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4 under-$70 taupe paint colors for any room of your home

Most people have never heard of taupe paint colors. That may be because these kinds of colors can sometimes be hard to define as it’s one of those colors that is hard to classify. It isn’t white. It isn’t grey—it’s in some murky, grayish-brown, in-between state. It falls in with colors like Xanadu, chartreuse, and Mikado.

If you’re the sort of person who wants to experiment with new trends while still keeping to some established themes, then taupe is a color that could be right for you. Keep reading to discover why this color may be one you’ll want to incorporate into your interior design.

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What exactly is taupe?

As suggested previously, taupe is in that “in-between” state. It’s sort of on a scale between gray and brown. The word “taupe” derives from the French word “mole” because it was similar to the animal’s color. With that said, the word encompasses a wide range of color shades today. Any hue between dark tan to grayish-brown might be considered taupe.

How can taupe be used?

The truth is that the shades that make up taupe can be used throughout your home in a wide variety of materials and textures. You can choose wood, stone, and ceramic flooring that are shades of taupe. For walls, you can purchase taupe-colored wallpaper or paint. You can even find furniture with taupe-colored fabrics.

It’s all about how you wish to incorporate the color scheme into your overall interior design.

In your kitchen

Here’s the thing, taupe isn’t a color you can use in your bedroom or living room alone. You can use it in your kitchen too. Depending on how you implement this color, you can bring a sense of luxury to your eating space. Done right, your taupe-colored kitchen will be a gathering place for more than just cooking.

For example, you might consider pairing a Vintage Taupe paint by Benjamin Moore on the walls with wood floors that are purposely weathered white. Alternatively, you might try some gray undertones by using Elephant Breath paint by Farrow & Ball. While fresh and new, it’ll also bring a sense of warmth to your kitchen.

In your living room

Taupe colors work particularly well in your living room. If you’re a lover of Scandinavian designs, then this something you should pay attention to. As you know, living rooms are called “living rooms” because people generally spend most of their time there. That being said, why wouldn’t you want a luxurious paint color on your walls? Besides having decor that adds to that sense of warmth, you can also opt to use vintage elements, rich fabrics, and of course, taupe wallpaper or paint.

For instance, you might want to try a Baby Fawn paint by Benjamin Moore, which can help accentuate any earth tones you’d like to implement. Another shade that could work well is the Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams, which is a bit plum-hued. It’s incredibly versatile and can work with modern themes to rooms with a rustic cabin vibe.

In contrast with all the above, you might want to consider a neutral undertone, which you can accomplish easily with Stony Ground by Farrow & Ball.

Taupe is incredibly versatile

Remember that whether your style is traditional, mid-century modern, or contemporary, taupe can add a sense of sophistication to your home. You can pair it easily with a wide variety of furniture, fabrics, and decor.

Taupe does have a limit to its variations, as does any color. It’s important, then, to make sure you choose the right taupe to fit “the feel” of the room you want to incorporate it in. Finally, keep in mind that there are cool shades of taupe that work best with modern or contemporary interiors, while warm shades do better when you want to add a sense of tradition and coziness to your space.

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