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Single-family home with curved walkway and large tree in front yard

14 gorgeous front yard landscaping ideas that add major curb appeal

Looking to sell or just settle into your home? These awesome front yard landscaping ideas will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.
Woman in kitchen using pour over coffee maker

No need for Starbucks: Our favorite coffee bar ideas for your home

Try these unique and simple coffee bar ideas to create the perfect coffee station in your home.
White farmhouse bedroom with minimalist design and a ceiling fan

Clockwise or counterclockwise – which way should your ceiling fan go in summer?

What is the best ceiling fan direction for summer? Here’s everything you need to know.
Small black and white bathroom design

Remodeling your small bathroom? Where you should start and what to do first

Planning is vital before you begin replacing fixtures or tackling demo. So, if you're planning to remodel your bathroom, you need these tips!
Landscaping stacked flower beds

Go beyond mowing the lawn with these 10 inexpensive landscaping ideas

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space without breaking the bank? We've got some awesome inexpensive landscaping ideas that are DIY-friendly and gorgeous.
Fruit flies in a liquid container trap

Flies are super gross – here’s how to get rid of them for good

Here is how to get rid of flies and tackle their breeding grounds for good.
Garage storage and organization

13 clever garage organization ideas that’ll free up a parking spot

Having trouble finding room for your car in the garage? These useful tips will help you get organized.
Tankless water heater next to a shower

This is how much a tankless water heater will cost you

We'll discuss everything you need to know about tankless water heater costs to help you make the right decision for your home.
Woman closing blackout curtains

How to soundproof a room: What you need to know

Create a serene oasis with our expert tips on how to soundproof a room. Learn techniques for soundproofing walls, doors, windows, floors, and ceilings.
Modern kitchen with red oak cabinets and white countertops

9 small kitchen ideas that actually make this tiny space functional

If you have a small kitchen, you don't have to live with limited prep space and bad flow. Here's how to make this space work for you.
Clothes drying on a line next to a white chair and wicker basket

How to unshrink clothes: You don’t need to add them to the donate pile

Learn how to unshrink clothes with these simple tips and tricks. Restore your shrunken wardrobe favorites with easy methods using shampoo, vinegar, and more.
White bed and mattress

What is a duvet? Duvet vs. comforter, which is right for you?

Here's how to tell the difference between a duvet vs. a comforter and what to consider when purchasing one of these bedding products.
Gloved hand holding a pulled weed with roots and soil still attached

Make homemade weed killer in 8 simple steps

Make your own homemade weed killer using natural ingredients like vinegar and dish soap. Effective, eco-friendly, and perfect for a healthy garden.
Porch swing with pillows on it and small table in front

9 stellar front porch design ideas that will give you major house envy

Level up your curb appeal by taking inspiration from these amazing front porch design ideas.
Person in sneakers standing on parquet floors

Your complete guide to parquet flooring, an elegant and intricate feature

Explore the beauty and durability of parquet flooring. From classic herringbone to intricate mosaic designs, find the perfect fit for your home.
Modern black and white bathroom.

We love these stylish bathroom decor ideas

Is your bathroom outdated? Here are some amazing bathroom decor ideas that can help you refresh your space.
Open dishwasher in kitchen with clean dishes inside

How to clean your dishwasher (including the one step everyone forgets)

We have a super simple step-by-step guide on how to clean a dishwasher, including the one part of the task that nearly everyone forgets.
Modern white kitchen with quartz counters

The pros and cons of marble countertops to know before you buy

Marble countertops are a luxe choice for the kitchen. Here are the benefits and disadvantages you should know before purchasing this stone.
Person spackling yellow wall

Joint compound vs. spackle: The differences explained

There is a difference between joint compound and spackle. So, we’re here to help you know which is best for your next renovation project.
Pergola covering an outdoor kitchen

These pergola ideas will add style and shade to your backyard

Wondering how to take your outdoor space from plain to fabulous? These amazing pergola ideas will transform your backyard sanctuary.
Person choosing paint colors from color pallet

7 color palette ideas for your home that won’t end up looking dated

Looking for inspiration as you create your color scheme? Consider these seven color palette ideas for your home redesign.
Country garden with a variety of ornamental grasses

The best ornamental grasses to beautify your yard

Ornamental grasses are indispensable additions to any landscape, offering a wealth of benefits from ground cover and texture to multi-season interest.
Washer and dryer in a modern, clean environment

These clever laundry room ideas will brighten up your space

Wondering how to spruce up your daily chores? These gorgeous laundry room ideas will turn this drab home space into a home designer's dream.
Chair beside blooming flower garden

Plant these 8 perennial flowers to have blooms all summer long

Plant them now and enjoy colorful flowers all summer long and for many summers to come, with our flowering perennial picks.
Small red barn in the countryside

Board and batten: Your essential guide

We discuss everything you need to know about board and batten so you can gain some inspo for your next home improvement project.
Small outdoor kitchen on a patio

