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Person using drywall tape to repair drywall

Sheetrock vs. drywall: Yes, there’s a difference

Drywall and Sheetrock are not the same. We discuss the similarities and differences between Sheetrock and drywall to help you gain a better understanding.
dark green wall paneling in bedroom

This is, hands down, the best way to paint wood paneling

Painting paneling is an easy way to avoid a costly remodel. Here's how to paint on wood panels the right way.
Kitchen subway tile backsplash with dark grout

How to properly clean grout in your kitchen and bathroom

Bathroom or kitchen grout looking gross? Here's how to clean grout so that your tiles look gorgeous and brand new.
neatly folded and stacked linens

How to fold a fitted sheet with no aggravation

Linen closet looking cluttered? Here's how to fold a fitted sheet so you can keep your bedding stored in a neat and tidy fashion.
Person holding coffee filter with coffee grounds.

When you should (and shouldn’t) put used coffee grounds in your garden

How do you know if you should put used coffee grounds in your garden? We’ve researched the pros and cons so you can make your own decision.
teal front door of small white cottage

4 gorgeous colors that go with teal for home design that isn’t tacky

What colors compliment teal? Here, we share four great hues to uplifting this unique color.
best hat organizer

The best hat organizers of 2024

Are you tired of cluttered closets? Tidy up your living space and keep your hats neatly organized and easily accessible with a hat organizer.
best window screen tape

The best screen repair tapes of 2024

Achieve effective and long-lasting repairs with a high-quality screen repair tape. Fix tears and holes to restore your screen's durability.
Guy on ladder painting exterior of house

5 things you should never bother to fix when selling your house

There are upgrades that increase the value of your house when you're selling it, and some that just cost money with no ROI. Don't bother with these projects.
Sage green kitchen cabinets

This incredible kitchen cabinet style will be trendy for years to come

Want new kitchen cabinets that won't look dated in a year or two? This is the hottest design you can get — and it's a classic, too.
best white duvet cover

The best white duvet covers of 2024

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your sleeping space? Discover the top-rated white duvet covers of 2024 and find the perfect one for your bedroom!
Stainless steel refrigerator

How long do refrigerators last? What first-time buyers should know

If you're in the market for a new fridge, you may be wondering, "How long do refrigerators last?" We'll discuss the factors that impact refrigerator lifespans.
All-purpose cleaner in amber bottle in bathroom

Cleaning 101: Why you should never mix bleach and vinegar

Avoid a major health risk while cleaning your home. Here's everything you need to know about the dangers of mixing bleach and vinegar together.
best shower curtain

The best shower curtains of 2024

Looking for a simple way to change up your bathroom? Check out our guide to buying the ideal shower curtain that can elevate your bathroom's aesthetic.
best furniture floor protector

The best furniture floor protectors of 2024

Protect your floors from scratches and damage with these top-rated furniture floor protectors. Save yourself from scratches and worries with these handy products.
A wooden shower bench with a hand towel on top

The best shower stool for comfort

Prevent the risk of falling in the shower while elevating your comfort by investing in one of these durable and reliable shower stools.
Blue kitchen cabinets in farmhouse design

How to paint your kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh your kitchen without overhauling it completely. Here's what you need to know.
Bathroom toilet area with warm brown hues

DIY 101: How to fix a wobbly, rocking toilet

Is your shaky toilet making you or your guests nervous? Here are four methods for fixing a wobbly toilet yourself.
Japandi home interior living room with unique light feature

6 things interior designers say everyone gets wrong about minimalist design

Are you a big fan of a minimalist aesthetic? Don't make these rookie errors when designing your home.
Greige living room with brick wall

The best greige paint colors that will completely refresh your home

Want to refresh your home so it looks warmer and more modern? These are the best greige paint colors for your interior design.
two tone grey and white modern wall design

Are two-tone walls stylish again?

The two-tone wall trend is in style once again with a few new twists. We have some ideas to help you create a stunning look in your space.
Industrial farmhouse bathroom with shower and tub

We love these fantastic walk-in shower ideas, and so will you

From biophilic additions to enhanced functionality, here are some fantastic walk-in shower ideas if you’re interested in updating your bathroom this year.
Light wood partition wall in small apartment

9 amazing room divider ideas to enhance any living space

If your space needs a bit of character and definition, these nine room divider ideas are for you. Prioritize light, noise reduction, privacy, or style.
Stovetop and oven in kitchen

Gas vs. electric stoves: Which one is best for you?

