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Beach-inspired bedroom

Your old sheets can feel new again – here’s how

Old sheets don't have to feel like they're old. Here's how to make yours feel more like those luxurious hotel sheets.
Woman opening fridge to get fruit

Refrigerator light not working? Some easy fixes to try

If your refrigerator light is out, don't panic. Try these quick fixes first before calling a professional to repair it.
Lit up pumpkin sits on a wooden surface covered by fairy lights

10 creative pumpkin carving ideas no one in your neighborhood will have

Don't want the same jack-o'-lantern as everyone else? Try these ideas and have the most uniquely carved pumpkins on the block this year.
Young woman relaxing on cozy couch in new apartment

Need a new sofa for your small apartment? Here’s what you should consider

Decorating a small space can be daunting. Here's how a sofa can fit into your plans.
Small bowl of pumpkins seeds next to two pumpkins

The perfect Halloween treat: How to cook pumpkin seeds in an air fryer

Yes, you can cook pumpkin seeds in an air fryer quickly and easily at home. Here's how to do it.
Stovetop and oven in kitchen

This nontoxic oven-cleaning trick is even better than baking soda (seriously!)

We love baking soda for so many cleaning chores around the house. It's messy sometimes, though, and we swear by this other nontoxic way to clean your oven.
analysis of climate change risks for home buyers houses in houston suburb flooded from hurricane harvey 2017

The climate change risks home buyers are sleeping on, according to Zillow

According to a recent analysis by Zillow, there’s really only one climate change risk home buyers are heeding — flooding.
Runner seated on the steps having a sports drink

Doctors explain if sugar-free electrolyte drinks are worth the hype

Are sugar-free electrolyte drinks worth the hype? Doctors weigh in.
Modern Scandinavian living room style

The 3 living room paint colors all the trendiest experts are using

These are the living room paint colors the experts are using. Consider these for your next painting project.
Fall home decor nook with blanket and candle

Don’t fall into these 5 trendy decor traps this fall

Sometimes decor trends are traps you can't escape. To prevent your home from looking gimmicky, avoid these pitfalls this year.
Woman painting with paint roller

Time for a new bedroom accent color? These are our 4 favorites for fall

Want to add an accent color to your bedroom this fall? We've got some excellent options.
Garage sale sign in front yard

Be sure to get rid of these 8 items in your fall garage sale

Having a fall garage sale? Don't forget to put these items in the 'sell' pile once you begin decluttering!
Plaid fall decor in living room

6 Instagram fall decor trends people are going crazy over

Looking for a way to spruce up your fall aesthetic this year? These are the fall decor trends that are hot right now on Instagram.
Fall wreath and pumpkins on front door on porch

How to redecorate your front porch for fall

Fall decorating time is here, so don't forget your front porch! Here's how to make your outside entryway pop.
Man spraying roof with power washer

Should you power wash your house in the fall? Here are 5 things to wash at the end of the season

Before winter hits, power wash these items around your home to clean and preserve them. It's less work than you think and totally worth it.
winter is coming with canadian down and blue for cold.

Winter is coming: Here’s how to get your bed ready for the cold

Winter and cold weather are coming, ready or not. Here's how you can get your bed ready, keeping you warm and the cold from nipping at your heels!
Woman storing folded clothes

9 ingenious storage tricks for small bedrooms with no closets for anyone running out of storage space

If you have small bedrooms with no closets, these nine brilliant storage ideas will help you declutter and relax in your happy places.
Pest control spray outside

Is fall the best time of year to spray your house for bugs?

Is there a 'best' time of year to spray for bugs? We tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of preventative pest control in the fall.
A dining area with clean lines and pops of color

Mid-century modern vs. contemporary: Which one is right for you?

Picking a style for your home isn't easy. We break down two of the most popular: Mid-century vs. contemporary.
costco croissants

How to keep Costco croissants fresh for weeks (or months)

We love croissants from Costco, but most households can’t get through 12 in a few days’ time. What can you do? Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks.
Person with knife cutting a pumpkin for Halloween

We love these DIY Halloween decoration ideas

DIY Halloween decorations can be so much better than store-bought items. You will love these Halloween decoration ideas.
White dining room decorated for fall

The experts are loving these fall home design trends

From checkerboard patterns to the at-home bar, here's what the experts have to say about these amazing home design trends for fall.
Oak cabinets in a small apartment kitchen

Why your home needs (and deserves) natural wood kitchen cabinets

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are gorgeous. This is how to design your kitchen around them.
White flowers in a vase on a nightstand

6 easy ways to add the coastal grandmother aesthetic to your home

Coastal grandmother is the newest design trend to captivate the internet. Read on to learn more about this aesthetic and how to incorporate it into your home.
Pumpkin spice latte on a table with pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, and other fall items

