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Simón Gomez

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Young woman walking to EV with charging cord

EV charging’s coming to your town: you still need it at home

The U.S. government is investing a lot in EV charging in every state. But you still need EV charging in your garage. Here's why.
are electric cars better for the environment volvo c40 recharge  fjord blue

Are electric cars better for the environment? The real truth

There are a lot of myths out there about electric cars. Here's what you need to know about their effect on the environment.
what to consider when buying an electric car high angle view of saleswoman showing customers at showroom

5 important things to consider before buying an electric car

Thinking about buying an electric car? These are the factors to consider before bringing one home.
how long does it take to charge an electric car 0x0 homecharging 1

How long does it really take to charge an electric car? What you need to know

Wondering how long it will take your new EV to charge? We've got all the details you need in this handy guide.
Three quarters front view of a white Lucid Air parked in a modern house's driveway.

What homeowners really think about having EVs in their driveways

There's a lot of buzz about electric vehicles. Here's what your friends and neighbors really think about them.
Red Ford Mustang Mach-E EV with its front trunk, or 'frunk' opened, full of ice and shrimp while young people eat and chat.

4 secret ways owning an EV will make your daily life easier

We all know EVs are better for the environment, but there are plenty of ways they're better for you, too. Here's how owning an EV will make daily tasks simpler.
ev car myths 21 frd mch 48118

6 myths about owning an EV you probably believe

There's a lot of misinformation out there about owning EV cars and trucks. We dispel some common myths.
best electric cars and evs for 2022 ford f 150 lightning platinum

These are the 10 best EVs launching in 2022

Shopping for a new electric vehicle? Try these standout options.
what bidens build back better plan means for evs vehicle to charging 01

The government just made buying an EV much less exciting

Have you been thinking of getting an EV? Read the latest on the proposed federal tax credits before you do.
toyota electric pickup 42726070 4137 4e32 b1fb 8cc34f0a226d 1 105 c

Toyota is finally making an EV truck you’ll actually want to buy

This is everything you need to know about the upcoming Toyota electric pickup.