Read this before you install an outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, here's what you should know.
Woman laying on bed sheets

Don’t overspend: This is the best thread count for sheets, according to experts

Everyone wants luxurious sheets, but how high of a thread count is necessary? Experts spill all.
Woman in a tub next to a plant

These are the best shower plants for your bathroom (and why you really need one)

Having a shower plant has been trendy for a while, but does your bathroom actually need one? Yes. Find out why and which shower plants you should consider.
Gloved hand cleaning an oven

How to clean oven racks the easy way

Oven looking gross oven racks from spilled food and splatters? We'll dive into how to clean oven racks using easy, simple cleaning methods.
Guy on ladder painting exterior of house

Can you paint vinyl siding? Yes – here’s your how-to guide

If you're tired of your old, dingy siding, you may be wondering, "Can you paint vinyl siding?" The answer is, yes. And here's how to do it the right way.
Living room furniture

21 rules for arranging living room furniture, according to the experts

Some of the top interior design experts in the country offer tips on how to properly arrange living room furniture.
Woman posing by a house stud frame being constructed

How to find studs in walls if you don’t have a stud finder

What should you do if you don’t have a stud finder? Try these quick DIY methods on how to find studs in the wall
Chair beside blooming flower garden

6 kinds of perennials that bloom in the summer for a gorgeous garden all season

We've found some incredible perennials that will bloom all summer long to keep your home looking sensational for months. Plant a gorgeous garden this year!
A restful bedroom

Above-bed decor: These cool ideas will transform your bedroom

Struggling to decorate the space above your bed? Check out these amazing above-bed decor ideas for inspo.
Living room with midcentury modern wallpaper

An expert’s guide to refreshing your dated midcentury modern living room

Midcentury modern may be on the decline, but this is how you can refresh your midcentury modern living room without a full reno.
Small patio with light colored walls and folding chairs

These incredible small patio ideas will make your outdoor space feel huge

Think your outdoor space is too small to really enjoy? These small patio ideas will have you loving life outside even without a ton of room to spread out.
Curtains in large living room

How to hang curtains: A complete guide

Want to give your windows a makeover? Here's how to hang curtains the right way so your space is both gorgeous and functional.
Laundry room next to mudroom

Get rid of gross washing machine smells with these simple tips

Does your washing machine smell and you can't figure out why? Use these tricks to have your laundry smelling fresh again.
Gray-blue house exterior

10 most popular home styles: Everything you need to know

From Craftsman to Victorian homes, domestic architectural is diverse in its designs. Here are 10 home styles that you should know.
Gloved hand cleaning crayon off wall with a Magic Eraser

Do you need to wash walls before painting? The honest truth

Do you need to wash walls before painting? It's a cumbersome task, but it's necessary, so we dive into the whys and the hows to ensuring excellent results.
Clos-up of wood trellis with vining flowers

Transform your yard with these beautiful trellis ideas

Need a home for your climbing plants? These amazing trellis ideas will liven up your outdoor space, whether with rustic farmhouse vibes or modern flare.
White electric vehicle charging port with charger connected

How much does it cost to install an EV adapter in your garage?

Part of owning an electric vehicle is charging at home, and a dedicated EV charger is the best way. Should you install one, though? We'll help you decide.
Female hands washing fabric under faucet

How to hand-wash clothes (so you don’t ruin those special garments)

Feeling overwhelmed after looking at your shirt's care tag? Here's how to hand-wash clothes in a few simple steps so your wardrobe stays in tiptop shape.
Living room with multiple types of lighting

Need design inspo? 9 modern living room ideas you’ll love

If you’re looking for some design inspo for your home, we have some modern living room ideas you're sure to love.
Plate and mug with sticky residue

The easiest way to get sticker residue off new bowls, plates, furniture, and more

The worst part of buying new things — plates, bowls, furniture — is trying to get the annoying sticker off. Here's how to remove sticker residue.
Closet with clothes and guitar in corner with plant

8 gorgeous closet door ideas that make a stylish statement

Check out these stylish and unique closet door ideas that are sure to help you spruce up your bedroom or entryway design,
Person grocery shopping with a Costco membership

The 6 worst mistakes you make when shopping at Costco

Bulk shopping can save you big money, but shopping at Costco is a learning experience. Don't make these silly mistakes when you're Costco shopping!
Geometric wallpaper with a console table

This unique wall design will make you rethink wallpaper

Love wallpaper but don't want to overwhelm your space? Check out this wallpaper idea from Instagram to create unique DIY wallpaper frames.
Backyard cement paver patio with bench

Tired of your ugly concrete patio? Check out these phenomenal DIY improvement ideas

There are many easy and affordable DIY projects you can do to improve your cement patio. Use our simple tips to create the space of your dreams.
Curtains in large living room

The best window treatment ideas for every budget and space

Discover creative window treatment ideas for every budget and space! From blinds to curtains, find inspiration to enhance your home.