How to make pumpkin spice lattes at home to get into the fall spirit

There's no need to go to Starbucks for your pumpkin spice lattes. Here's how to make your own at home.
Spring flowers forget-me-not

This is what you should be planting in fall for a beautiful spring garden

Spring garden planning starts now. Here's what to do.
zellige tiles guide organic tile green blue countertop

Why Zellige tile is the gorgeous design feature your kitchen needs

Moroccon-made Zellige tiles add a touch of elegance and authenticity to a space. Here's how you can style them in your kitchen.
Pumpkin group decorating

Baking vs. carving: The best ways to prep a pumpkin

The way you prepare your pumpkin largely depends on what you plan to do with it. Here are our top tips.
Croton plant

The best indoor plants to decorate your home with in October

Need a little greenery in your home during the bare fall months? Check out these gorgeous, hearty plants that will survive through the chilly months.
fall mantel decor with sign and candles

This striking fall color palette creates the perfect aesthetic for your home

Autumn is getting a revamp as designers search for more refreshing color palettes. Here are 7 striking shades to bring into your home.
Lit up pumpkin sits on a wooden surface covered by fairy lights

How to decorate your yard for Halloween in a timeless way

Forget the plastic decorations: These Halloween decorations are elegant and spooky.
english kitchen design guide 3d rendering  retro in a cottage with sleeping cat

Try an English-style kitchen for a cozy, classic look

If you’re looking for a kitchen aesthetic that blends cottagecore with a classic look, you might be interested in an English kitchen design.
White pumpkins and hydrangea

How to make pumpkins and fall decor work with your modern design

Not sure how to blend fall decor with your modern design? Try these fall decoration ideas for a sleek and minimal look.
Pumpkins in a field against the sky

This is the best time to go pumpkin picking

Pumpkin picking is one of the best parts of the fall season. This is the best time to go.
Couple packing moving boxes together

Moving out? Get your security deposit back quickly with these simple tips

If you're moving out of your rental apartment soon, use these tips to get your security deposit back as quickly and easily as possible.
Fall mantel

10 amazing fall living room decor ideas that will elevate your design

Spruce up your living room with these fall design trends.
Fall pumpkin decor and flowers on stairs

How to decorate your front yard for fall on a budget

You can create an amazing front yard design without breaking the bank this fall. Here's how.
dark blue modern room with bronze metal decor

Dark and moody is the theme for 2023 paint colors, according to these top brands

The biggest paint brands have shared their top color picks for 2023, and the new theme is dark and moody. Here are the trendiest 2023 paint colors.
Scary Halloween pumpkin decoration on steps

Vintage Halloween decorations make for an extra spooky feel

Try out these thrilling vintage Halloween decor ideas and learn why it's the home design trend you need this Halloween.
Red house with for sale sign in the front yard

It’s official: The housing market is taking a hit (finally)

With skyrocketing housing prices, finding your dream home (or any home at all) has been nearly impossible. Well, it looks like all of that is over.
Blue house in autumn

The October home maintenance checklist everyone needs

Make sure you check these items off your home maintenance to-do list this October.
Modern autumn hygge set in living room

Here’s everything you need to know about TikTok’s whimsigothic home decor trend

Tiktok's whimsigothic aesthetic is the latest design trend, featuring 90s decor and whimsical vibes. Here's how you can pull it off in your home.
Pale green wall with wood dresser and plant

These are the colors that go with green: Design your home around this year’s ‘it’ hue

Looking for the best complementary colors for your palette? These are the colors that will go with your green home design scheme.
Woman loading dryer in the utility in the room

3 affordable home dry-cleaning kits that actually work

Save yourself a trip — dry-clean your clothes, curtains, and more with these affordable home dry-cleaning kits.
hygge cozy space

This cozy living room proves hygge can be gorgeous and affordable

Check out this cozy living room in a Copenhagen dwelling, which proves you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to capture that hygge feeling in your home.
Custard creme caramel flan dessert

The best flan pans to ensure sweet custard perfection every time

If you want to enjoy a rich and creamy flan dessert in the comforts of your home kitchen, you need the right recipe and the right pan.
Pool vacuum sticking out of an outdoor pool

The best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning to save you time so you can relax

Using one of the best pool vacuum heads for heavy-duty cleaning can make your pool maintenance frustrations a thing of the past.
Person taking clothes out of the dryer

The best laundry bags for your delicates to save you time and money

Take good care of your pricey garments with these laundry bags -- simply toss in your delicates before throwing them in the washer.
Deep blue house with two floors

Find the best exterior house color for your home’s architectural style

Whether you have a cottage, Victorian, or ranch, these are the best exterior paint colors for your home.
15521 the best modern floor lamps lamp

Lighting is essential to incredible home design — try these 4 amazing ideas

Finding the right lighting for your home goes beyond different types of light fixtures. Try these ideas.