Is one type of stove better than another when it comes to operation and budget? We weigh in on gas stove vs. electric stove cost factors.
New suburban blue home with large front yard

What is a craftsman house? Your complete guide

Craftsman homes are among the most popular architectural styles in the U.S. But what is a craftsman house? We share our complete guide to this style.
Person using drywall tape to repair drywall

3 YouTube videos that will teach you how to repair drywall quickly and easily

Not sure how to repair drywall? Check out these YouTube videos, to learn how to refinish and repair any holes, cracks, and scuffs on your drywall.
Modern living room design with neutral palette

What you need to know about bamboo flooring before you buy

Bamboo flooring is well known for its light and elegant appeal, and this renewable and easy-to-maintain flooring solution might be exactly what your home needs.
Modern home with soapstone countertop and concrete wall

The pros and cons of soapstone countertops

Discover the charm and durability of soapstone countertops. Explore their unique benefits and important considerations in our informative guide.
Bright modern bedroom with wood floor and white linens

How to feng shui your bedroom: The dos and don’ts

Get the calming space you need by creating a feng shui bedroom. Here are the dos and don'ts of achieving relaxation and balance in this crucial room.
Modern Scandinavian living room style

Your complete guide to Scandinavian design: A gorgeous, simple home aesthetic

Scandinavian design blends minimalism with natural elements to create a cozy, simplistic look. Check out our guide to this design style to uplift your home.
Gray and shiplap accent walls

9 amazing accent wall ideas for your home

Discover creative accent wall ideas to transform your home. From bold colors to 3D textures, explore inspiring ways to revamp your space.
Person laying down laminate flooring in basement

Everything you need to know about laminate flooring before you install

We weigh the pros and cons of laminate flooring to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you and your family. Here's everything you need to know.
Female hand painting wall

5 interior paint colors that never seem to go out of style

Curious about which classic interior paint colors work well on any wall in your home? Check these out.
Woman welcoming friends at the front door

Know before you buy: These are the types of entryway ceiling lights you should buy

Our favorite entryway ceiling lighting ideas are inspired by modern and classical designs. Light up your home's entrance the with flare.
cottage kitchen design

The best ways to incorporate biophilic design into your sustainable, green kitchen in 2024, according to designers

2024 kitchen design features biophilia and green living. So, we asked the experts for the best ways to curate a kitchen design that is eco-friendly.
Kitchen subway tile backsplash with dark grout

Designer-approved: 3 gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas for 2024

Want to up your your design game in the kitchen? These expert-approved kitchen backsplash ideas will be the star of the show in your home.
Rolled towels and plant in bathroom

Spa bathroom decor: 4 things the experts say you should add to your space

Want some spa bathroom decor that will turn your daily space into a luxurious retreat? Our experts discuss spa bathroom ideas you'll love.
open kitchen with sky blue cabinets

Designers say the key to kitchen paint colors in 2024 is to go bold

2024 kitchen design ushers in an era of bold and exciting paint colors. Here are the key kitchen paint colors and color palettes.
Modern minimalist bathroom with light colors

Smart bathroom design: How to upgrade your space, according to the experts

Upgrade your morning routine with cutting-edge smart bathroom design. Our experts discuss smart technology on the horizon that will modernize your bathroom.
Bathroom lowlight plants

Biophilic design: Green bathroom ideas that will turn your space into a serene sanctuary

We spoke to the experts to get inspiration for green bathroom ideas. Here are their tips for achieving a biophilic bathroom aesthetic using natural materials
A white-covered bed sits against a white wall with exposed brick in the background.

9 refreshing bedroom paint ideas we love (and we think you will too)

If your bedroom needs a refresh, give some of these bedroom painting ideas a shot for your next weekend project.
kitchen with subway tiles and dark grout

Is dark grout a good choice for your kitchen tile?

Can dark grout work in your kitchen? This is what you should consider about subway tiles with dark grout.
Modern bathroom with round mirror

Bathroom design: Experts reveal how to create a space you’ll love for decades

Remodeling your bathroom but unsure which designs to choose for the long haul? Our experts discuss timeless bathroom design tips that you'll love for decades.
cottage kitchen design

10 2024 kitchen design trends the experts love

Bold features, vivid color palettes, wallpaper, organic materials, and vintage aesthetics: Here are the trends experts say we can expect for 2024 kitchen design
Modern living room design with warm taupe paint colors

2024 home design: 9 gorgeous living room decor ideas the experts swear by

We spoke to the experts to get an idea of what living room decor trends we can expect in 2024. From artisan pieces to biophilic aesthetics, here's what we learned.
Navy blue farmhouse-style kitchen design

How to make your kitchen design more functional, according to experts

A functional kitchen design is crucial for this multi-purpose space. So, we spoke to the experts to gather some advice on how to improve the kitchen's interior
Sponge in microwave oven

Does microwaving a sponge kill germs?

A clean sponge is important for cleaning your kitchen and dishes. We review the pros and cons of microwaving a sponge for a cleaner home.
three vertical windows with a view of nature

Replacing your doors and windows? This is what you should buy, according to an expert

Considering updating your doors and windows this year? An expert shares what trends you'll see in 2024 when it comes to door and window replacement.
Mirror and green plant on an entryway table

5 small entryway flooring ideas that will wow your guests

Small entryways can make a big impact with the right flooring. Here's our best guidance on entryway floor tile ideas and other flooring material for your home.
man hanging framed wall art

How to hang a painting in your home the right way

There are a few things to consider so you can hang a painting in your home the right way. Learn how to plan your wall art so you get it right the first time.