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Modernize your home office with these 4 simple tricks

Home offices are becoming increasingly more necessary in the world we live in. Many people who didn’t already have a home office have recently had to create one due to the number of jobs moving toward working from home. Some people have had home offices for years, but frequently these spaces become nothing more than a storage area for mail and paperwork. Whether you have one already or are thinking about setting one up, you should design your home office space in a way that you’ll want to work in it. We have some simple tricks to modernize your home office, so you have a workspace that you want to spend time in.


Every home office needs storage space. To keep your office space organized and clean, and thus more modern looking, you need to have a place to put everything. If you are a person when tends to let their desk get cluttered, having ample storage space can help you break this habit. Cabinets and built-in shelves are a great way to make room for all of your papers, files, and office supplies. You can also store larger items like printers, reams of paper, hole punchers, and more in cabinets and on built-in shelves. If you don’t have tons of room, or money, to install built-in shelves or buy cabinets, you can purchase drawer units separately and fit them anywhere you have space. Many of these units have wheels so you can roll them under the desk when you’re not working to get them out of the way. You can also hand shelves on the walls above and around your desk to create storage for books and other items that you don’t need sitting on your desk. Whatever you do, incorporate as much storage as possible so you can maintain a clean work area.

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Focus Area

As you envision the layout and design of your home office area, think about the activities that you’ll complete in the space. You will probably want a desk area for paperwork, but you may not want a traditional desk. If you have the room, a larger table may work well for you since it will create a workspace for more than one person. If you have a partner who also works from home, or kids who will use the space for homework, a table is more logical than a single-person desk. Either way, the desk or work surface will likely be the focus of the space. Standing workstations are becoming increasingly popular, so you may want to consider an area where you can stand and type or read. Sitting all day is not the healthiest and can really work against you if you have back, neck, or shoulder problems. Consider having both a standing and sitting station, if you have the room so that you can mix it up throughout the day.

Neutral Colors

It is a well-known theory that the colors in a room can impact your mood. With this concept in mind, it makes sense to choose a color for your home office that incites focus. Neutral colors tend to allow you to focus on the task at hand and are less distracting than bright colors. Blues tend to be soothing, but you don’t want to soothe yourself to sleep while trying to work. You can add pops of color with decorations or art on the walls, so the room doesn’t look like a dull space, but overall the color of the room should be neutral. If you want to brighten the room up and have windows or doors available, consider placing the desk in front of the window so you can use the natural light to your advantage. Natural light keeps you alert and awake, so you will be less likely to want to doze off while completing your tasks.

Personal Items

Though it is essential to create an area where you can focus when setting up your home office, you also want to make the space welcoming, so you are happy to spend time there. Incorporating personal touches and decorations will help you highlight your tastes while creating an ambiance you want to work in. A great way to great a cohesive design is to let your personal items dictate the accent colors of the room. It is also a good idea to add some live plants to your workspace. Plants create oxygen in the room and add some life elements to the space, which makes for a more productive atmosphere. You will need some natural light to keep the plants healthy, and you will have to water and care for them, but this process keeps you engaged with the room and will make you want to spend time there.

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