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Rest easy on vacation with these 5 home security solutions

When you plan a vacation, home security may not be at the top of your preparation list. However, once you hit the road, you’ll find yourself wondering if everything is safe and secure at the homestead. Avoid vacation house safety stress and prepare your home in advance for your time away. Installing home security devices is the best way to rest easy while you’re on vacation.

Home security camera
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Must-have home security components for vacationers

Smart security cameras

Smart cameras are the most common home security component (and for a good reason), as cameras provide a world of security. Outdoor smart security cameras like front door cameras allow you to monitor who is coming to your door from your smartphone. They also tend to deter intruders since they are visible and indicate that your home has an active security system.

Door and window sensors

Sensors are easy to install and cost-efficient. Putting sensors at common entry areas like doors and windows alert you when these access points are opened. You’ll get a notification on your phone, or an alarm will sound in the home itself. The notification to your phone will allow you to alert police quickly, and the alarm will be a good deterrent to an entering intruder.

Motion detectors

Similar to door and window sensors, motion detectors will alert you when they are triggered. However, these detectors are placed inside your home and detect the presence of body heat. Motion detectors are a great second line of defense if an intruder somehow bypasses your door and window sensors.

Smart locks

Installing a smart lock on your front door will allow you to monitor its status on your smartphone at any given time and from anywhere. This will allow you to see if your lock has been tampered with or disabled. Smart locks also enable you to unlock the door at any time so you can let in your neighbor to water your plants, for example.

Whole-home security system

Investing in a whole-home security system will give you all of the above security components connected to one hub. Also, many home security systems come with the services of a security monitoring company that will keep an eye on your home so you don’t have to stress.

Other security considerations when you’re going on vacation

Consider other things regarding the security of your home before you hit the road. Addressing these items before your vacation will reduce the risk of intrusion and give you even more peace of mind.

Minimize the appearance of an empty home

Intruders are experts at figuring out which homes are unoccupied and accessible without interruption. Make it harder for them to figure it out. Put a hold on your mail, make sure your grass gets mowed while you’re away, and leave your car in the driveway to create the illusion that you’re at home.

Address areas with easy access

Burglars find creative ways to enter your home, so make it hard for them to find a weak spot. Pull your AC window units indoors while you’re away, as this is a common entry point. Disconnect your garage door from its power supply while you’re away to restrict access.

Planning for a vacation brings enough stress, so once you’re on vacation, you don’t want to be worrying about a possible intrusion on the home front. Your home is a sanctuary; a burglary feels like an intrusion on your space and violates peace of mind and privacy. Protect your home whenever you’re away with some common-sense security practices as well as the best security system components the market has to offer.

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