look its absolute best, and part of that is staging it just right. You can purchase art for staging homes for well under $150. We’ve put together a list of five accent pieces that can help highlight and accentuate your home’s assets without costing you an arm and a leg.

There’s no need to hire a professional business that specializes in staging homes. With the pieces we’ve listed below, you can ensure that when a prospective buyer walks into the room, they’ll immediately be able to imagine what living there might be like.

Letona Inspirational Stones Vase Filler

These stones, placed in a transparent, decorative vase, are the perfect visual. Each stone has words of encouragement engraved upon them. They don’t just work in decorative vases either. You can place them elsewhere, like in small decorative fountains or as part of a bed for a flower garden. You can even use each stone separately as accent pieces for various rooms in your house.

Each stone is engraved with the following words: Truth, love, courage, strength, honor, and laugh. They can definitely inspire conversation, and each gives the room a pop of bold color. You can buy this set of Letona Inspirational Stones for $43.99

Carson Carrington Lacktorp Modern Wall Shelf (Set of 2)

This set of two wall shelves help provide a stylish, modern vibe to any room you decide to hang them in. Both shelves are made of metal and sport an antique brass finish. When potential buyers walk into a room, you can bet that these modern wall shelves will pique their interest. These shelves will fit perfectly in a house that’s decorated in a mid-century modern to modern (perhaps even rustic farmhouse) style.

You can buy them today for just $48.49

Textured Iron and Fir Decorative Bicycle Sculpture

Another accent piece with a slight antique style, this Textured Iron and Fir Decorative Bicycle Sculpture is incredibly eye-catching. Purposefully crafted to be an artistic decoration, it features coat/paint distressing. (In case you don’t know, that means its paint has been purposely scrubbed and scraped off to make it look older.)

Whether you want to make this a centerpiece or tuck it away in a corner, it can work perfectly with industrial arrangements or vintage, wooden clocks, maps, or abstract art.

You can purchase this decorative bicycle sculpture for $64.99.

Vasya 2 Piece Decorative Bird Cage Set

The Vasya 2 Piece Decorative Bird Cage Set is wildly charming. It looks as if it could have popped straight out of a picture book or like it sat in someone’s home with small birds chirping inside over a hundred years ago. This cage set is made of metal and is incredibly durable. Places you might wish to place it are on tables or shelves practically anywhere in your home. You can also hang it from the ceiling without any problems.

If you’ve got a home with industrial, vintage, or traditionally themed spaces, this decorative birdcage set is perfect for you. Plus, the set comes with two birdcages and metal hooks that make them easy to hang wherever you wish.

Grab these whimsical bird cages for just $75.99

Buckthorn Industrial Circular Hanging Wall Shelf by Christopher Knight Home

Another wall shelf that works quite well with traditional, rustic, or industrial themes, this piece features exquisite curves and fine lines that define it. You can hang the shelf and use it to display beautiful potted plants or other decorative items. This circular wall shelf is made of fir wood and iron in both a black and grey finish. Handcrafted with no assembly required, you can buy it now for $145.34.

Stage your home without spending a ton

Remember that when you’re staging your home for sale, you want the spaces that potential buyers walk into to look amazing. However, there’s no reason to spend a ton or break your bank account to do so. Let your imagination soar with the decorative accent pieces we listed above, and save yourself some money!

When you stage your house with these or other items, recall that the most important rooms to stage are your bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. You don’t have to make every room in your house picture-perfect. But, you should go all out on those rooms.

When you acquire any of the great, artistic pieces on the list above, it’ll help potential buyers see all the possibilities should they decide to purchase your home.

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