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patio color schemes people grilling on deck resized

We love these 5 patio color schemes (and you will, too)

If you've been dying to get outside and freshen up that patio, you've come to the right place. Here are our five favorite color schemes this year.
kitchen tools reddit 1 resized

7 kitchen tools Reddit can’t stop raving about

Save yourself some time and check out the seven kitchen tools Reddit can't stop raving about here.
grow beautiful garden gloves coffee resized

7 ways you can grow a more beautiful garden

Gardening is a healthy habit that produces beautiful results. Here are 7 ways to grow a more beautiful garden.
Dining room home office

How to use your dining room as an efficient home office

The dining room is underused and underappreciated in many homes. If your dining room needs a new purpose, let it double as a home office.
Couple shopping for area rugs

8 area rug dos and dont’s everyone should follow

Area rugs are nothing to be afraid of, but there are some general rules you should follow, and here they are.
kid friendly food storage system on table resized

How to put together the perfect kid-friendly food storage system

Check out how to put together the perfect kid-friendly snack storage system for your household.
Desk with office supplies scattered about.

This is our favorite way to reduce visual clutter

Decanting isn't just for wine anymore -- check out how and why decanting can help you reduce visual clutter.
office desk lamps stylish lamp resized

10 office desk lamps that will add an element of functional design to your space

If you're looking for style and function in your next office desk lamp, we've got you covered. Check out our favorites.
unique cocktail glasses party entertaining vintage crystal rocks glass resized

Elevate your next gathering with these 6 unique cocktail glasses

Your glassware will be the talk of the party if you invest in these unique pieces.
Clean sheets folded on bed

How often should you wash your sheets?

Having a good night's sleep starts with the sheets, but how often should you be cleaning them?
keep measuring tape in kitchen measure on counter resized

You need to start keeping a tape measure in your kitchen

couple furniture shopping

Best furniture sales 2021: the ultimate deals guide

No matter what kind of furniture you are shopping for, we have found a deal or a sale that you will love. Check out the best furniture sales we found for 2021.
wall vs floor tiles difference tile bathroom resized

What you need to know about the difference between wall and floor tiles

Wall and floor tiles are more different than you can imagine -- this is what you should know.
Family playing a board game

4 fun family-friendly Thanksgiving board games

If you’re looking to start a new holiday tradition this year, you should try a new board game. Our list has four fun family-friendly games.
exotic houseplants featured resized

These 6 exotic houseplants will catch anyone’s eye

Thanks to modern technology, plants that used to be region-specific can now be grown almost anywhere. These six exotic houseplants are unique and eye-catching.
Houseplant in vase growing on a table

3 incredibly unique houseplants to grow this year

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. If you want to add a little life, check out these three unique houseplants to grow this year.
man planting herbs in kitchen

Everything you need to know about growing herbs in your kitchen

If you can’t grow herbs outside year long due to cold weather, you can still enjoy fresh herbs all year with these tips for growing herbs in your kitchen.
man installing home security system

DIY home security 101: 8 things you need to know

To help you navigate the world of home security, from old fashioned door locks to smart home video systems, check out this guide of must-know information.
woman cutting lawn

Lawn care for beginners: What everyone needs to know

If you are new to lawn care, worry not; we have compiled everything you need to know right here so you can have the lawn that all of your neighbors will envy.
coffee grinder and cup of coffee

4 reasons you should stop buying ground coffee and get a grinder instead

Fresh ground coffee is delicious and doesn’t take much extra time. These are the four reasons you should stop buying ground coffee and start grinding instead.
where to buy a sump pump featured resized

Where to Buy a Sump Pump: These Retailers Have Them in Stock

Sump pumps are not exciting, but they are necessary. Even with stock issues and shipping delays, we've found some places you can still buy a new sump pump.
brick fireplace with fire burning

7 ways to refresh a brick fireplace

Check out these DIY tricks and tips to turn your old brick fireplace into the cozy centerpiece that it deserves to be, no matter your decoration preferences.
herb pallet gardenscape

How to repurpose pallets into amazing gardenscapes

If you don't have the room (or time) to plant a whole garden, don't worry. Turn your old pallets into amazing gardenscapes and add some greenery to your life.
man painting with baby

Design trends that will be hot in 2021, according to experts

Ready to remodel? We've consulted with some top design professionals to find out what design trends will be hot in 2021 so you can pick a style that will last.
amazon over the sink dish rack 2 resized

I tried this over-the-sink dish rack from Amazon and fell in love

When it comes to the kitchen, I love all things cooking. So when I found this over the sink dish rack I wondered how I ever lived without it.
10 amazon item organization drawer organizer featured resized

This $10 Amazon purchase has completely changed the way I organize my drawers

When I found these foldable fabric drawer organizers, it changed the way I organize my drawers forever. They are great for all of the drawers in your house.
modern home office updates featured resized

Modernize your home office with these 4 simple tricks

Home offices are becoming increasingly more necessary in the world we live in. These simple tricks modernize your home office so you want to spend time there.
family gardening

These are the 5 things every home gardener needs

If you’ve decided to start a garden but don’t know how or have the tools, don’t worry. These are the 5 things every home gardener needs for a successful garden.
man preparing cup of coffee

These are the best 4-cup coffee makers on the market today

There are hundreds of 4-cup coffee makers on the market, but we have done the homework and found the best ones available so you can make the right choice.
woman in cluttered kitchen

Storage 101: How to keep everything in your kitchen organized

Most people spend a ton of time in their kitchen. Check out the kitchen organization ideas below, and you’ll be able to see your kitchen table again in no time.
Woman standing in front of refrigerator filled with storage containers of food

How to safely store all your foods at home

Different foods require different types of storage but keeping it all straight isn’t always simple. Here are some tips and tricks for storing your foods safely.
two people smelling spices in a jar

6 exotic spices every kitchen should have and how to use them

If you’ve never tried to cook with exotic spices, feat not. We have a list of six exotic spices you should always have on hand and tips on how to use them.
curb appeal low maintenenace resized  1

How to have a low-maintenance front yard that increases curb appeal immediately

Giving your home curb appeal is putting the finishing touches on your home and yard. Check out our low-maintenance tips to achieve curb appeal immediately.
man cooking with pots and pans

Does expensive cookware really make a difference?

Is expensive cookware worth it? Does it really make a difference when it comes to the home chef? Take a look at what we've found concerning expensive cookware.
people prepping food

How to meal prep and not eat the same thing every day

Check out these tips and tricks we've found to help you beat the redundancy of eating the same thing every day while allowing you to prep meals ahead of time.
man cooking while children play on the floor

These are the 5 weeknight meals every busy parent should master

If you’re struggling with what to make for dinner each night, don’t worry. We have five nutritious and simple weeknight meals to get you through the week.
home bar ideas featured image resized

Chic home bar ideas that’ll make you want to throw a party

Creating a fun and functional home bar doesn’t have to be a massive project that only a professional can take on. We have some great DIY ideas for you to create a home bar that you and your guests will love.
empty space over bed bedroom wall blank resized

10 things to do with the empty space over your bed

Many people struggle with what to do with that blank area above the bed. We have 10 great ideas for you if you want to spice up that bare wall above your bed.
pile of shoes by door

9 smart ways to wrangle your entryway’s shoe clutter

If you love shoes you likely need some new ideas as to how to get a handle on the mess of shoes that clutter your entryway? We have some smart ideas for you.